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   Chapter 1 You Don't Dare To Look At Me Shy

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Clip clop...Clip clop...

The approaching footsteps echoed down an otherwise quiet corridor, as the bodyguards stood up straight and greeted Carlos respectfully. They didn't dare to raise their hands until the distinguished individual had stopped in front of the door and raised his hand.

With his slender hand, the man squeezed and twisted the doorknob with a slight click.

He pushed the door and it swung open with ease. As he stepped in, his eyes caught sight of a beautiful woman standing next to the window, ripping the sheets she had pulled out from the bed with her bare hands.

'Why is the quality of these bed sheet so good? Gosh! How am I going to escape like this?'

Time was of the essence and she was getting agitated by the fact that no matter how hard she tried it seemed as though nothing could tear those bed sheets.

Too immersed in her troubles, she failed to hear the sound of the door opening, nor did she notice the man's footsteps approaching her.

He walked up to the cherrywood wardrobe near the bed, quietly slide the drawer open and took out a pair of scissors.

The moment Celia Ling saw the pair of scissors, her eyes lit up with delight as her lips broke into a smile. "Thank you."

"You are welcome."

The moment the man's sophisticated voice graced Celia's ear and caught her attention, her body jerked her out of her concentration.


As she turned around swiftly and saw who it was, a startled gasp escaped her lips and she dropped the scissors on the floor.

"Mr...Mr. Gu..."

Celia's voice trembled and she fought the urge to run away.

As a matter of fact, she did, or at least, she tried.

But how was an innocent little rabbit supposed to outrun a full-blooded male lion? Right after the first step, she tripped on her on feet and was about give the floor a hug.

Fortunately, Carlos' had strong, muscular arms and with leopard-like agility he swooped in and caught her waist in mid-air

"That was a bold attempt, I'll admit. But did you really think that you could get out of here without my permission?" The towering figure that stood in front of Celia had an air of enigma about him and his breath had the ability to send chills down her spine in small doses.

"Mr. Gu, you can't..."

Before Celia could finish, Carlos cut her short.

"I've given you enough time already. What I want now, is an answer."

"I am sorry, but I can't marry you..."


Without a word, the man loosened his grip and dropped her on the floor with a loud thud.


That wasn't very nice of him.

Tilting her little face upwards, Celia's jet black eyes sparkled with resentment.

She had meant to burn a hole through the man with a deathly glare, but before she knew it, his face was close to hers, so much so that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her cheeks. Suddenly, she couldn't process her thoughts any more.

Although she knew that Carlos was the most powerful man in the city and no one would dare to provoke him, he was also very unsociable, moody and cold. Rumors had been afloat for some time that he wasn't interested in women, but there was no evidence to support such speculations.

However, facing such a handsome face, especially at such a close distance, was not only stress inducing, but also incredibly irresistible.

"I see," said Carlos, lowering his face and concealing his eyes from giving away his emotions. "But I don't usually take 'no' for an answer! Especially from people who burns bridges after crossing them. Are you sure you want to go back on your word?"

The man's breath fell on Celia's nose, making her heart skip a beat.

This wasn't the first time she had been face to face with a handsome man, but the person in front of her was and exceptional example of the word.

His tousled hair was midnight black and his eyes were dark brown, framed by graceful brows. He had prominent cheekbones and a well-defined chin and nose. He had smooth flawless skin, which was like a sheet of well-done cloth.

He carried himself with such confidence and bravado that he could make people surrender with just his words.

To be precise, he was more demon than


"Mr. Gu, I am really grateful for your help, but I don't have any feelings for you, how could I..."

The more Celia tried to explain herself, the less confident she was.


Although the memories of what transpired that night was seemingly unclear to her, she remembered losing consciousness at some point.

Did she make love to the president during that period?

But, wasn't he only attracted to men?

"Really? You don't have any feelings for me?"

The man's smirk made Celia uncomfortable.

"I don't mind helping you regain your memory."

Suddenly, Carlos advanced closer to Celia, who had been lying on the ground.

He bit his lower lip, a slight smirk creasing the skin around the corners of his mouth. The sound of their irregular breathing filled up the quiet room.

The close he got to her, the bigger the handsome face became. The way in which he smirked and intensity of his gaze could bewitch people, let alone Celia, whose face was now redder than a tomato.

"Why are you so afraid to look me in the eye? Are you shy?"

The man softened his voice all of a sudden, like a gentle breeze sweeping across the lake, causing ripples.

Celia swallowed. When she made eye contact with Carlos Gu, she not only couldn't move her eyes away, but also found it hard to breathe.

Afraid of losing herself in his deep endless black eyes, she turned her face away immediately.

She stepped back a pace or two.

But he pressed forward.

She frowned and kept stepping back a few more paces.

The man advanced without uttering a word.

Finally, she felt the cold wall against her back which meant that she had run of space.

Carlos locked Celia in his gaze, like a ferocious predator, slowly forcing its prey into a trap.

Suddenly, he stretched out his arms and held her face between the palm of his hands.

Celia had nowhere to run. She took a deep breath and drew in his strong, masculine smell coupled with a hint of mint fragrance.

A whimper escape her lips as she turned to her side and tried to evade Carlos.

However, he stretched out his other hand and blocked her way immediately.

Celia was now trapped in between him and the cold wall behind her.

"Do you like it?"

As he gently whispered into her ears, Celia's blush seared through her cheeks and for a minute she thought her face was on fire.

Celia found it incredibly difficult to resist such an attractive voice.

For all intents and purposes, she was trapped.

Her eyes wandered and soon fell over a comic book, triggering thoughts of fantasies. Since then, she was crazy about the comic books.

At this time, the perfect face in front of her, together with this silent sound, she felt that she was really asking for trouble.

Carlos found himself more attracted to her because of her quiet and reserved demeanor. He gently took her chin between his forefinger and his thumb and raised it so she could look him in the eyes.

"I'll take your silence as your acquiescence. I know that you want me to do this to you!"

He peered into her eyes, feeling a slight surge in his heartbeat.

The girl who had won his heart was standing right before his eyes.


Celia's face turned completely red. She wanted to cry, but had no tears.

Celia didn't dare to answer his question because she could tell from the man's eyes that if she had dared to turn him down, the man would probably expose her secrets.

It would be so embarrassing?

Glaring at this scheming man, she couldn't refute nor admit to him.

Celia's face flushed crimson with embarrassment and her expression caught Carlos' attention.

"What? Cat got your tongue?"

he said, running his rough fingertips down her hair and gently sliding over her delicate little face.

When he came to her shirt, he slowly started undoing the buttons.

The man's actions and the peculiar expression in his eyes made Celia realize his intentions.

"No! No way!" She panicked.

"No way? What are you doing? Don't do this. You'd better not do this!"

The man's cold lips brushed against hers as he tugged her closer and the next moment, he ripped her shirt with his bare hands.

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