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   Chapter 6 A Secret Marriage

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The man latched his hands on the sides of her body, slightly furrowed his dashing eyebrows, then lifted his thin and sharp lips into a curvy smile. He stared at her for a long time.

Celia Ling could not bear the suffocating atmosphere in the car any longer. Finally, the man's thin lips moved.

"Well, it seems you are bold enough to say such unkind words. So, what do you want?"

Perhaps Carlos was somewhat fascinated by her flushed face underneath him, so he unexpectedly said this.

Celia didn't expect these words either.

Although Carlos's coldness and cruelty left her feeling timid, she still tried to appear jaunty, and spoke up for the sake of the Mo Consortium.

"I think we should draw up an agreement. This marriage is only in barter, so we can hide our marriage from the public for a year. If I still can't accept it in one year's time, we can get divorced..."

She summoned up her courage before spitting out the solution she had been preparing.

After offering this, she looked at the man guiltily and found that although his face was still cold, he did not seem to take offense, so she continued,

"Although we are married, you must agree not to force me! Without my permission, you can't..." She swallowed to wet her dry mouth, secretly glancing at the man who regarded her so sternly, and concluded in a meek tone, "Touch me."

Looking at the shy little face in front of him, Carlos felt he saw the girl in his memory. Her pink lips and the faint scent of her body that could only be lightly smelled; it was as if he was in a dream.

He was obsessed with the suddenly familiar scent and the beautiful face.

His thoughts were swallowed up bit by bit, and the whole world seemed to become drowned in silence, leaving him alone with her.

He pressed his hands to his handsome face, and his bright eyes burned with intense passion.

"Mr. Gu? Carlos?"

There was a long echo of silence in the car once Celia had spoken.

His silence left her unable to predictable or guess what he was thinking.

Did he agree with her? Or was his silence an objection?

She couldn't help calling his name again.

"Keep our marriage a secret? And I can't touch you?"

In the gleam of the faint moonlight, she saw the man's inconspicuous smile.

'Damn it! I have annoyed him.'

She was just about to move when she felt the man's body block her.

"A woman I can't tell the world nor do anything with. Why should I marry such a woman?"

he said, gently caressing her face with his rough hand. Rubbing his hand along her smooth skin, his fingers reached her ears where he tenderly tucked the stray strands of hair behind them.

His action seemed gentle, but his eyes were frosted over with coldness.

"Why are you so reluctant?" His lips barely brushed against hers.

Before she could make a sound, his mouth wrapped over hers.

The pain of his intimacy spread through her mouth and teeth. Instead of kissing her, it was more like a bite as he devoured her.

"Ouch! That hurts..." Celia Ling moaned bitterly.

Was this man a rabid dog? How sharp his teeth were!

However, gradually, when the pain on her lips faded away, Celia felt a current burning through her body, causing her to tremble involuntarily.

At the same time, her tense nerves completely unwound in the kiss, and she even unconsciously hugged him. She felt that something was about to burst out of her heart, as she wrapped herself against his warm chest.

She had never felt this way before, but then suddenly, she realized the man's large hand was burning her.

"Please don't! Can you let go of me..." She spoke with a pleading tone, laced with chaos, and her small hand grabbed at his

big hand.

"Let you go? Why would I do that?" the man asked in a husky voice.

"Did you feel that? I feel very uncomfortable..."

Celia froze. Her mind went blank. She couldn't believe her ears.

Ah! The rascal!

He was utterly without shame!

She couldn't believe that he would do such a thing.

"You, you let me go now." Her little face burned red as an apple. Her hands were sweaty, and her body had become sticky and covered with a layer of sweat. To her embarrassment, her voice trembled in her mouth.

"I can let go of your hand, but as for letting go of you..."

No way!

The next second, Celia's red lips were covered by Carlos's.

After a while, her pale face blossomed with a red flush again. The man's hot breath ignited her, raising the temperature even higher in the car.

Celia could feel herself growing obsessed with Carlos.

All of a sudden, the darkened backseat was lit up by a sharp golden glow shone from behind their car.

Celia was shocked. When she looked through the window, her pupils contracted abruptly. At the same time, she exerted all her strength to push away the man pressing on her.

"Stop, Carlos!"

Knock, knock, knock! Someone was knocking at the car window.

Celia looked out of the window, horrified. The man outside leaned closer, and his face became clearer and clearer.

It was Ron Mo!

Celia's heart thumped wildly.

She was blocked from the window by Carlos, but she could even see the expression on Ron's face.

She couldn't imagine what would happen if Ron witnessed this scene!

"Carl... Hmm..."

She was burning with anxiety, but the man pressing down on her remained unmoved. While she had believed it couldn't get worse, it did!

The tight space was filled with chemistry and tension.

Someone knocked at the car window again.

Knock, knock, knock——

"President Gu, are you in there?"

Standing outside the car, Ron called in a gentle voice.

However, he received no answer.

He frowned slightly. Growing restless with waiting, he finally reached out his hand to open the car door.

Celia's heart lodged in her throat. Carlos's full lips were still pressed on the corner of her mouth.

"Manager Mo, destroying the property of others is not a good habit."

Carlos spoke to Ron, who was outside, but his deep eyes burned into Celia's face.

Outside the car, Ron was utterly stunned, but then he reacted and quickly withdrew his hand from the door handle.

"Mr. Gu, I'm so sorry to bother you. I was only a bit desperate because I've visited your company several times, but you always weren't there. So I saw your car here and I just wanted to say hi. And... Are you free tomorrow?"


Carlos smiled ambiguously, which made Celia even more nervous. She tightened her grip on his shoulder.

Until he finally responded, easing the tension.

"Contact Boris,"

the man said faintly after drawing in a breath, which relieved Celia's tense body.

This means he had agreed to her terms.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Gu. I'll contact Boris as soon as I get home. So, I won't bother you any further. See you tomorrow!"

Outside, Ron expressed his gratitude again and again, but the people in the car did not respond.

He stood awkwardly for a few seconds before he walked towards his car that was parked nearby.

Not long after, Celia heard the sound of the car starting and the sound of it driving off. Not until the car's noise had faded, did she feel a little relieved.

When she looked up, she found the man above her was gazing at her, and she felt out of breath. Two seconds later, she saw nothing but darkness.

"Hey, Celia Ling! What's happening? Are you okay?"

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