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   Chapter 11 A Strange Marriage

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It was the next morning that Celia met Ron.

Ron still had a gentle face, but his spirit was obviously much better than several days ago.

He wore a clean shirt, a light smile on his face, and the anxiety between his eyebrows was replaced by the usual peace.

Seeing him like this, Celia knew that the company's affairs should be temporarily stabilized.

As soon as she walked out of the gate of the hospital, she saw overwhelming news.

Last night, she wanted to call Ron and ask about him, but the line was busy all the time.

He must be very busy! So she called him twice and didn't call him again.

Now the company had gone through a crisis. Everybody was more worried about Rona health condition.

Celia remembered the envelope that Wendi gave her yesterday. She winked at Ron and the two walked out of the ward to the balcony.

"Celia, I'm sorry. I've been too busy to keep an eye on you. Will you blame me for that?" Said Ron.

"How could it be? Both your company and your mother need you. "

The man smiled when he heard her words.

"The company is finally stabilized. I believe that the future will be better and better!"

Celia said to Ron. She felt a little relieved, but she was still depressed.

After all, it was three years' time

"Yes, it is. But..."

"But what? Does the Gu consortium still go back on its words? "

Hearing what Ron said, Celia could not help but became nervous again.

That freak man might change his mind.

"It's not that he've changed his mind. We don't know each other before, and when I went to see Carlos, he told me that he was going to take over the company. From his assistant, I can see that he is very serious. But all of a sudden, the purchase became capital, even there was no reason. What kind of person is Carlos? I don't think he would do a losing business, let alone a two hundred million deal! "

Hearing Ron's analysis, Celia lowered her head and kept silent.

Carlos proposed this deal not because he didn't have any requirements... It was odd that he suddenly proposed to her.

And was the three-year marriage really worth two hundred million?

And why was that man familiar with her occasionally?

She had tried to figure it out, but she failed. So she just ignored it.

As long as the Mo consortium could be saved and auntie Rona could recover, all that she had done was worthwhile.

However, the following words of Ron shocked Celia.

"So, Celia, I want to bribe some directors to kick Carlos out of the board. The company still needs his money. But when the situation is settled, I have to figure out a way to remove him from the decision-making circle. In that case, no matter what tricks he wants to play then, he won't be so easily succeed. "

The moment Celia heard this, he had the feeling that Ron was not a gentleman.

She had always been simple and unsophisticated, whose simple expression was seen through by Ron.

"Celia. I know you might think it's immoral for me to scheme against him after he helped me. However, you are not in the business world. Although you have learned some law, it has not been applied to any practice. When you go to work, you will understand that business is as war without bullets through several lawsuit! People are always profit oriented. They are always the losers in love! So even if I don't keep an eye on Carlos, he may do something in the future. "

Celia slowly raised her head and stared at the man she had know

n and trusted for many years.

Although she had doubts, she nodded.

"Maybe I don't really understand!"

"Well, let's stop such a heavy topic. Is there anything you want to tell me?"

Ron touched her head as usual and his voice was softer than before.

"By the way," Reminded by him, Celia remembered something serious.

She looked around and lowered her voice.

"Yesterday Wendi sent me the envelope that she sent to your mother. There is an address, though not exactly the content."

Ron was also astonished. "Where was it sent?"

"Dongxin Street. It's only one word on it can be seen now." Celia replied honestly.

A look of bemusement spread over Ron's face. It was a slum area in Jin City where the elderly lived with their help money.

How could his mother be involved with the people there?

"How about we go there to have a look?"

As Ron had planned, the mysterious letter had become a knot in his heart.

Especially when his mother woke up, she didn't mention a word, and his father seemed to be deliberately avoiding him.

But the more indifference he got, the more he wanted to solve the mystery.

After much investigation, Celia and Ron finally found this shabby building.

Standing downstairs, Celia frowned when she saw the building which was a bit crooked.

For no reason, she felt this place a little familiar, as if she had met it before.

But it was definitely the first time she came here!

Looking at Ron next to her, who also looked very serious. She opened his mouth, but in the end did not say her doubts.

The two of them walked slowly towards the entrance. Just as they entered the gate, they were shrouded in darkness, mixed with unpleasant smell. Both of them covered their nose at the same time, and their eyes gradually adapted to the environment. Then they continued to move forward.

They went upstairs to the second floor. When they reached the door of a room, they kept silent. At last, Celia came forward and knocked at the door.

The sound of knocking became gentle and heavy, but there was no response.

Is there no one living here?

"Who are you? Who are you looking for? "

The opposite door suddenly opened, an old woman with grey hair asked with difficulty.

"Grandma, where are the people of this clan?" Celia asked.

When the old woman heard her words, his face suddenly turned pale.

"Who are you? Who are you? Look for them? For what? "

Celia was surprised to see the old woman's shocked face.

"Grandma, don't be afraid. We are not bad guys, and we don't mean to harm you. We just want to ask them something."

The old woman waved his hand. "You can't get the answer. Go back. There is no one here."

"Nobody? Is there no one living here? " Asked Ron.

If nobody lived here, who sent the letter? Why did he write here?

"Yes, no one is here now. You should go quickly!"

The old woman said and was about to close the door.

"Grandma, could you please tell us who used to live here?"

Celia hurried to the old woman and stopped her.

"Alas, a poor woman and two poor children!"

The old woman looked at Celia and sighed.

"I heard that she was driven out by her husband's family and brought her two daughters here. She had lived here for several years. Although she had a hard life, the girls were filial towards her. But who knows... "

"What?" Celia's heart convulsed.

"Dead. One day, the woman suddenly jumped into the river and died!"

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