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   Chapter 8 That's My Girl

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The master was so rich that many people wanted to use luxury cars, mansions, antiques, paintings and beautiful girls to be related to him.

It was quite easy to understand these instruction books.

So when Boris saw Celia's picture, he was shocked.

"Is this from the Mo Clan?"

Boris couldn't read his mind, nor did he dare to do so.

The silent man suddenly took away the document from Boris's hand.

He said, "I want her!"

His voice was loud and firm, which shocked Boris.

"And tomorrow, I want those bastards to appear in front of me!"

Boris was shocked but immediately replied. "Yes, sir!"

It was almost noon when Celia woke up again.

Even she herself was surprised, and she often couldn't fall asleep even in the Mo Clan.

Instead, in this strange room, she had been sleeping for so long, and seemed to be very safe.

She walked to the window and opened it. The scent from the window blew on the table.

A large piece of fragrans forest came into view, which looked like a beautiful fairy under the light.

Celia was attracted by the dainty yellow color. She followed the fragrance and walked out of the villa.

In the breeze, the girl raised her head gently. The scarf around her neck was blown to cover the corners of her mouth. But her beautiful eyes closed showed that she was in a good mood at the moment.

She walked all the way, immersing herself in these exotic flowers. The fragrance of the breeze made her feel a sense of belonging.

It was familiar, cordial and yearning.

Grace, the housekeeper, came out and saw Celia touching the special flowers. Her face darkened immediately.

That year, a new maid broke the rules. She thought about watering the flowers here, but she didn't expect that Carlos was so angry.

"Fuck off! If you touch them again, be careful of your hands! "

Seeing what Celia was doing, Grace thought she was going to die.

Even though Carlos was really interested in her, he would not let her go easily this time.

"Miss." Grace hurried to stop her. Sweat began to break out on her forehead.

"No one is allowed to move here."

"What are you talking about, Grace?"

A low and displeased voice came from her back.

Celia turned her head and saw Carlos who was standing under a flower tree in the sunlight. She was shocked.

Since she met this man, she felt that she was very gloomy. But now, he was wearing a white shirt and light casual pants, light halo enveloping him, as if what he said at this moment was not so cold, and his whole body looked gentle and elegant.

Although Grace was a little surprised, she didn't ask about it.

"You get up so early." He smiled.

Celia's face darkened. She couldn't help but stutter.

"Just take a walk. I like the scenery here."

Celia paused when she thought of what Grace had just said. "Would you mind if I touch these flowers in your house?"

"Of course not." Carlos replied, but he still frowned. What's more, she might be wrong with the title of "your family".

"Nice view indeed."

Carlos approached her again, his dark eyes staring at her.

With her presence, it was in a different style here.

A gust of wind blew, and gauze towels appeared on her face, so hazy and intoxicating.

He bent down and gently kissed her.

Celia's face turned red. Except for Ron, she had never been so close to any other man.

The kiss was so sudden that she stepped back in a hurry.

Unexpectedly, her waist was held tightly by the man's big hand


Her nose was a little red, and in the end, she heard the man seem to have said something very gentle.

"That's my good girl!"

Celia bit her lips and walked slowly on purpose. She was angry because the man molested her just now.

But his abnormality was really strange.

Because of the kiss, she was very cold and awkward to him. Even when he asked what she would like to eat later with a good temper, she turned a blind eye to it.

It was fake to say that she was not afraid, but she was rebellious.

However, Carlos seemed unconcerned about her indifference.

She walked slowly. Instead of pushing her, he followed her quietly.

Maybe Celia didn't know how profound the eyes of the man who followed her and looked at her.

"I have to go back to the school today."

At the dinner table, Celia, who had been scheming for a long time, couldn't help explaining. After she said that, she looked at the man over there with extreme elegance.

However, the man didn't answer her question for a long time. She picked up the glass at hand and drank some water eagerly.


"I'll send you back later."

The man said that lightly and then continued eating.

"Well, where is my stuff and cellphone?" This is what matters!

However, the man's cold eyes only stared at the food in front of her.

Celia followed his eyes. She immediately picked up her chopsticks and began to remove the rice from her bowl.

The man lifted up his hands when seeing Celia eat a full bowl of rice. Then Grace handed a canvas bag to Celia.

"Wait, give me your phone." Carlos said suddenly.

Celia was glad that she could finally get back her own things. She didn't think much about it, so she took out her mobile phone and passed it to Carlos.

Intentionally or unintentionally, when Carlos picked up the phone, his hand touched hers. At that moment, Celia's heart beat faster inexplicably.

It was just at this moment that she realized, and it was too late when she wanted to snatch the phone again.

Carlos opened his phone. The picture that caught his eyes made his face sink.

He suddenly deleted the picture from the screen!

Celia said nothing when she saw the horrible look on Carlos' face. She was afraid that he might change his mind and ask her to go back to school. Celia didn't dare to make a sound. She just bit her lips and sat there, uneasy.

The man with a long face took out his mobile phone and fiddled with it. A few minutes later, he returned it to her with a poker face.

When Celia held the phone in her hand again, she was speechless.

His handsome face almost covered the whole screen. Who would be on the screen except Carlos!

Celia could not help but roll her eyes secretly. She looked at the man again. Although the man still looked cold on the face, the faint complacency and the slightly raised lip corners in his eyes made her could not help but curse secretly, "childish!"

Of course, she could only think about it in her heart.

"You mustn't change it. Otherwise, you know the consequence!"

The man warned in a cold voice.

"But didn't we agree to keep our marriage a secret? We can't be caught so easily. "

In particular, there was such a big photo on her phone. Would she explain to others that she regarded his photo as a screen saver because she had a secret crush on him?

"That's your own business."


Seeing her pouting angrily, Carlos couldn't help smiling.

This was the real her that he was familiar with.

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