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   Chapter 462 Extra Story Of Campus Basketball Match

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A few days later, the basketball match of third grade of the No.1 Middle School in Ye city began.

There were thirty classes in third grade of senior high school. Thirty classes would pass two rounds of pre match in a week's P.E. class, and finally five teams would enter the final match on Friday.

Because the PE class of Hilary's class at the same time as the Duke's class, they were lucky to witness the whole process of the competition in class one, third grade.

"Come on! Come on! "

"Come on, class one, third grade!"

At this time, the open-air basketball court was hot. Duke's class was having the second round of the pre match. There were still two minutes left, and Duke's class's score was also in the lead of others.

In the field, Albert came to his class's basket with balls and stood outside the three branch line, but several people stopped him. Albert turned around and waved his hand. It seemed that Albert wanted to shoot, but he gave the ball to Duke through eye contact.

Standing very close to the basket, Duke jumped and threw the ball from Albert into the basket accurately.

Cheers and screams came from behind.


Just then, a whistle was heard, accompanied by the end of the PE class and the end of the basketball match. The last team to be promoted to the final match was born. On the playground, the cheers were intertwined.

In the crowd, Hilary screamed louder than anyone else. Holding a bottle of water, she was so excited that she was about to jump up. Marcia and Mamie were also excited.

"The students in class one, third grade are awesome! Good at study and good at sports! "

"Look who's there! Duke and Albert are here. The sports committee has also trained professional basketball. They must be very awesome! "

However, there were many people who were as excited as Hilary. The whole basketball court was surrounded by a lot of people, chatting and tiptoeing forward. Without being noticed, Hilary was slowly squeezed behind.

Duke and Albert were both present. Hearing the whistle, they looked at the score. It was 80 to 72. They won! The two clapped their hands and gathered with the basketball players, hugging each other excitedly.

"Ah! Shelly! See? Our class won! We won, ha ha! " On the edge of the basketball court, Winni was in the front of the crowd. Seeing that her class had won, she was so excited that her throat was almost broken. She grabbed Shelly's hand and said excitedly, "Ha ha, I knew it! They are so handsome! "

Shelly breathed a sigh of relief with a faint smile on her face. It was the first time that she felt so excited about a sports competition. Every move of the man on the field made her heart beat faster.

He was so dazzling that it was difficult not to notice him.

After the match, sweat trickled down the faces of both of them. Looking over, Duke said something to Albert and walked straight towards Shelly.

"Shelly, Duke is coming!" Winni was too excited to breathe.

e camera to Malcolm, "Take pictures of your sons later."

The corners of Malcolm's mouth twitched. He looked at the camera and asked, "You've been fiddling with the camera for a few days. Why It's me to tak pictures now?"

"You are smart! Although I was just fiddling with it, I didn't learn it well. " Poppi said frankly. At last, she asked for Hilary's opinion, "Do you think so, Hilary?"

Hilary couldn't help laughing and said, "Yes, yes."

Sitting not far away, Shelly heard the laughter and looked over unconsciously. Duke's mother was still as beautiful and kind as before.

Most importantly, she was so close to Hilary.

"Aunt Poppi, I need to go to the washroom first. I'll be back soon!" Being in a hurry, Hilary suddenly stood up.

"Do you need aunt Poppi to go with you?" Poppi asked with concern.

"No, no, no!" Hilary waved her hand and ran away in a hurry.

After Hilary left, Poppi asked Malcolm, "Shall I call Emily in?"

"She said she would come in after the opening. I guess she doesn't want to meet with Albert. We'd better not to force her." After comforting her, Malcolm suddenly asked, "How to deal with this camera?"

"Oh, you are so stupid Look! " Poppi's face was full of disappointment.

On the other side, after coming out of the bathroom, Hilary felt relaxed.

When she was about to go back to the basketball court happily, she saw several boys in basketball suits walking towards her in the corridor of the bathroom.

"Damn it! I'll beat up the best class later!"

"Exactly! Basketball is our world. Why do those bookworm play basketball? "

Hearing their words, Hilary frowned and was about to leave.


When they met again, a boy suddenly saw Hilary and stretched out his arm to stop Hilary.

Hilary was stunned and leaned against the wall. Hilary raised her head and stared at the man, "What are you doing?"

"You..." The boy frowned and thought for a while. Then he said, "You are the sister of Duke and Albert!"

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