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   Chapter 2 You Have Used Up Your Chance!

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"Carlos, please stop... I have a boyfriend!"

Celia cried out in shock.

In a desperate attempt to prevent the threatened carnage, Celia covered her body with whatever cloth her fingers could grasp.

"Boyfriend? Did he ever touch you?"

They were so close to each other that Celia could feel the anger in his voice.

"No, No. Ron isn't that kind of man,"

she murmured. That man had always been very warm and gentle.

"Ron? It sounds like you guys are very close."

The man smiled again, but the residual coldness in his face made Celia more anxious. Her breaths came in sharp pants and she tried to gain control, but nothing was working.

"Carlos, please stop! Even if I... Even if I had unknowingly given myself to you before, you can't force me... Hmmm..."

Before she could finish her words, Carlos slammed his lips into hers.

Celia, however, had no idea that Carlos would be so jealous to find that she was already involved with someone else.

His cold eyes immediately showed his firm determination.

"As I've said before, I don't take 'no' for an answer!"

Celia widened her eyes in horror. She hadn't even had the chance to be intimate with Ron.

She gaped at Carlos in stunned disbelief and then she tried to push him away with all her strength, but all her resistance did was arouse the man's desire to conquer and subdue her.

He grabbed her waist with his strong hands, allowing her no room to retreat.

Feeling ashamed and violated, she helplessly tried to be rid of him, but she was firmly imprisoned in his arms.

No matter how hard she resisted, her efforts were all in vain.

Celia was white as chalk. Her eyes and her mouth were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise.

What she needed was some air!

"Exhale... inhale..."

Perhaps it was the bitterness in her eyes or the feeble strength of her body that suddenly drove the man to anger.

Suddenly, he let go of her and pushed her away as if the very sight of her face disgusted him.

Celia wheezed and gasped terribly, groaning out a little as air finally entered her lungs and restored life into her.

Carlos stared at Celia, who was gasping for air and his desire to have her grew even stronger.

Same green, same sweet, especially the sense of familiarity that he hadn't seen for a long time.

The thought of what was about to happen excited his senses.

Celia, on the other hand, was in a total mess. The kiss just now made it clear to her that she resented this man, but then why did she give in to it in the end?

It wasn't until she felt a burning sensation on her skin that the man whispered, "It's been a long time. I almost forgot what that felt like."

Without a conscious thought, she pushed the man away and glanced at the scissors on the ground. Celia realized that this might be her only hope.

In the blink of an eye, she picked up the scissor and pointed it at the man's chest. Her movement was clean and properly executed with precision and accuracy.

"Stay away from me or you'll regret it!"

'Right hand!'

Carlos's keen eyes focused intently at her hand and then scissors.

'She used her right hand! But not her natural left hand!'

He squinted his eyes at her, as if trying to read her mind.

'It can't be!'

The kiss was just as intense and sensitive as it had been years ago. The way she gripped his arm with her slender fingers; the way her face turned red and even the manner of the kiss confirmed his suspicions. How could it not be her?

Carlos slowly shifted his gaze towards the woman who was shivering.

Celia Ling's eyes became misty, her vision blurred and thoughts began clashing inside her mind. Although she could clearly see the expression on his face, his presence was enough to make her jittery.

"You want to kill me?" Carlos finally broke the silence. Celia couldn't tell whether he was angry or not from his voice, so sh

e remained silent. Carlos took this as an opportunity to approach her with caution.

With enough force and resilience, she would be able to pierce his chest and cut his heart out.

Celia nervously tightened her grip on the scissors.

"Are you so desperate to leave?" When she gave him no response, the man lowered his head in disappointment. "Well, go ahead!"

The more he spoke, the angrier Celia got because she knew he was just trying to distract her with his mind games.

However, faced with a man of his stature, Celia was at a complete loss of what to do next.

"What? Do it now? You're only going to get one shot at this! It's now or never!"

The man kept goading her on as he stepped closer to her.

Suddenly, Celia started screaming hysterically and waving the knife at Carlos.

Then there followed a palpitant moment while she held her breath and shut her eyes.

The next moment, blood gushed out, thick and strong and stained the man's white shirt, like blooming roses.

For a moment, it felt as though time had slowed down for a moment.

With sharp sound, the knife fell from Celia's hands and landed on the floor. A scream of pure agony filled the room.

Celia stared at the bleeding man in utter disbelief, her whitening lips quivered.

"Boss!" Right then, Boris broke into the room.

"Ahh!" Celia screamed again, grabbing the bed sheet from the floor and wrapping herself up in a hurry.

"Get out!"

Carlos screamed at Boris, sending him out almost as quickly as he had come in.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the woman shivering in a corner on the floor.

The resemblance was uncanny and undeniable.

"Celia, that was your only chance." His deep eyes sparkled with the glimmer of a satisfied smile. "I've said this before and I'll tell you again, I won't allow you to leave this place!"

Celia stared at him in confusion and wondered why the most powerful man of Jin City was so hell-bent on keeping her there.

Women all over the world, each richer and more beautiful than the last would line up to be with him. Why would he pick her over them?

Was it just because of some romantic feelings that she didn't even reciprocate?

Indeed, it was Celia who ran to him for help, but it was only because she wanted to get rid of the hooligans who were after her.

In truth, she was grateful to him for saving her, but that's as far as her feelings would go for him.

Having lived her entire life as an ordinary person, Celia only wanted to live a simple life. After all, their lives were worlds apart and they had very little in common.

Celia bit her lip and curled up in the bed sheet.

Carlos, however, seemed not to care about his injury at all. He got back to his feet while clutching at his wound and looked at the distressed woman.

Soon after, a big dark shadow engulfed her.

Celia's body shivered like a dry leaf as the man held her gently and lifted her off the floor.

Frightened, she struggled in his arms like a wounded animal.

But all he wanted to do was put her on the bed.

She noticed that the man had pursed his lips into a line and the red patches on his shirt stung her eyes.

Just as she opened her mouth to say something...


The man shouted at the door. In an instant, a middle-aged woman pushed the door open from the outside and stepped into the room.

The woman was astonished to see Celia Ling on the bed, but the expression on her face remained unchanged as she respectfully said, "Sir."

"Dress her up in something nice and take her to a restaurant."

"I don't want to eat. I want..."

'to leave...'

Celia decided to swallow the rest of her words when she saw the look in Carlos' eyes.

"Grace, If she doesn't eat tonight, all the servants in the manor won't be allowed to eat either. If she still doesn't want to eat, you can keep her company until she decides to change her mind!"

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