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   Chapter 14 I Hate You, Carlos

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"What happened today is just a warning. If I find out that you have had an affair with Ron again! Beware: things will be much more different then!"

After the warning, he stalked out, leaving her with a view of his indifferent back.

Celia grabbed her clothes, suffering the pain and humiliation. She followed after him and shouted at his back in a hoarse voice,

"Carlos! I hate you!"

Carlos looked back at her in surprise. Something flashed through his mind.

He turned around and his deep eyes fell on the little girl who was swaying slightly in her wake. Her stubborn little face drew him in like a whirlpool.

She was perhaps the only person in this world who could burn him like this!

His breathing quickened, and he left at speed, with his fists clenched.

The door was shut heavily, and the fitting room was quiet again. Celia took a deep breath and crumpled to the ground like a paper doll. Her eyes brimmed with tears and turned red.

"Stay here. No one is allowed to go in until she comes out!"

Carlos ordered Boris.

"Yes, sir."

Boris accepted the order. He knew that his boss was really reckless when it came to Miss Ling. There had been a billion dollar worth of business deal. In order to meet Celia, he didn't even show up there to sign the contract.

"Send someone to follow her. Tell me if she gets into trouble."

She was emotionally unstable now, and he was really worried that she would do something stupid.

"Yes, boss."

At eight o'clock in the evening, Celia Ling had lingered in front of the hotel gate for a long time already, hesitating whether to go in.

Moore called her this afternoon and said he was hosting a party for the company and hoped for her to come.

She was not used to this kind of occasion, but she couldn't refuse the repeated invitation of Moore, who had insisted that it was for the company, as well as for Ron.

Talking about Ron, Celia had been unable to talk to him again after they parted at the shop, and she had no way to explain about the wedding dress that was torn by Carlos. Celia didn't even have the words to try and explain.

Celia Ling kept standing outside the hotel and soon attracted the attention of the journalists.

In a twinkling, the reporters grabbed their cameras to snap some photos of her.

"What's her name? I've never seen her before."

"Or a new star? I like her appearance."


Celia was wearing the pink dress Ron had sent her. The design was simply elegant, hugging her generously without any need for decorations. There was only a flower edging embroidered along the hemline. The whole skirt swished perfectly, outlining her body.

She gave off a simple and elegant look.

Naturally, Celia Ling had become the focus of the news-hungry reporters.

The cameras, especially the dazzling flashlights, made Celia extremely uncomfortable.

She covered her face with her hands immediately and ran into the hotel with her long dress trailing behind her. She knew, she'd better leave here first!

Celia walked without escort into the hall. She looked around, searching for the most familiar figure among the crowd, blinking her big black eyes.

Suddenly, her eyes landed on a couple not far away from her.

Dressed in a simple black suit, Ron Mo looked handsome and elegant, captivating the jealous gazes of many women present.

The woman next to him had long curly black hair which loosely draped over her shoulders. She wore a long white dress. Besides the simple waist band, she wore no extra adornments. The simple dress almost make the woman go unnoticed by Celia.

'Is she still the same charming Susan An?'

Celia noted the pair of flat shoes on her feet, which was quite strange.

Susan was addicted to high heels!

But she and Ron looked like a good match. The woman lowered her head and smiled. The man gently tu

cked her long hair behind her ear, which shocked everyone, but it left Celia's eyes watering in pain.

Perhaps women had an innate sixth sense. At that moment, Susan also noticed Celia.

Even though she was smiling gently, the hostility and disgust in her eyes did not go unnoticed by Celia.

Celia had always known that Susan was envious of her.

But Ron's attitude was now completely changed. He used to dislike Susan, and he had always avoided seeing her whenever he could.

Now, however, they seemed to be an intimate couple!

"Celia, why are you standing there alone? Come here,"

a soft voice reached Celia's ears.

"Uncle Moore."

Seeing that Moore waved at her with a smile, Celia's heart gradually gave a sluggish beat again.

Well, this was for Moore's sake, which was why she had come.

"Moore, who is she?"

"Oh, she's my and Rona's goddaughter. Isn't she cute? She is a filial good girl, and also supportive of Ron, and we all like her," Moore introduced Celia to Benjamin An, Susan's father.

The cunning Benjamin An knew exactly what he meant.

The implication was that Celia was Moore's handpicked daughter-in-law, which meant his daughter Susan was...

Benjamin gave a cold snort in his heart, but immediately replied with a smile,

"If only Susan could be so filial. Even if I died today, I would do so happily. Your son, Ron, is the only man Susan talks about all day. Alas! I have no idea where I will be left by her.

Moore, do you want to marry your goddaughter to your son? Then Susan..."

"Dad, what are you and Uncle Moore talking about? Miss Ling is an orphan. Uncle Moore and Aunt Rona took her in just because they saw her as a pitiful creature. They asked her to live in Mo mansion so she could have a shelter. Ron only sees her as a sister and a member of his family. There was no way that he could have those kinds of feelings. Besides, I don't think Miss Ling is ungrateful or greedy. She is not so naive as to believe that she could marry into the Mo Clan given her status. Right? Miss Ling."

There was a slight but wicked smile on Susan's face. Her words were harsh and sharp. In an instant, everyone turned around to look at Celia.

Moore and Ron frowned at Susan's unkind words, but they didn't say anything.

"Ha-ha, Moore and Miss Ling, my daughter has been spoiled by me. She is straightforward and always says what she thinks. Please don't mind. But Miss Ling's condition is special, and I want to be a matchmaker as well. My driver, Mr. Wang, even though he is old, is a nice man. Now that his parents have died, he must find a good wife, and Miss Ling will live a good life with him."

Celia's face stiffened as she heard the conversation between the father and the daughter.

In particular, the people within earshot began talking about them.

"The driver. Mr. Wang, isn't he in his fifties?"

"But she also seems to be a scheming woman. Just think about it. Despite being an orphan, she lives comfortably in the Mo Clan, and the young master of the Mo Clan is so excellent. Anyway, she will have developed some ideas, won't she? She'd want to find a way to stay, won't she?"

"So, you are right! Shame on her!"

the guests whispered. Unwittingly, Celia couldn't help by hear their gossip, and the sounds of ridicule and sarcasm intensified, becoming like needles stabbing into Celia's heart, one by one.

She regarded Ron slowly.

Although his face was pallid, she could see by his motionless appearance that it seemed he had no intention of speaking up for her at all.

The expectation in her heart withered like a parched flower. She clenched her fists, bit her pink lips hard, and her face became as white as a sheet.

"A matchmaker? I don't think it's necessary!"

A cold voice suddenly came from far, and indifferently smothered all the sounds of talking.

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