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   Chapter 7 Marriage Certificate

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Carlos patted on her face as he sensed something was wrong.

"I..." Celia's lips trembled.

Looking at her face, Carlos suddenly realized.

He expertly took out a candy from the pocket of his suit, but he didn't notice that how palpitant his hands were when he opened the candy paper and fed it to her mouth.

Celia felt dizzy, but she still had consciousness. She sensed something on the lips and ate it.

A few minutes later, she came back to her senses and opened her eyes to see the man beside her, who was staring at her.

Seeing Celia open her eyes, Carlos seemed to be relieved and his long face was relaxed as well.

Celia dazed for a second, but the man in front of her immediately recovered his usual cold demeanor.

Was the expression on his face just now just an illusion of her?

The man stared at her. Celia became alarmed.

Under the dim moonlight, his angular face looked more handsome.

However, Celia was more flustered. Did he still want to continue the incident?

His intimidating eyes made her have nowhere to hide.

Carlos certainly saw how nervous she was.

"You know you have hypoglycemia, but you still don't eat well. Eat well when you go home!"


"What? Do you want me to continue what I have done just now? "

Carlos frowned. He wanted to get close to her but he was afraid that he couldn't control himself.

She was too weak to take it.


Celia didn't want to continue, but she also didn't forget the agreement they had discussed before.

He hadn't promised her yet, and she had even annoyed him.

Although he had promised to meet Ron, who knew if this man would help Ron? If not, the Mo consortium would really go bankrupt.

So she shook her head first, then nodded. She looked nervous and helpless, more aggrieved.

With a darkened face, Carlos looked down at her.

"I agree to your condition. We'll get our marriage certificate next week."

Celia was stunned and stiff.

Carlos agreed?

His answer was out of Celia's expectation. She had been guessing his mind, but she had ignored some important questions.

For example, he looked at her nervously when she woke up just now. And, why did he carry candies which was her favorite taste with him?

Until the masculine aura around him disappeared, Celia picked up a man's suit jacket, and the man got out of the car and walked around to the driver's seat. The car started and it took Celia a while to realize what had happened.

He did agree!

Her body became weak, and she leaned her head against the cold window and looked out of the window vacantly.

Although he had promised her, she felt really upset.

One year later, could she simply leave him without having anything to do with him?

But at least now the Mo consortium was saved. Wasn't this what she wanted?

Carlos was driving on the street. The neon lights on both sides of the car made Celia's eyes redder and redder. At last, she closed her eyes.

But no matter how much suffering she was suffering at the moment, it was less than the sleepiness of a few days.

The temperature in the car was just right. Celia felt tired and finally fell asleep.

The driver looked through the rearview mirror, slowly stopped the car by the side of the road, took a blanket and covered it on the person curling up.

Looking at her sleeping quietly, he found her pretty face

, pretty nose and pink lips like a blooming lotus quietly.

He stretched out his hand and touched her little face unconsciously.

Her skin was so delicate and silky.

Maybe the man's gnarled finger made the sleeping girl a little uncomfortable.

"Well..." Celia screamed in her sleep.

Seeing her frown, Carlos was about to take back his hand.

Unexpectedly, she moved, her rosy lips opening. His fingers had been lightly bit by her.

Carlos clenched his jaw, feeling his nerve turn sour.

This woman was simply too tempting!

"Knock, Knock, Knock."

Late at night, someone was knocking at the door of the guest room.

Standing at the door with a stack of documents in his hands, Boris didn't push the door into the room until the sound of "coming in" came from inside.

He didn't see the person he wanted to see then he saw the man standing in front of the window with his hands behind his back.

Carlos held a goblet in his hand. The smell of alcohol in the air could not hide the tobacco in the air.

"It's fresh outside." Knowing what Carlos meant, Boris wanted to get some fresh air from the window.

Carlos did not make a sound, but acquiesced.

Boris opened two windows on the side and came back to where he had been just now.

"I have got some clues."

Carlos, who was about to gulp the rest of the liquor, paused for a second. His eyes glittered, and his jaw tightened. He turned around and opened his mouth.

"Read it."

Boris opened the bag and took out the investigation results.

"Celia, a girl of 23 years old. She is a senior student of the law department. She lives with the beautiful grandmother of Britain until she is 20. Later, when she comes back to the University, she meets Ron, the son of the Mo Clan. They become lovers. Moreover, it seems that the Mo Clan had approved this future daughter-in-law... "

Boris frowned as he read the document.

According to the investigation results, Celia seemed to be fine. Then, could it be...


Finally, Carlos' cold eyes fell on the man who was reading the information.

"This investigation is obviously full of loopholes. That's all. Except living with her grandmother in Britain, what else have she done? And why does she come back? "

"What?" Looking at the serious expression on his master's face, Boris didn't dare to hide anything. "Master, part of Celia's information is blank. It's hard to find it out, so..."

Kevin glanced at him coldly.

"Master, we will keep on investigating, but it may take a long time."

It was obvious that the master was not happy now, so Boris hurriedly added.

Carlos's face looked soft a little. He stared at the document. All of a sudden, something came to his mind.

"Boris, bring me the presents sent one month ago by the Mo Clan."

Hearing this, Boris was stunned.

Gifts from the Mo Clan? What? Antiquity? Scripts and paintings?

He didn't remember anything about it!

Was there a gift from the Mo Clan a month ago? He had no impression at all.

"Go to the storage room downstairs."

Carlos didn't feel offended by Boris' words. He sipped the wine in his glass and turned to him.


Boris dropped the documents and quickly went out. He came back soon with a file bag in his hand.

"Open it!"

Boris immediately opened the folder and was surprised to see the paper inside.

"Master, this is..."

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