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   Chapter 9 Miss Me After We Just Separated

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The car ran out of the suburb on the street of the city. It was not until then that Celia finally felt free.

About ten minutes later, when she saw the bus stop nearby, she opened her mouth.

"Stop at the next intersection."

The man looked at her and she quickly added. "I'm still a student. It's not good for my classmates to see me get out of such an expensive car."

Celia said firmly. But Carlos looked at her.


He answered and pulled over the car slowly.

"When will you come back? I'll pick you up. "

"No, thanks. I can do it myself."

She answered perfunctorily. When she was about to open the door and get out of the car, her hand was grabbed by the man.

He opened the door from behind and held her in his arms.

A faint mint taste went into her nose.

"Don't forget to go home."

She was stunned by kiss for a second.

Then she jumped off the car in a hurry and ran away.

Watching her running away, the smile in the man's eyes on the car gradually faded.

When Boris was driving, he turned the car around to ask for Carlos' permission.

"Boss, shall we send someone to tail after her?"

He frowned and shouted at him. "Of course!"

Carlos wasn't happy with this arrangement because he didn't have the manner to stalk Celia. It were sent to protect her safety!

"Have you caught those bullies?"

"Yes, we did."

He looked through the rearview mirror at the coldness in his young boss' dark eyes. The whole car was shrouded in the coldness.

Humph! A group of guys who know nothing about their own abilities!

"Lock them up first. I will decide what to do after seeing Ron."

"Boss, you mean... Yes, I got it. "

Noticing that his young boss was staring at him, he shut his mouth at once.

Celia didn't walk towards the bus stop across the road until she saw Carlos' car completely disappear from her sight.

Just now, she had parked the car on purpose, not because she was afraid of being seen by her classmates, but because she wanted to go to the hospital to visit Ron's mom Rona.

When Celia went to the hospital, the news that the Gu consortium was about to invest in the Mo consortium was spread by all the major social media in Jin City.

As for the First News, an exclusive interview got the first-hand information. The president of the Gu consortium, Carlos, will discuss details of cooperation with the manager of the Mo consortium at two o'clock in the afternoon. As for the specific way and content of cooperation, it was still a mystery.

Celia saw the good news as she arrived at the hospital. What's more, Rona woke up as well.

Ron was not here, and only Moore and Wendi, the housekeeper, were taking care of Rona.

"Uncle, how is aunt?"

Seeing Celia, Moore sighed.

"The doctor said that there is nothing wrong with her body. As for her mental state, as long as she doesn't suffer too much and thinks more pleasant things, she will gradually recover."

Celia breathed a sigh of relief.

"Uncle, everything will be fine."

"Alas, I hope so!"

Rona had just woken up from the coma. Since she was still weak, Celia didn't disturb her. She said something with Moore for a while and then went out with Wendi, leaving Moore to take care of Rona in the ward.


In the corridor, Wendi suddenly called her.

"What's wrong, Wendi?"

Seeing how Wendi wished to speak but stopped on a second thought, she could not help frowning.

Wang looked around and found that there was no one else in the corridor except them. The

n she took out a folded envelope from her pocket and quickly handed it to Celia.

"Celia, look at this."

"What's this?"

The envelope was stained with some blood. The location was blurred, and only a few words "Dongxin Street" could be seen faintly.

The person who sent the letter could only see one word.

Celia frowned as she looked at the envelope in her hand.

"Miss, come with me."

Then she dragged Clia to the balcony.

"The letter was sent to us yesterday. And because of it, Rona... I lost the letter inside, leaving only the envelope. "

"What? Do you mean that she takes things too hard after reading this letter? "

Celia had also heard the conversation between the father and the son of the Mo Clan yesterday. At that time, she was not able to understand the situation clearly. It was just a letter, and the condition became so serious.

But now, looking at the envelope in her hand, she felt that this matter was not simple at all, What on earth was written in the letter? Why did aunt Rona get so upset and even commit suicide after seeing it!


Celia moved her eyes from the envelope to the housekeeper Wendi's face.

"Wendi, why didn't you give this envelope to uncle and Ron?"

After all, she was just an outsider. Wasn't it she who should have handed over such an important thing to the Mo Clan in the first place?


Wendi was astonished but answered quickly.

"Young master is so busy. I haven't had the chance to tell him. Master is also very sad about Rona's matter. As a servant, I can't think of such an idea. That's why I asked for your help. "

Seeing the sincerity on Wendi's face, Celia seemed to have felt something wrong, but she still nodded her head.

"Well, I see. I will try to find out the address and the person who sent the letter."

"Well, Miss, I am going back to make soup for Lady Rona."

Said Wendi, as if she was finally relieved.


Looking at the disappearing figure of Wendi, Celia mused for a moment.

However, when she took out the phone and looked at the time, the doubt in her heart vanished soon.

By now, Ron might have finished talking to that man. Therefore, she frequently dialed the trokey "1".

This was specially set up by Ron to protect her from any other physical problems.

After a few rings, Ron answered the phone.


"What? Do you miss me after we just parted? "

As soon as Celia opened her mouth, a banter sound came from the other end of the phone.

The slightly familiar male voice made Celia stunned for a few seconds before she realized what happened.

It was Carlos!

She did call Ron!

"Why are you so quiet?" The man's question brought Celia's mind back to the present. The man's face flashed back to Celia's mind. There was no doubt that he changed her phone at that time when he returned her something.


"The family of patient 203..."

As Celia wanted to question why Carlos had changed her number, a nurse's voice suddenly came from the corridor.

Naturally, Carlos heard her.

"You are in the hospital?"

"What? Yes. " Being caught, she had to admit. If the worst came to the worst, she should tell the truth.


"It has only been two days, and you are in such a hurry to have an examination in the hospital. Are you pregnant?"

"What... What did you say? Pregnant? "

Celia exclaimed. It was not until then that she remembered that they hadn't taken contraceptive measures.

Gosh, if she really won the lottery...

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