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   Chapter 15 His Embrace Is Warm

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Everyone looked towards the direction where the voice came from and froze.

As he walked against the light, his face couldn't be seen clearly for a moment. But his tall and strong figure with long straight legs under the black slacks couldn't hide the light from the man even if he was wearing not formal clothes.

As he approached, Celia finally saw his face clearly.

Carlos Gu.

From the sound she had just heard, she had already guessed who it was.

But when she recalled what he had done to her in the wedding dress shop, she felt repulsive.

But when his face came into her eyes little by little, her heart beat more uncontrollably.

Carlos walked up to Celia in graceful and domineering steps. He was so shining that she dared not look at him directly, but she was attracted by him.

The crowd that had been surrounding Celia had long moved aside and gave way to Csrlos as he approached.

She watched him getting closer and closer, so close that she could touch him as long as she stretched out her hand.

Suddenly, she felt a lump in her throat and her nose was sore.

"Ah -" Celia screamed in a low voice. She could not help but fall backwards.

It was so sudden that no one had time to react, "Celia -"

Moore and Ron gave out an urgent scream. When Celia was about to sit up, she was held into a strong arm.

"What a troublemaker!"

"Eh? You were so excited to see me that you were going to throw yourself into my arms? "

Carlos looked at Celia whose eyes were red. He put her head on his shoulder and sighed.

For the time being, Celia might have forgotten how violent he had been to her due to the warmth in his arms.

At least for a moment, there was someone by her side.

"Celia, are you injured? What do you feel? "

Ron also frowned deeply.

He tried to step forward just now, but his arm was seized tightly by Susan. At this moment, he looked terrible.

Celia adjusted her mood and looked at Moore with a slight smile. "Uncle, I'm fine."

"Miss Ling, I didn't mean to do that. I was just trying to take the cake over there. I was a little hungry, so I walked hurriedly past you, but I didn't expect that..."

Susan stood there still with an innocent look on her face, and she gave a pitiful look at Ron from time to time.

She believed that even for the sake of the child, he would not blame her!

Ron didn't say anything, but the look from Carlos made Susan almost suffocate. The man looked so cold that she dared not breathe deeply.

"What's wrong with you?" He could feel that she wanted to break away from his arms, but clearly it was not that easy.

"My feet seem to have twisted."

Celia reacted and wanted to break away from Carlos's arms, but she could only feel a sharp pain on her foot.

"Don't move. Where is the rest room?"

Carlos stopped the woman who tried to run away from his arms and said to Moore.

"Oh, Mr. Gu, I'll ask someone to take Celia to have a rest."

"No, I'll do it myself."

As he spoke, Carlos held Celia in his arms and gave a cold sight to Susan, who was still pretending to be pitiful, regardless of the gazes from the passersby.

"Low tricks. Don't make a fool of yourself."

Susan' mind was immediately spoked.

Carlos left with Celia in his arms, which caused a sensation among the guests.

Everyone looked at the back of the man in surprise.

Maybe it was the first time that they had seen Carlos hold a woman so closely!

"Moore, your goddaughter and Mr. Gu..."

Benjamin asked carefu

lly. He was not as arrogant as before.

Hearing his question, everyone held their breath, waiting for an answer from Moore.

Even Susan fixed her eyes on him.

She couldn't believe that the cold and noble Carlos would have something to do with Celia!

And it seemed that they had a close relationship just now!

She had thought that Ron would leave her. It would be wonderful if he could win the game. However, she felt that she had been completely defeated by Celia.

The blood was surging in her heart, and her heart was full of unwillingness!

Although Ron was also excellent, the difference between him and Carlos was obvious in an instant.

"This one..." Being stumped by the question, he didn't know how to answer it. After a while, he looked at his son.

"They are just acquaintances. Mr. Gu has seen her in the company before."

Ron tried to explain, but it made the crowd sigh unceasingly.

That kind of intimacy between men and women is so obvious to those with discerning eyes. What other possibilities can be besides that between men and women.

But there were also many kinds of relationship between men and women.

What they were thinking was that their boss, President Gu, who never flirted with women, was obsessed with a handsome young man.

They didn't know that the answer was what shocked and unbelievable!

Carlos carried Celia to the lounge and put her on the chair.

The person who was ordered to lead the way asked.

"President Gu, Dr. Chen happens to be here today. Do you want to invite him to have a look?"

Celia shook her head as she heard the words.

She was not that valuable to have a doctor to treat her sprain.

"No, thanks."

Seeing Celia shake her head, Carlos said to a man.

"Tell a word to Benjamin An. Tell him to take good care of his daughter. If anything happens again, I won't let him go easily! "

Hearing what he said, Celia who was sitting there felt that he was really arrogant.

But she knew in her heart that Carlos was qualified to be so arrogant.

The servant knew that Mr. Gu was in a fit of anger, so he dared not say anything at the door. He simply answered, "yes." then he hurried downstairs to deliver a message.

Carlos turned around and saw Celia looking at him with curious eyes.

"What do you want to say?"

He asked as he opened the medical kit.

"You shouldn't have hugged me in public just now. In that case, our relationship will..."

She thought it too late.

Anyone who saw this would be tought aimlessly for their intimate behaviors.

In that case, there was no need to keep the marriage a secret!

"What an ungrateful woman! Why are you so afraid of being known by others?"

His deep eyes gleamed with coldness. Celia's failure was no more than a few seconds.

There were too many things that she couldn't understand in his eyes.

Seeing that she was silent, he smiled.

"Why are you so quiet?"

His voice was so low and attractive.

Meanwhile, his long fingers went down and pressed her injured ankle.

They quickly took off her shoes before Celia realized what had happened.

Her skin was fair and tiny, these feet were lightly powdered, which exposed in the air.

After all, her foot was also a sensitive part of women's body. In particular, it was grabbed by Carlos. How could Celia get used to this? She felt embarrassed.

"What... What are you doing?"

Carlos pointed at her swollen ankle and said sternly.

"It's swollen. What are you thinking about?"

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