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   Chapter 4 Who The Hell Are You

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He stared at her pretty face in front of him and inhaled her flowery fragrance. The lustiness of his eyes changed.

Celia screamed. Before she could react at all, her waist was gripped and more than half of her body was pulled up from the water.

He circled her neck with one hand and kissed her!

In the five years since he had lost her, a lot of women had crossed his path, but he was always calm and composed.

But all his self-control was instantly burned to ashes in front of her.

Celia's body trembled, and her face turned pale. She kept struggling.

"You don't want to leave? Huh, do you?" Carlos asked in a hoarse voice.

She could feel the sting of her bleeding lips.

But what she didn't know was that this man had been battled with depression for too long.

"No, please! Let me go, let me go..."

she begged. She trembled and tried to move backward but was firmly held under the power of the man.

Now, Celia could understand how the prey would have felt when being served to the predator.

The resistance and remorse on her little face deepened in the man's gaze.

"Aren't you anxious to leave and go to the hospital? Do you think I'll let you go?" His low voice was iced over with coldness.

Celia stiffened when she heard these words.

Carlos' words perfectly mirrored her fears.

Which was why she had begged Grace to bring her here.

At the thought of the anxious face on TV just now and of Ron's mother who would be fearing for her life, she gasped.

Suddenly, she stopped struggling.

She knew putting up a fight wouldn't work with this man.

"Why me?"

She gave up resisting and even let her face resemble a lamb, ready to be slaughtered, as she muttered numbly from her mouth.

Why was she here? She didn't understand!

She gave up resisting. But her tiny face filled with depression. She looked like a soulless body. This sight triggered a fire in Carlos's ruthless eyes.

His dark eyes were gleaming with a burning rage when he thought of how she cared about that man and his family.

"Why not?" The man snorted lightly with a smile curving his eyes, but it was only a beam of mournful light that brought no joy.

Without any warning, the sudden pain almost tore Celia apart. She clawed at him, leaving many red welts on his solid back, and her beautiful cheeks were drowned in tears.

His fingers became so soft when he saw her crying. He couldn't help but caress her fair, smooth skin.

"Because I like you!"

She seemed to have heard his sentimental words, but while he spoke affectionately, she still felt distressed.

Celia felt dizzy, and her body trembled as if caught in a fever.

She looked at the face looming so close to her, as if something had scratched her head. She was in a trance like state, so she could not see clearly.

Noticing her vacant stare, Carlos felt his chest become heavy. He didn't want to treat her in this way, but it had been five years of missing and obsessing. The pai

n and suffering of that time had already driven him mad.

He was in urgent need of an outlet, something that could release the emotions that had been so pent up inside him for five years.


His handsome eyebrows were deeply wrinkled, and his fiery palm quickly touched the place on her body which he knew most intimately.

His heart almost stopped beating.

The mole had been there, but now she had not a single trace or blemish on her body.

His face became ferocious.

"Who the hell are you?" A low growl of anger and despair sounded.

"I..." Her lips trembled, her breathing becoming ragged.

The white and pungent smell of disinfectant struck every one of Celia's nerves.


This was Celia's first reaction after waking up.

Hence, she struggled out of bed.


Ouch! She was a rag doll, falling apart.

Her nerves were in agony, until gradually, the scattered pieces of memory became reorganized.


She trembled like a panicked rabbit and looked around in a rush.

Celia felt a little relieved when she didn't see any sign of Carlos in the room.

Forcing her aching body, she got out of the bed and walked to the door, slightly opening it on a crack.

Unlike the manor, where she had seen guards everywhere, there was no one at the door now.

Celia was confused. At the same time, the rapid beating of her heart calmed and the pain in her chest eased.

Some doctors and nurses passed by and her eyes lit up when she saw the brands on their surgical coats.

"This is the First Hospital?"

she grabbed at a young nurse and asked anxiously.

The nurse was confused by her sudden movement, but she still nodded.

"Well, what happened with the suicide of the lady of the Mo Clan? Did she survive?"

"You are... A reporter?" The nurse sized Celia up from head to toe.

"No, no. I'm a family member. I want to know her current condition." Celia gestured with her hands anxiously.

Looking at Celia, who seemed sincere and didn't look like she was lying, the nurse told her,

"If you are a relative, please wait outside operating room 4 on the 7th floor! She is in the surgery now. I don't know how she is doing."

"Okay, thank you! Thank you!"

Upon hearing the news, Celia hurriedly stumbled towards the elevator, ignoring her own condition.

Ever since she saw the news on TV, she had been feeling like there was a heavy stone crushing her heart.

It had been reported that the lady of the Mo Clan, who was Ron's mother, had committed suicide!

She had been in good spirits before. Why did she suddenly feel overwhelmed and sad enough to commit suicide?

Even though their company had encountered difficulties, there was no need to take this path.

Celia entered the elevator weighed down by a heavy heart. However, as soon as she stepped into the elevator, the door of another elevator next to the one she took opened. A tall figure stepped out and walked forward with steady steps.

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