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   Chapter 7 Marriage Certificate

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Carlos patted her cheeks as he sensed something was wrong.

"I..." Celia's lips trembled.

Looking at her wan face, Carlos suddenly realized had happened.

He quickly took out a candy from the pocket of his suit, but he didn't notice that how tremulous his hands were when he unwrapped the candy and pressed it into her mouth.

Celia felt dizzy, but she was still consciousness. She sensed something sweet on her lips and instinctively ate it.

A few minutes later, she regained her senses and opened her eyes to see the man sitting next to her, staring at her.

Seeing Celia open her eyes, Carlos heaved a soft sigh of relief and his long face was eased from tension.

Celia was dazed for a second, but Carlos immediately slipped on his habitually cold manner as he looked at her.

Was the concerned expression she had seen on his face just now merely a figment of her imagination?

The man stared at her, and Celia became alarmed.

Under the dim silvery moonlight, his angular face became even more handsome.

However, Celia was completely flustered. Did he still want to pursue his agenda with her?

His intimidating eyes left her nowhere to hide.

Carlos could clearly see how nervous she was.

"You know you suffer from hypoglycemia, but you still refuse to eat appropriately. Eat something nutritious when you go home!"


"What? Do you want me to rather pick up where we left off just now?"

Carlos frowned. He wanted to draw her in close, but he feared that if she was that close he wouldn't be able to control himself.

She was too weak to bear his advances.


Celia didn't want to continue, but she also couldn't forget the deal they had struck earlier.

He hadn't committed to her yet, and she had already annoyed him.

Although he had promised to meet Ron, who knew if this man would help Ron? If not, the Mo Consortium would be staring bankruptcy in the face.

So, she shook her head first, but then nodded. She looked nervous and helpless, feeling more aggrieved.

With face like a thundercloud, Carlos brooded above her.

"I agree to your conditions. We'll get our marriage certificate next week."

Celia was stunned and stiffened.

Carlos agreed?

His answer was completely unexpected. She had been trying to guess what was on his mind, but she missed on some important clues.

For example, he had been so nervous when she woke up just now. And, why did he carry her favorite flavor candies with him?

Finally, the sensual aura around him disappeared, and Carlos wrapped Celia with his suit jacket, and then he got out of the car and walked around to the driver's seat. The car started, and it took Celia a while to realize what had transpired.

He had agreed!

Her body became weak, and she leaned her head against the cold window and stared out vacantly at the night outside.

Although he had promised her, she felt strangely upset.

One year later, would she be able to simply leave him without having anything to do with him?

But at least now the Mo Consortium was safe. Wasn't this what she had wanted?

Carlos was driving along the road. The neon lights on both sides of the car made Celia's eyes water and grow redder and redder. At last, she closed her eyes.

But no matter how much suffering she had endured until now, she was sleep deprived, and her need for sleep was greater.

The temperature in the car was pleasant, and Celia felt tired and finally fell asleep.

The driver looked in the rear view mirror, slowly stopped the car by the side of the road, took out a blanket from the trunk and covered the curle

d up girl with it.

Looking at her quietly sleeping form, he gazed at her pretty face, noting her pretty nose and pink lips which were like a blooming lotus.

He involuntarily stretched out his hand and touched her little face subconsciously.

Her skin was so delicate and silky.

Perhaps the man's gnarled fingers had made the sleeping girl feel discomfort.

"Hmm..." Celia suddenly moaned in her sleep.

Seeing her frown, Carlos was about to withdraw his hand.

Unexpectedly, she moved, her rosy lips parting. His fingers were close to her mouth, and she lightly bit them.

Carlos clenched his jaw, feeling his nerve turn sour.

This woman was simply too tempting!

"Knock, knock, knock."

Later that night, someone was knocking at the door of the guest room.

Standing at the door with a stack of documents in his hands, Boris didn't push the door open until he heard the invitation to "come in" from inside.

At first, he didn't see the person he was looking for, then he saw the man standing in front of the window with his hands behind his back.

Carlos held a goblet in his hand. The smell of alcohol competed with that of the tobacco from cigarettes in the air.

"It's fresh outside." Hearing Carlos's unspoken order, Boris walked over to let some fresh air in from the window.

Carlos did not voice the order, but he nodded.

Boris opened two windows to the side and stepped back over to report.

"I have found some clues."

Carlos, who was about to gulp the rest of the liquor, paused for a second. His eyes glittered, and his jaw tightened. He turned around and spoke gruffly,

"Read it."

Boris opened the file and took out the investigation results.

"Celia Ling, female, age 23. She is a senior student at the law department of J University. She lived with her grandmother in Britain until she turned 20. Later, when she came back, she met Ron, the son of the Mo Clan. They become lovers. Moreover, it seems that the Mo Clan has approved this future daughter-in-law..."

Boris frowned as he read from the document.

According to the investigation results, Celia seemed to be an average girl. Then, could it be...


Finally, Carlos turned his cold eyes on the man making the report.

"This investigation is obviously full of holes. That's not all. Except for living with her grandmother in Britain, what else has she done? And why did she come back?"

"What?" Seeing the serious expression on his boss' face, Boris didn't dare to obfuscate anything. "Boss, much is still unknown about Miss Celia. It's hard to track her past down, so..."

Carlos glanced at him coldly.

"Boss, we will keep on investigating, but it may take some time."

It was glaringly obvious that his boss was not pleased, so Boris hurriedly added.

Carlos's face softened a little. He stared at the document. All of a sudden, something occurred to him

"Boris, bring me the present the Mo Clan had sent last month."

Hearing this, Boris was confused.

The gift from the Mo Clan? What? Antiquities? Scripts and paintings?

He didn't remember anything like that!

Was there a significant gift from the Mo Clan a month ago? He had no recollection of it at all.

"Go fetch it from the storage room downstairs."

Carlos didn't seem perturbed by Boris' words. He gracefully sipped the wine in his glass and turned to him.


Boris dropped the documents and quickly left to obey. He soon returned with a file bag in his hand.

"Open it!"

Boris immediately opened the folder and was surprised when he glanced at the paper inside.

"Boss, this is..."

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