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   Chapter 19 The Same Face

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In the car, Celia's heart still couldn't help beating uncontrollably. Just now, Carlos's gaze at her lingered.

He didn't say anything all the way. It was so quiet in the car that they could hear each other's breathing.

Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of a villa in the suburb.

Carlos asked in a hoarse voice.

"Get off the car."

Celia's thoughts had been brought back to the present. She raised her eyes to look at the strange place in front of her.

This was not his manor.

"Where is this place?"

Before she could finish her words, he had unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car.

Celia gave him a suspicious look and also opened the car door.

To her surprise, right after she got out of the car, she saw a luxurious middle-aged woman standing in front of the villa.

And when the woman saw her, the expression in her eyes was strange.

The feeling from her eyes...

Celia thought for a while. Yes, the same as the first time Carlos met her.

Looking at her, the woman started to cry.

Celia was a little flustered. She didn't know what happened, but out of politeness, she walked towards the woman and handed her a piece of tissue.

The woman took the tissue and looked at her again. Suddenly, she smiled through tears.

"Let's go home."


Celia was confused. The woman held onto her hand and walked towards the club without even greeting her.

Celia turned around to look at Carlos who was standing behind her. He was smiling at her.

"What took you so long, Carlos? Come on, keep up with us."

He responded. "Okay, auntie."


Not until then did Celia realize that this was his auntie's house.

Did he take her here because they registered today?

"Are you tired?"

"By the way, are you still at school? What major? "

"What do you like to eat?"

From the moment she entered the living room, Celia felt that Carlos's aunt was not as cold as he was. Instead, she seemed to be quite familiar with the woman, which made her a little uncomfortable.

She asked Celia again and again with a very fast speed. She often asked Celia a few questions in a row, so Celia gave the answer one by one.

He seemed to see through her and asked, "Where's uncle?"

"Him? Went out with friends. " Zoe glanced at him and reluctantly let go of Celia's hand. Even though they sat down on the sofa, she held Celia's hand tightly.


"Oh, no...Celia!" Celia interrupted her. "Auntie, please call her Celia."

Carlos could understand how excited Zoe was when she saw Celia. Zoe almost called her wrong just now, so he was giving her a hint and reminding.


Looking at the face which looked exactly like her niece's, she felt a little bit awkward.

"Yes, aunt. My name is Celia Ling. You can call me Celia."

"Your family name is... Ling? "


The expression on Zoe's face became a little complicated. It was not until Carlos looked at her that she regained her composure.

She looked at Celia and asked in a gentle voice. She was afraid that it would frighten Celia.

"I heard from Carlos that you have been in Britain all the time, haven't you?"

"What? Yes, with grandma. "

Celia replied, looking at the man on the other side of her.

I didn't tell him or Boris about it, did I? She thought to herself.

"When did you come back? Where is your grandmother? "

"She is... She was dead and she asked me to come back before she died. "

"Sorry, I didn't mean it."

Seeing tha

t Celia's face didn't look good, Zoe didn't ask any more.

Carlos didn't open his mouth. He just listened. He thought his aunt was too anxious.

"What do you want for lunch?" His words broke the sadness in the air.

"Auntie, it has been a long time since I tasted your cooking last time."

"Every time you come here, you ask me to cook for you with the same words? Okay, then please help yourself, Mr. Gu. "


After they said that, Carlos stood up and pushed Zoe towards the kitchen.

"Hurry up, auntie. We are going to be hungry. Is it because you haven't cooked for so long that your cooking skills are worse? "

Zoe reproached Carlos, smiling. "Don't be garrulous."

She turned around to give another look at Celia and then went to the kitchen.

"If you feel bored, you can walk around. But don't go far. I will go inside to help and come out soon."

Carlos told Celia.

"Okay, I know." Celia nodded.


Zoe had told Celia that she would cook for Celia. Since she had met Celia, she had no intention to cook for Celia anymore. Even if Carlos had mentioned Celia to her before, she didn't expect that things would develop like this.

Not only the appearance, but also the figure and the eyes, they seemed to be carved out from the same appearance.

But she knew that she couldn't ask Carlos about it no matter if it was his niece or not.

He was under too much pressure, so she couldn't put too much pressure on him.

Carlos said softly as he helped her pick the vegetables.

"I know what you want to ask and what you want to say."

In a daze, Zoe looked at the man who was carefully dealing with vegetables. He didn't stop his action. After two seconds of silence, he suddenly opened his mouth.

She heard him.

"Auntie, I think she is Sally."

He said firmly.

Seeing this, Zoe wanted to say something but held back.

This child was too stubborn. She'd better not say anything.

After lunch, Celia turned around with Zoe.

She had thought that they would leave this afternoon. She didn't expect that they haven't leave until Carlos' uncle came back for dinner. Even after dinner, Carlos didn't take her leave.

Besides, the atmosphere at dinner was strange as well. Carlos' uncle asked in confusion while he was smoking.

Then she would know that she would spend the night here.


For some reason, the words "wedding night" came to Celia's mind.

Ah, what was she thinking about!

Celia's face turned red. She was ashamed of her impure thoughts just now.

But to her relief, she had an excuse to go upstairs, because Carlos had been playing chess with her uncle.

Carlos didn't say anything. He knew what she was thinking.

In the bathroom.

Celia had just taken off her dress when the door, which had been locked by her inside, was opened from the outside unexpectedly!

How could it be?

In a panic, she grabbed the towel and wanted to wrap herself, but it was too late.

The man's figure came into view.

Seeing that Carlos approached her step by step, she was so shocked that she kept stepping back.

"What... What are you doing?"

Her voice trembled. Before she could finish, the man scolded her slightly.

He frowned slightly. "It's only been a while, but you still make me worry about you. Do you forget that you have wounds on your feet? What if you fall down again? "

Celia exclaimed when she saw the key in Carlos' hand. It was indeed someone else's house.

"You, you go out first!"

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