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   Chapter 443 Extra Story Of Campus Roundabout Policy

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9999

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The physical teacher looked at the two of them with a smile.

Duke resisted the urge to burst into laughter, and his classmates around him were also watching the fun.

"Oh, forget it. Let's change to another girl!" The physical teacher interrupted him again, waved his hand and looked around the classroom. His eyes were fixed on Shelly] behind Albert. "Men and women match. It's not tiring to work! Let's change him to Shelly! Shelly and Duke come up and let Albert have a rest. "

Albert was happy and said, "Thank you, teacher."

"Don't thank me now. The next exercise is for you." The physical teacher said with a smile, which caused a burst of laughter in the classroom.

Duke stood up. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that Shelly also stood up. He turned around and smiled, "Shelly, please show mercy to me later. I'm nervous."

He didn't look nervous at all!

Albert shook his head speechlessly.

"Okay Okay. " Shelly took it seriously and blushed, "I... I'm not sure I can do it."

"Come on, come on in!" The physical teacher urged with a smile.

Duke and Shelly walked to the platform one after another.

Winni envied the two people standing side by side, but fortunately, she was not the one who was called to the platform!

On the other side of the classroom, Holly and Sylvia began to whisper again. Holly was still full of disdain, "It's annoying to see Shelly like that."

"Exactly!" Sylvia echoed, "I heard that a boy once sent her a love letter. I don't know how he think! Are boys like girls like her? "

"Maybe he was fooled by her holy and inviolable appearance." Holly snorted, "Look at her. She was so coquettish when she talked to Duke just now."

"Do you think that Duke likes girls like her?" Sylvia was a little worried.

Holly frowned and said, "No way! Duke doesn't like her. He is the prince, and Shelly is not Cinderella. "

Sylvia smiled, "I just saw a poisonous chicken soup on the Internet. It said that the Cinderella in fairy tales is also the daughter of the Duke. She is not a real poor person here."

"That's it! What else can she do except studying? " Holly rolled her eyes and stopped talking.

On the platform, the physical teacher put the problem out, and the whole class began to examine the questions quietly. The physical teacher held a small whip and wandered around the classroom.

Duke stood on the left side of the platform with a white pen in his hand, and Shelly stood on the right side. The question was in the middle, and the two of them looked at it in the middle.

Shelly was a little restless. She wanted to read the problem seriously, but she couldn't help looking at Duke.

No wonder there were so many people in the school who liked Duke. He was handsome and came from a rich family. He was absolutely perfect. Who wouldn't like such a person?

Duke's body was covered with a halo, and the joints of his hands were clear. When he looked at the questions, he frowned slightly and thought in

"It's not easy for you to do this for so many years. Why don't you just tell him! Go to Duke tomorrow, kiss him and tell him you like him. "


Startled, Hilary choked on her saliva and coughed violently. Oh my God! Kiss Brother Duke? She had never thought about it! More horribly, it was said by Vivien! This girl was so scary? The combination of a top student and a military teacher was really not something an ordinary person could afford!

"What if it fails?" Mamie was a little worried. She looked at Hilary and said, "What if Duke really takes Hilary as his sister?"

"What if she succeed?" Marcia turned her head and added, "If Duke like Hilary, you two can get along well with each other. Wow, just thinking about it makes I feel that life is wonderful!"

Hilary was even more conflicted. Hilary didn't know what to do when they talked about this

"You guys, aren't you cleaning? Are you chatting?" A harsh roar came from the other end of the line. They turned around and saw the dean.

Hilary and others hurried to clean the room with tools.

After the Dean left, Vivien said, "Hilary is shy. If you don't want to talk about it, you can take a roundabout approach. Anyway, Brother Duke don't need to hurry to find a girlfriend. You can read some love novels and watch some love TV, learn some daily life with childhood sweethearts, and then test each his attitude. "

"Well, is that okay?" Hilary was confused.

"Okay, okay!" Marcia was the first to jump out and said, "I have many novels. I'll bring them to you on Monday!"

"I want to see it too! I want them to! " Mamie approached them restlessly. They were cleaning and playing with each other.

As the sun set, the school bell rang.

The classroom was buzzing. All the students in white and blue school uniforms came out of the building one after another and ran towards the beautiful weekend!

"By the way, what happened to Howard's family? He hasn't been here for a few days. "

"Who knows!"

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