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   Chapter 440 Extra Story Of Campus Silly Girl

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His words stung Hilary. That girl? She was pretty.

"When will the physical competition begin? Do you want to spare some time for training? " Asked Hilary.

Duke nodded, "It will be two months later. The teacher said that we can practice in the school on weekends. If there is any problem or method, we can discuss it in time." He sighed and continued, "It seems that there will be no weekend in the next two months. I'm a little sad."

When Hilary was about to say something, she suddenly remembered what Vivien had told her before she left, "Get as much time as you can and try every means to be with your Brother Duke."

"Brother Duke!" Caught Duke's sleeve, Hilary was so excited that she wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. "Well Well, My brother and sister are too noisy when I'm at home weekends. . Can I go to school with you? "

The two were close to the basketball court, and the boys' screams became clearer and clearer.

Duke laughed, "Are you sure, Hilary? It's the first time that someone wants to give up on weekends and go back to school to study. "

"Brother Duke!" Hilary said to Duke coquettishly, "I'm not kidding. It's true! Anyway, it's not a class. It's just like we are going to self-study, no matter where we go! And the atmosphere in the school should be better. "

The smile on Duke's face widened. He couldn't help but pat Hilary's head and said in a gentle voice, "I didn't say Hilary was joking. Since you want to come, come with me. You are such a silly girl. I guess the teacher will be very happy if teacher knows this. "

The little girl in Hilary's heart jumped with joy. That's great! Excellent!

"Hey, ball!"

"Watch out!"

When Duke and Hilary looked at each other and smiled, they suddenly heard a noise from the basketball court. Duke turned around and saw a basketball flying towards him and Hilary from a few meters away.

"Watch out!" Duke quickly pulled Hilary into his arms, turned around and raised the other arm to block the basketball.

Bang! Bang! Bang

The basketball fell to the ground and bounced away rhythmically.

The beating sound was in accordance with the heartbeat of Hilary. The corners of her mouth couldn't help but curl up again. Her face was close to Duke, and her hand was holding the cloth of his school uniform, trying not to let go.

Happiness! She was so happy!

With a sigh of relief, Duke patted on Hilary's back and asked, "Are you okay, Hilary?"

Hilary shook her head with red ears.

On the other side of the basketball court, a boy ran over to pick up the balls, rolled up his trouser legs, and looked frivolously at Duke and Hilary, with disdain in his eyes.

Duke frowned and watched him pick up the ball, but there was no apology on his face.

Finally, Hilary moved and looked over there. Hilary's face changed when she saw him. "Howard?"

"What?" Duke raised his eyebr

d laughing and said seriously, "Hilary, you don't have to do such a thing in the future. I just feel sorry for you to be their messengers. If such a person comes to you again, just refuse her directly. Tell her that I don't want a girlfriend and don't work for them. "

Hilary was delighted again. "Brother Duke, do I have the right to do that? Rejecting those girls' letters? "

"Of course!" Duke nodded firmly. Who else has the right to do that except you?

"Then Brother Duke, what kind of girl do you like? " Hilary asked eagerly.

"Well?" "Why do you ask this question all of a sudden?" Duke asked, looking at Hilary up and down

In a hurry, Hilary explained, "Ah, because Just a casual question! I'm thinking that if there's someone who sends you a love letter, it's exactly the type that Brother Duke like. I can help you... "

"No, thanks." Duke interrupted Hilary abruptly, "There won't be a type I like."

Hilary stuck out her tongue and didn't say anything more.

Duke looked at his watch and said, "Hilary, it's getting late. Let me send you back? Don't waste time on your study. "

"Okay! Okay! " Hilary agreed and left with Duke.

Duke escorted Hilary to the teaching building of the first grade department. Watching her turn into the stairs and disappear, Duke stood there for a long time.

What should he do now? Why did Hilary suddenly want to connect him with others? This was not a good omen! Was she really only treating him as her brother? No other thoughts? TSK

In a complicated mood, Hilary went back to the classroom and met the girl who asked her to send a love letter to Brother Duke. After Hilary said that she had sent it, the girl left happily. Hilary was even more depressed.

"Here you are."

On the other side, Duke returned to the classroom and handed a letter to Albert, "A love letter."

Albert frowned and asked, "Didn't you go to find Hilary? How can you take this back?"

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