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   Chapter 441 Extra Story Of Campus Punish Others As A Warning To Others

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Duke told Albert the whole story. Albert shook his head speechlessly. He was about to scold Duke, but he saw the letter in his hand was opened. He widened his eyes, excitedly grabbed the love letter and read it. He asked in disbelief, "Duke, have you opened the love letter for you? Have you read the content? "

Albert's voice was not low, so Shelly and Winni, who were sitting in the back row, heard it. The two of them immediately stopped and listened carefully.

"Yes." Duke nodded and sat down.

"The sun is rising in the West! Aren't you... " Looking at Duke up and down, Albert asked, "Are you interested in these girls?"

Shelly's eyelids twitched, but she didn't say anything.

Winni grabbed Shelly's arm excitedly and kept murmuring 'what should I do'.

"I don't even know who she is. Why will I interested in her?" Duke snorted and sat on the chair.

"Then why did you open it?" Albert breathed a sigh of relief.

"I want to know who she is." Duke took the letter and pulled it out. "In fact, I don't want to take it. I'm just afraid that after Hilary goes back, the girl will blame Hilary for not sending it to me, so I take it. Then, I have to find this girl and personally tell her not to do such a boring thing in the future. "

Albert gave Duke a thumbs up and said, "You're awesome. Punish others as a warning to others!"

"Sort of." Duke stared at the last name of the letter and said, "It's too boring to do this! I will find out who this person is."

"You just don't understand amorous feelings." Shaking his head with a smile, Albert took out his book and was about to start his study. "Maybe you should find a girlfriend, and then those girls who covet you will automatically retreat. What do you think?"

Duke smiled, "Then I think you should also find a girlfriend."

"Oh, no!" Albert pretended to be sad and shook his head. Rae's face flashed through his mind. He smiled and said, "Too young. I have to wait for a long time."

"I'm better than you a little." Duke patted Albert on the shoulder and said sympathetically.

Confused, Winni pushed Shelly and pulled Shelly to her ear, asking, "Shelly, what does he mean? What is too young? "

Shelly was listening attentively, but was interrupted by Winni. She suddenly came to her senses and shook her head, "I don't know either!"

"Do you mean they are too young to fall in love?" Winni asked again.


At the same time, Albert looked at Duke, got closer to him and said in a low voice, "Well, since we are in the same school, why don't you tell her your love for her?"

"She just came to school. Everything is new. I'll tell her when I graduate." Duke patted Albert confidently and said, "It's none of your business."


When the two of them finished talking, Shelly and Winni just finished their words. No o

Mamie pushed Hilary's shoulder and said, "He is standing up for you!"

"What a handsome man!" Marcia shook her head with admiration.

"I, I won't do that! I just asked Hilary to do me a favor. " The girl with a oval face was a little flustered.

Duke didn't want to embarrass a girl in public, but he had to make a sacrifice to punish others as a warning to others. So he said with a heavy heart, "I'm really sorry. I don't want to have a love relationship in high school. Even if I want to have a relationship, I won't like a girl like you. Thank you for your love. I think you can find a person who is in good relationship with you. But that man, not me. "

"I think you are excellent, but we are not suitable for each other."

"Besides, it's true that Hilary is my sister, but I don't want her to be disturbed because of me. If you like someone, you'd better tell him in person. If you express your love to him through a middleman, you will lose a lot of sincerity. "

Duke's words moved Hilary and she felt hopeful.

Hearing that, the girl with a oval face was about to cry. Her face was still red, but her mood had changed from shyness to shyness and indignation. She lowered her head and said, "I, I know."

"That's good." With a sigh of relief, Duke said apologetically, "I'm sorry."

"It doesn't matter." The girl bit her lips and said, "If there's nothing else, I'll go back first!"

"Okay." Duke nodded.

The girl covered her mouth and ran away. When she passed by Hilary, Hilary could feel her great sadness.

"Hilary." Duke walked up to Hilary and greeted her roommate, "There are so many people watching. I hope no one will ask you to send me any letters from now on. I can also be quiet."

"Duke, you are so nice to Hilary!" Marcia snickered, "In fact, I think Duke and Hilary are a good match! If Hilary gives you a love letter, will you accept it? "

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