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   Chapter 13 Destroy It For You, Since You Like It So Much!

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Wearing a black suit, the man was radiating a cold aura, which seemed to freeze people around him.

He just sat there like a silent emperor.

Hearing the curtain being pulled open, he raised his eyebrows and saw Celia.

When the shop assistants saw the man who suddenly appeared, they were all dumbfounded, and then all fell for him.

It was not until quite a while later that someone reacted. She approached Carlos while laughing.

"Are you Mr. Ron? I heard that Miss Celia has put on the wedding dress. She is so beautiful... "

Carlos stood up before the waitress came near. He glanced at the waitress with his cold eyes, and his sexy thin lips curved into a sneer.

He lifted his foot and walked steadily towards Celia.

The shop assistant didn't dare to come any closer, but her colleague held her arm tightly.

"Are you blind? He is not Ron, but... Mr. Carlos! "

The clerk was shocked. She turned to look at the man. Her mouth was agape as she saw his handsome face.

She glanced at Celia who had been in a mess since she entered the room.

What's going on?

"Get out!"

The man looked straight at the woman standing in the middle of the stage and said coldly.

Who was Carlos?

A cold-blooded fighting God who could command the whole Jin City!

Although his handsome face was able to attract all women, his cripple was enough to make people feel cold.

His words were so calm that no one dared to say a word, and they all bowed their heads and left.

Said Boris, looking at the assistants who walked out one after another, waiting outside.

"You know what you should say and what you shouldn't say."

"Yes, yes, we understand."

They all worked for others and they didn't dare to talk nonsense.

In the VIP fitting room, there was a dead silence.

Celia stood on the low platform, lowering her head and scratching her fingers. She was totally in panic.

"You like this wedding dress?"

The man stood in front of her, leaned himself, and asked in a cold tone.

"Yes... Well, I don't like it. I don't like it. "

Celia's heart almost jumped out of her chest.

Her face was pale and she was so nervous that her body was stiff.


The man chuckled and looked down at her.

He always knew that she was beautiful.

It was only when she stood in front of him in a wedding dress that he knew she was interpreting all the beauty of her.

Extreme, dazzling!

She had fair skin, delicate eyebrows and gentle eyes. Dressed in a white dress, she was like the sun in the morning, making people want to hold her in the arms.


It was not for him!

His cold voice pierced her eardrum.

"What do you think if Ron knows that you and I..."

"No! Don't tell him! " She blurted out in a hurry.

"You care about him so much?"

Carlos's face darkened.

Celia's eyes flashed. She didn't care?

But she did care about him. She had kept what he had done for her in mind.

When she just came back from abroad, she had a hard time and suffered a lot of pain. It was Ron who had done a lot of things silently.

In such a critical moment, it was he that got her to the hospital in time.

At that moment, she thought that this man was worthy of her trust. So she agreed to be his girlfriend.

He had thought that the Mo Clan would be strict with her because it was a rich and powerful family. As a weak person with no background, she was not welcomed by the family.

She didn't want to see his parents as soon as they started dating.

Different from Celia's original imagination, Ron's father and mother treated her very well. When they heard that she was alone in the country, they asked her to move to their house.

Of course she refused, but Mrs. Rona insisted on coming to the school. It was ha

rd for her to turn down the warm-hearted offer, so she had to go to the Mo Clan from time to time to keep her company.

And Ron was also gentle and considerate to her. He never forced her. Even if he was kissing her gently, he would ask for her advice first.

How could she not care about the man who treated her sincerely!

Meeting the man's eyes, Celia nodded silently. "Yes, I do!"

Carlos smiled instead of being angry. "Good, very good!"

The atmosphere around them was getting colder and colder. Celia's back was covered with cold sweat.

"The more you care about him, the more I'll destroy him!"

Flames of fury flickered in the man's fierce eyes. The uncontrollable anger nearly burst out of Celia's ears.

She didn't want to piss him off again. Only God knew what this crazy man would do if she pissed him off.

"He and I... No, it's not like what you think... "

She wanted to say that she didn't expect that Ron would take her to the wedding dress store at all, but the man apparently didn't want to give her a chance to explain.

His patience ran out before she could finish her words.

He pulled her down from the stage and pressed her against the wall.

His handsome face was frosty. "Celia, how dare you put on the wedding dress for another man after you have my birthmark? Huh? "

His big hand passed through her waist rudely. With a "snap" sound, the thin cloth was torn into pieces in his hand.

"The more you care about it, the more I would destroy it! Now that you like this wedding dress so much, I will help you to destroy it! "

Celia screamed. In an instant, she was exposed to the air.

"Carlos! I have never said that the wedding dress is for him. From the moment I promised you, I am done for him! "

It was her who suffered. It was him that threatened her over and over again.

She had promised him. Why was he still forcing her step by step!

With red eyes, she desperately struggled to push the man away.

However, she didn't know that the man in front of her had difficulty restraining himself the moment he heard that she got on Ron' car.

And when seeing her wearing the wedding dress that the man ordered for her, he was so angry that her eyes turned red.

His blood was boiling and he pinned her against the wall. He lowered his head and sealed her soft lips with his.

His kiss was getting more and more passionate. His hot chest was burning her skin. His breath was also getting shorter and shorter.

When he was enjoying her sweet smell, suddenly, he felt a sting between his lips and teeth, and the taste slowly spread in his mouth.

How dare she bite him!

He let go of her, but their undulating breathing was more abrupt in this quiet fitting room.

"You said you wouldn't force me!" She gasped and said in a hoarse voice.

"It's up to me whether to force or not!"

He held her up with his big hand and put her on the table aside.

"No, no..."

When the man's figure was covered by the quilt, she only felt a burst of pain. Before she was ready, he was attacked.

Pain and humiliation swept over her from time to time, but the power of resistance also became feeble as time went by.

Celia was dizzy. She didn't know how long it had passed. When he finally let go of her, Celia became paralyzed.

Looking at the pieces of wedding dress scattered on the floor, she trembled and looked up at the man on the other side.

His face was cold and his clothes were neat, as if the madness just happened did not happen at all.

Celia looked down at herself and bit her lips bitterly.

Carlos compressed his lips, looking at Celia. He can see the resentment in her eyes.

Obviously, he wanted to punish her for disobedience, but when it really made her unhappy. He was getting more and more unhappy.

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