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   Chapter 16 Excellent Romance

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Seeing the anger on his face, Celia did not dare to refute him any further.

Instantly, as her feet were wrapped by the man's warm palms, she could no longer bear it.

She wanted to break away from him, but Carlos was strong and he held her feet firmly, but it didn't hurt at all.

"Unless you want to go to the hospital, you'd better not move."


Seeing her become quiet, there was finally a trace of a smile between the man's handsome eyebrows and his mood lightened.

He knew it worked on her.

Celia's foot was very delicate and small, nestling in his palm. There were a few scrapes on the back of her foot.

Carlos took the cotton ball and dipped it into the medical alcohol to carefully disinfect these.

"Does it hurt?"

Seeing that she frowned, he slowed down and worked even more gently.

How could it not hurt? However, Celia bit her lips.

"Not at all."

As soon as she said that, he gripped her feet with a little more force, and she hissed softly.

She gave him a plaintive look. He had done that on purpose!

"Does it hurt?"

Carlos looked up and asked again.

She looked away, but finally nodded. It really hurt!

"Don't you ever lie to me again,"

he said, putting down the cotton ball and sticking on the band aid.

"You don't have to pretend to be strong in front of me. If you're hurt, just say it. I will never laugh at you. You will be my wife. It's not that complicated."

What he wanted was the real her, lively and vigorous, instead of being so careful in everything like she was being at the moment!

Sitting on the sofa, Celia looked up at the man kneeling by her in surprise.

He was still squatting on the ground, which made him a little shorter than her, but the gentleness in his words filled her heart little by little.

"Do you remember what I said?" he asked again.

Celia knew that she'd better not risk lying to this man, because even if she only gave him a look, he would see through her.

She capitulated and nodded.

"Good girl!"

His voice was soft. Seeing that her ankle wasn't as swollen anymore, he felt relieved.

"You stay here. I'll be back soon."

Then he stood up, his form tall and straight, before stepping outside.

After a while, Carlos returned with an ice bag and two towels in his hands.

He wrapped the ice bag with a towel and tested the temperature on his arm.

His handsome eyebrows furrowed slightly. It was still too cold. So he covered it again and squatted down to apply it to her ankle.

Celia lower her eyes to look at the ice bag on her foot. Covered with a towel, the temperature was just right.

She looked at the man who held the ice in place for her, and a long while passed without either of them moving.

"Thank you. Thank you so much..."

she bit her lips, spitting out the words after some hesitation.

However, Carlos responded with a chuckle.

"There are better ways to say thank you."

She was confused, feeling clueless as to his meaning.

"Since you want to express your thanks, you should let me feel your sincerity, like this..."

All of a sudden, he gripped her small hand in his.

His hand was a little cold from the ice just now.

As a result, Celia was stunned by the great difference between her warm skin and his.

She struggled to pull her hand away, but Carlos held her hand even more tightly.

"If you really want to thank me, you should do it right."

His fingers slid down her wrist and finally reached her fingertips. He turned his hand over and lowered his head, brushing his lips along her palm.

Celia felt like she was going to faint. An electric current ran through her body.

The kiss being traced onto her palm was a much greater torture than a direct kiss.

She f

elt so ashamed that she wanted to pull her hand back, but she couldn't.

She wanted to know which fools had gossiped that Carlos always kept a poker face.

This man was definitely prodigal!

But for a man, they believed that love was mere decoration in life.

Maybe what he did to her was not love but just to spice up his life.

'I will have you and control you.'

Now, Celia had a deep sinking feeling that Carlos was exactly that type of person. He was dangerous!

Worse still, Celia finally understood this point, but she was unable to fight against this man.

It seemed that there was a surge of heat in the palms of her hands, and it spread out in all directions in her body.

Finally, his lips departed from her palm.

Celia had just breathed a sigh of relief and thought that he had finally let her go. However, he took her palm where he had just kissed her, and he pressed it lightly to her own pale lips.

She couldn't believe what happened, but the man's chuckle rang out in her ears.

"Celia, is this an indirect kiss?"

Suddenly, her little face turned brick cherry pink, and the heat spread down her neck, as beautiful as peach blossoms on a bough.

She pushed his hand away and turned her face away. Her long hair cascaded down, hiding the shyness on her face.

"Are you shy?"

He smiled and tucked her long hair behind her earlobe, which made Celia squirm again.

He held the ice bag with this hand just now. It was so cold.

She wiggled and met Carlos's smiling eyes as he stared intently at her.

Clearly, he knew she had a sensitive ear, so he had done it on purpose!

"Honey, don't move."

Seeing that she was about to struggle again, he smiled and held her feet in his hands, as if coaxing a child.

In a more remote corner of the hotel, the atmosphere was so quiet that it could be cut with a knife.

Susan, who was standing next to Ron, secretly observed Ron's austere face. Although he didn't say anything once Celia left, he didn't even look at Susan after that. Even his usually gentle face was now drawn with tension.

She knew he was furious with her!

"Ron," she moved closer and timidly called to him.

It was not until this moment that he glanced at her and said flatly, "Let's go. I'll drive you home."

Susan bit her lips and saw his reluctance to speak to her. She stepped forward and held his waist tightly.

"Sorry, Ron. I know I was wrong."

He gently stroked her hair and his voice softened a little. "I'm not angry."

"You are!" Susan raised her voice and complained softly.

"I know you are worried, but I really don't want us to continue to be so secretive. We have a child now, but we can't openly be together in public! We love each other. Why did you do this to me? Why couldn't you explain everything to Celia Ling? And as you have seen, she is in an affair with Carlos. Don't tell me that you still want to marry her even after such a scene!"

Ron fell silent.

Susan bit her lips hard and carried on, saying, "I know you're afraid of what people might say. But Celia is just an orphan. She has done nothing for the Mo Clan, and nothing to help you! Do you have to marry her simply because you have been together for a long time? You have had no feelings for her for a long time. Why are you letting yourself get dictated to by the so-called moral coercion? Since you are not married, it's fair for me to compete with her. However, it seems that I have done something shameful. And what about our baby? Does it have to be like me, kept in the dark? Are you so hardhearted?"

Susan said, with tears in her eyes and a sad expression formed on her small face. She was sobbing in a low voice, and her shoulders trembled. She looked delicate and fragile.

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