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   Chapter 6 The Forbidden Marriage

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The man put his hands on the sides of her body, slightly wrinkled his dashing eyebrows, and slightly lifted his thin and sharp lips. He stared at her for a long time.

Celia Ling could not bear the depressing atmosphere around her any longer. Finally, the man's thin lips moved.

"Well, you are so bold that you even dare to say such unkind words. Then, what do you want? "

Maybe Carlos was fascinated by the pinkish face in front of him, so he said that unexpectedly.

Celia didn't expect that as well.

Although Carlos's coldness and cruelty made her timid, she still took a risky attitude and said her ideas for the sake of the Mo consortium.

"I think we should draw up a agreement. This marriage is only a trade, so we can hide our marriage for a year. If I still can't accept it in one year, we can divorce..."

She summoned up her courage and spit out the solution she had prepared before.

After saying this, she looked at the man guiltily, and found that although his face was still cold, it did not seem to have become worse, so she continued.

"Although we are married, you can't force me! Without my permission, you can't... " She swallowed her saliva, secretly glanced at the man with a stern look, and said cowardly. "Touch me."

Looking at the little shy face in front of him, Kevin's face gradually overlapped the appearance in his memory. The pink lips and the faint scent of her body, he only smelled it lightly, as if in a dream.

He was obsessed with the familiar scent and the beautiful face.

His thoughts were swallowed up bit by bit, and the whole world seemed to be quiet, leaving her alone.

He pressed his handsome face and his bright eyes were burning with passion.

"Mr. Gu? Carlos? "

There was a long time of silence in the car after Celia finished her words.

His silent attitude made it more unpredictable and unable to guess.

Did he agree with her? Or objection?

She couldn't help calling his name again.

"Keep our marriage a secret? and I can't Touch you? "

Under the moonlight, she saw the man's in conspicuous smile.

'damn it! I have annoyed him.'.

She was just about to move when she felt the man's body before her.

"A woman I can't do anything with. Why should I marry her?"

He said, touching her face gently with his rough hand. Along her smooth skin came to her ears and pressed her scattered hair behind them.

His action seemed gentle, but his eyes were full of coldness.

"Why are you so reluctant?" His lips almost touched hers.

Before she could utter a word, his breath had submerged her.

The pain spread through her mouth and teeth. Instead of kissing her, it was more like biting.

"Ouch! It hurts... " Celia Ling grinned bitterly.

Was this man a dog! How sharp her teeth were!

However, gradually, when the pain on her lips died away, Celia felt a current spreading in her body, making her tremble slightly.

At the same time, her tense nerves were completely relieved by the kiss, and she even unconsciously hugged him. She felt that something was about to jump out of her heart, as she was wrapped in a warm chest.

This feeling had never been felt before until she suddenly felt that the man's big hand was burning her.

"Please don't Can you Let go of me... " She spoke with a pleading tone in chaos, and her small hand grabb

ed his big hand.

"Let you go? What about it?" The man asked in a low voice.

"Did you feel it? Very uncomfortable... "

Celia froze. Her mind went blank. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Ah -- rascal!

He was so shameless!

She couldn't believe this man would do such a thing.

"You, you let me go first." Her little face was as red as an apple. Her hands were sweaty and her body was sticky with a layer of sweat. Moreover, her voice trembled at the tip of her nose.

"I can let go of your hand, but let go of you..."

No way!

The next second, Celia's red lips were covered by Carlos's.

After a while, her pale face turned red again. The man's hot air ignited to the highest temperature in the car.

Celia was almost obsessed with Carlos.

All of a sudden, the light in the dark backseat was turned on, and a ray of sharp light shone.

Celia was shocked. When she looked out of the window, her pupils contracted abruptly. At the same time, she exerted all her strength to push the man pressing on her.

"Stop, Carlos!"

Knock, knock, knock, someone was knocking at the car window.

Celia looked out of the window, horrified. The man's face became clearer and clearer.

It was Ron Mo!

Celia's heart was thumping.

She was at the window behind Carlos, and she could even see the expression on Ron's face.

She couldn't imagine what would happen if this scene was seen by Ron!

"Carl... HMM... "

She was burning with anxiety, but the man on her remained unmoved. Even got worse.

In the narrow space, there was ambiguity and tension.

Someone knocked on the car window again.

Knock, knock, knock——

"President Gu, are you in?"

Standing outside the car, Ron asked in a gentle voice.

However, no one answered him.

He frowned slightly. After standing there for a while, he finally reached out his hand to the car door.

Celia's heart jumped to her throat. The man's charming lips were still on the corner of her mouth.

"Manager Mo, Destroying the good things of others are not a good habit."

The man's words were said to Ron, who was outside, but his deep eyes were still fixed on her face.

Outside the car, Ron was a little stunned, but then he reacted and quickly withdrew his hand that was about to touch the door.

"Mr. Gu, I'm so sorry to bother you. I didn't expect your company to visit you, but we haven't met each other for so long Are you free tomorrow? "

"This ..."

The man smiled ambiguously, which made Celia even more nervous. She tightened her grip on his shoulder.


"Contact with Boris."

The man said faintly from the breath, which relieved Celia's tense body.

He meant that he agreed.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Gu. I'll contact Boris as soon as I get home. Then I won't bother you anymore. See you tomorrow!"

Outside, he expressed his gratitude again and again, but the people in the car did not respond.

He stood awkwardly for a few seconds before he walked towards the car behind.

Not long after, Celia heard a sound of car starting and a sound of driving away. Till the car gradually drove away, she felt a little relieved.

When she looked up, she found the man above her was looking at her and she felt out of breath. And the next second, she saw nothing but darkness.

"Psst, Celia Ling! What's wrong with you? "

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