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   Chapter 442 Extra Story Of Campus Change Seats

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Hilary rubbed her forehead and told her roommates that she liked Brother Duke. She felt like she was trapped? Why did Marcia suddenly ask such a strange and bold question? Oh my God! If Marcia continued to ask, she would explode!

"Marcia!" With a red face, Hilary stopped her. She turned her back to Duke and threatened Marcia in a low voice, "Shut up!"

"I was just asking." Marcia stuck out her tongue at Hilary.

Duke covered his mouth and coughed, trying his best to hold back the redness on his ears. He joked, "It's getting late. I'll go back early, or the teacher will find me later. It's going to be a big trouble."

"What is going to be a big trouble?"

As soon as he finished speaking, a serious middle-aged woman's voice came from behind.

Duke's mouth twitched.

"Witch Zhang!" Marcia said awkwardly, holding her breath.

"Hilary, What improper remarks Brother Duke has made!?" Mamie patted Hilary on the shoulder, almost falling apart.

They looked at each other and turned to look at Witch Zhang with the paper and textbook in her hand.

Only Vivien greeted teacher Zhang politely

"teacher Zhang." Duke turned around and gave Witch Zhang a decent and generous smile. "I mean, it's not good if I'm late and caught by our teacher for being late for class."

"Oh, it's Duke!" Witch Zhang used to be Duke's teacher. She only had one word in her heart for this student, so she nodded with satisfaction and smiled. But when she saw the people standing behind him, she held her glasses and said, "Why are you all here? Why are you downstairs? "

Marcia and the other three all looked at Hilary.

Hilary smiled awkwardly and felt a little flustered.

"Teacher Zhang." At the critical moment, Duke said with a smile, "Here is the thing. There is representative of our third grade in senior high school to participate in the physical competition. We agreed to go to the school to study on weekend. Hilary heard that and she wanted to come here to study together on weekend. I just came to tell Hilary that our teacher agreed."

Hearing this, Witch Zhang's eyes lit up and she glanced at Hilary with satisfaction.

Hilary was also overjoyed. She was overjoyed that she could be with Brother Duke on weekends!

"Well, teacher Zhang, I'll go back first!" It was getting late. Duke was about to leave.

"Go back now!" Witch Zhang nodded.

After saying goodbye to the teacher, Duke ran away. After taking two steps, he suddenly turned around and winked his right eye behind Witch Zhang with a cunning look.

Hilary couldn't help smiling.

Then Duke pointed at himself and gave a thumbs up. He waved at Hilary proudly and left.

What! Praise himself? Praise himself for the quick wit?'?

Although Hilary curled her lips in her heart, she was still happy.

"Hilary Yu, I heard that you are Duke's sister?" Witch Zhang suddenly said and walked towards the stairs.

"Ah Yes, our parents are good f

? " Hilary asked, blinking her eyes.

Vivien looked at her messy bookworm at the same table and sighed, "I'm really disturbed by smelling the stink of the feet every day."

"Hahaha..." Marcia smiled impolitely.

"You suffered, military adviser!" Mamie said sympathetically.

They didn't separate until the bell rang.

After the teacher came in, Hilary's eyes followed the teacher to the platform, but fell on the empty seat in the first row, and her eyes became a little dim.

Class one, the third grade.

"Okay." As soon as the bell rang, the physical teacher came to the classroom and stood on the platform. "In the last class, we taught some relevant knowledge about constant speed circular movement. In this class, we'll ask some students to come to the blackboard and try to do some problems."

The classroom suddenly became silent. Although there were top students in the class, if they had to work on the blackboard It was not the style of everyone! So they all lowered their heads.

"When it comes to the blackboard, you all want to bury yourselves in the ground!" The physical teacher laughed and scolded, "Come on, raise your heads! I'll let whoever has the head down come up! I saw you clearly on the platform one by one. You can't avoid! "

Some classmates raised their heads reluctantly, but they didn't dare to raise their heads too high.

Sitting in his seat, Duke said to Albert in a low voice, "Go to the blackboard and do the work. It will seriously affect the efficiency and accuracy."

"Yes, I'm nervous." Albert nodded and said, "I don't want to."

"Who is that, Duke?" The physical teacher said, "come on in. I think classmates are very anxious. Ask Duke to take the lead."

"Damn it!"

Duke was speechless and scolded, "There comes what we are afraid of?"

Holding back his laughter, Albert said, "Okay, okay, you can go upstairs now! Don't take me with you! "

"Well, does Albert also want to come up?"

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