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   Chapter 463 Extra Story Of Campus Injury In The Competition

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Hilary looked at them and swallowed. "This is the toilet! Why are you stopping me! Who am I? It's none of your business?! Get out of my way! I'm leaving! "

"Wow, it seems that she is really Duke's sister!"

"You look pretty!"

They looked at Hilary up and down. Being stared at by them, Hilary's scalp tingled. Hilary took a step back in disgust, but she felt that she had seen the person who stopped her before.

There were always people coming and going in the washroom. Several people stopped Hilary and them attracted a lot of attention.

Hilary wanted to go around, but was stopped. Hilary was angry and anxious. "What do you want to do?"


As soon as Hilary finished shouting, she suddenly heard Duke's voice. She looked up and saw Duke, Albert and several other people in their class wearing changed basketball suits.

Feeling confident, Hilary ran to Duke.

They didn't stop her anymore.

Duke stepped forward to welcome Hilary. He held her by the shoulder, looked her up and down, and asked with concern and anxiety, "How are you? Are you okay, Hilary? "

Albert also took a few steps forward and looked at them carefully.

"Nothing!" Hilary shook her head, feeling wronged.

"That's good." Duke held her hand and led Hilary away.

The man who stopped Hilary snorted and shouted at Duke, "Duke, are you leaving now?"

"Or what?" Duke turned his head coldly and said, "I don't want to talk about any profound topic with you at the toilet door."

"Ha ha Ha ha! "

"Damn it! It's really the door of the toilet, ha ha..."

The people around Duke couldn't help laughing, and their faces turned red.

Albert frowned and said in a low voice, "Duke, this boy is in class twenty-nine. He skipped a line in the canteen last time and was scolded by Shelly. His name is Wien."

Hearing this, both Duke and Hilary remembered.

"Duke, let me tell you. Don't be complacent! I'll make you suffer on the basketball match later! " The man said ferociously, stared at Duke coldly, strode forward and left the bathroom.

"Oh, you don't want to go to the bathroom?" Duke's class's sports committee smiled and said, "Don't wait for the opening. It will be troublesome if you can't hold it."

"Ha ha..."

There was another burst of laughter, watching the people of twenty-nine class leave angrily.

After they left, Duke and his classmates went to the bathroom. And Hilary went back to the grandstand first.

Duke and Albert came over soon. Poppi took photos of the two of them as if she was practicing. She disliked the unnatural expressions on their two faces.

"Mommy, let's go downstairs and do some warm-up exercises!" Duke looked at his watch and said.

"Go ahead!" Poppi nodded and said, "Come on. I just heard a lot of girls talking about you and Albert. Behave well!"

Duke was speechless and stole a glance at Hilary.

Shrugging his shoulders, Albert said, "Mommy, you can take the photos after you watch us carefully. Don't take our ugly photos!"

"My son is so handsome. You don't look ugly at all." Poppi raised her hand and pinched Albert's face, smiling, "Go downs

a hurry.


The referee suddenly whistled and rushed to the place where the accident happened.

Duke felt that all his internal organs were shaking in his chest. Before he stood up, he suddenly felt a pain in his foot.

The man called Wien suddenly lifted his foot and stepped on the ankle of Duke.

"Hiss..." Duke broke out in a cold sweat because of the pain.

Albert rushed over and gave Wien a hard push. "You fucking want to die?"

"Duke! Are you okay? " The students in class one, third grade rushed over and stood in front of Duke. Seeing that he was in pain, they didn't dare to hurt him. Someone shouted, "Where is the doctor? Get hurt! Come here, doctor! "

"Damn it! You've gone too far!" The sports committee of the class one, third grade had a bad temper. He spat and kicked the legs of the people of the class twenty-nine beside him.

In a moment, there were four gunshots, and the basketball field suddenly became a fighting field.

The referee had already arrived, but was submerged by the tussling people. Then, all the teachers and referees in the field rushed to the place where they had been sent.

"I want to go downstairs and have a look!" Then Hilary ran off the stage.

Poppi also stood up and said, "I want to go with you! Damn it! How dare you bully my son! "

With a cold face, Malcolm followed them.

After thinking for a while, Emily ran into the field as well!

In the audience, Shelly's face turned pale too. She recognized that the troublemaker was the one who cut the line that day. She felt more guilty and uneasy.

In the field, it was not easy for several referees to divide the people who were going to fight, but the people of two classes were all staring at each other, not allowing anyone to fight.

The emergency doctor also came to check Duke's injury.

Duke's ankle swelled up in an instant. Sitting on the stage, he was in a cold sweat because of the pain.

"Brother Duke!" Hilary ran over and knelt on the ground. She looked at the wound of Duke with tears in her eyes. "Are you okay, Brother Duke?"

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