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   Chapter 439 Extra Story Of Campus Love Brother

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On the early morning of the second day, Hilary woke up from the bed in the dormitory. Hilary stretched herself and opened her misty eyes, only to find that Vivien had already got up and dressed.

"Ah What time is it now? " Hilary yawned, "It's time to get up again?"

"Yes! It's time to get up. " Vivien nodded, got out of bed and shouted at the two, "Mamie, Marcia, it's time to get up! Don't be late. The teacher is going to catch the morning lesson. "

"Ouch!" Mamie rolled over on the bed and said, "I can't sleep enough."

Hilary couldn't help laughing. She sat up and began to get dressed.

Marcia was the last one to wake up. She groaned in bed, "Hilary, what dream did you have last night? You've been shouting all the time. I've been listening to you for half a night. I'm so sleepy that I don't want to get up. "

Hearing that, Hilary suddenly opened her eyes. She would only talk in her sleep when she was preoccupied. Did she say anything yesterday?

"I heard it too!" Mamie got excited at once. She sat up from the bed, stared at Hilary and said in the same tone as Hilary, "Brother Duke Brother Duke... "

Hilary felt disgusted, but her face flushed, "What? It can't be true? Mamie, did you hear it wrong? "

Vivien brushed her teeth and said, "I heard it too. It's true. You tone is very sad, as if you are about to cry."

"That's why I'm curious." Marcia giggled, "So I listened for a long time. I wanted to hear more, but I didn't expect that Hilary just called" Brother Duke "and" Brother Duke "without saying anything else. What's your dream, Hilary? "

Hilary clenched her fists and pounded her head, "I I can't remember. "

"The sound of" Brother Duke "was so loud that it was so tempting." Mamie ran to Hilary's bed with a big smile. She raised her head and looked at Hilary, "People who don't know you might think you are calling love brother."

Hilary's face flushed, her heart pounding, and her palms sweating. The drowsiness in the morning instantly dissipated, making her nervous.

"How do you know she is not calling love brother?" Vivien said with bubbles in her mouth, "I just think that Duke is a childhood playmate of Hilary. Hilary calls Duke brother just because Duke is older than Hilary. He is not a real brother. They are a good match."

With red eyes, Hilary looked at Vivien. Vivien was telling the truth! It turned out that the ultimate BOSS he understood the most was Vivien!

"Oh, yeah!" Marcia also swept away her sleepiness and jumped up excitedly, "I'm confused, Hilary Do you really like Duke? "

Hilary was caught in a dilemma, with three black lines on her face. It seemed that it was not good to admit it. It seemed that she was not reserved. If she did not admit it, it would be too against her will!

Mamie looked at Hilary's red face and said, "Oh, really! It must be true! Hilary blushed. Hilary really liked Duke! It turns out that you are really calling love br

"I finally have hope in my boring high school life! We must make this alliance bigger and successful! "

"Come on, we will definitely succeed!"

After dinner, during the period before the last night's self-study, students had an hour's activity. Hilary took the letters to Duke and Albert respectively and asked Duke to go to the playground to have a 'get-together'.

There were many students on the playground, and many boys and girls took the opportunity to go out for a walk.

"Hilary!" Soon, Duke arrived at the place where he appointed with Hilary.

"Brother Duke!" Hilary ran to Duke and said, "I didn't interrupt your study, did I?"

"Nothing." Duke shook his head and smiled, "It's good to come out and relax. What? Are we going to walk around the playground? "

Hilary nodded and smiled, "okay!"

The two of them walked forward side by side. The setting sun stretched the shadows of the two people long.

"The head teacher asked us to go to the office this noon and told us about the physical competition. We missed the lunch time." Duke felt a little sorry, "I didn't have dinner with Hilary."

"It doesn't matter." Hilary shook her head and asked with a smile, "Brother Duke, you're so awesome. If you want to take part in the physical competition, will you go with Brother Albert?"

"Yes, he will go with me." Duke smiled, "Hilary, you are also very good. You will definitely be able to take part in such a competition in the future. Among the five people in our class, one of them is a girl."

Hilary devastated. "Oh, girl is also very rare! Which girl is so powerful? "

"She is our monitor. She has been studying very well." Seeing Hilary's cute face, Duke couldn't help pinching her face, but he thought it was better not to act rashly in a special occasion. As soon as he thought of it, Duke pulled his thoughts back and continued, "It's the girl who angrily scolded the person who cut in line in the canteen last time."

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