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   Chapter 434 Chapte Extra Story Of Campus Girlfriend

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Duke didn't take action until he saw the two girls' pale faces. He didn't expect the dark skinned boy to say it was him again? What did he mean? Did they know each other?

"Thank you, Duke!" Winni expressed her thanks in a hurry. She breathed a sigh of relief with lingering fear.

"You're welcome." Duke nodded slightly to comfort her. He didn't want to ask for credit. "I just came here to see my teacher. It's good that there is no conflict."

Shelly looked up at Duke, trembling with fear. "Thank you, Duke."

Duke looked down at her and said, "We are classmates. It's just a piece of cake. But you are just a girl. Don't argue with these people in the future. It's easy for you to suffer losses. "

When Hilary and her roommates arrived, they happened to see two students taken away by the teacher on duty. When they came to the team at window 23, they saw Duke chatting with a beautiful woman.

"Hilary, Hilary, is that your brother's girlfriend?" Pointing at Shelly, Mamie said, "She's pretty!"

"Really? He already has a girlfriend? " Marcia said with a sad face. Although she knew that it was impossible for her to be Duke's girlfriend, like the vast majority of female compatriots in the school, she didn't want the school hunk to become someone's boyfriend one day!

Hilary bit her lips and looked at the two people in the distance with grievance.

No way! Brother Duke definitely doesn't have a girlfriend! Thinking of this, Hilary walked towards Duke valiantly.

"Brother Duke!" When she was two or three steps away from Duke, Hilary opened her mouth.

"Hilary!" Duke turned his head, and his indifferent expression instantly turned into a smile. He quickly walked a few steps to Hilary and said, "It's not too late. Albert is still waiting in line. What do you want to eat? I asked Albert to buy it together. "

Taking a glance at Shelly, Hilary thought she was much better than Shelly.

Following Hilary's gaze, Duke turned to look at Shelly and explained to Hilary, "They are my classmates. Something happened just now. I'll tell you later at lunch." The smile on his face didn't fade away. Through the school uniform, Duke grabbed the wrist of Hilary and said, "Let's go and have a look."

Hilary's roommates followed him.

"Is this the sister of Duke and Albert?" Winni whispered to Shelly.

Shelly nodded slightly. She had met Hilary when Duke and Albert went to the Fishing Island. The two families were really on good terms.

"Shelly, Winni, we will have lunch first." Duke took Hilary by the side of the two people and greeted them. Then he went to look for Albert.

"I've been waiting for you so long!" Albert smiled helplessly in the line, "Look at what you want to eat. I'll buy it together, or we'll cut in the line."

Duke laughed, "Thank you, okay?"

"Is that girl named Hilary Yu?" Winni continued, "I envy her so much. Her wrist was grabbed by Duke just now. See? It is said that Duke took her back yesterday, an

t give this Duke ." Winni giggled, "It will be misunderstood."

"Yes, there are so many classmates here today. You are the only two who helped me. I have to thank you no matter what you say." Shelly said sincerely, "Thank you."

Duke shrugged and took the drink. "Thank you! You should protect yourself from now on. "

"Yes, there is no need to argue with them." Albert also took the drink and said, "We'll help each other in the future. Thank you, I'll take the water."

"Okay!" Winni nodded immediately. She couldn't control her excitement.

On the other side of the classroom, Holly He, the commissar of literature and art, and Sylvia Li, Holly's desk mate, sniffed at the scene.

"There is no response to our love letters." Sylvia groaned in depression, "It's disgusting. I feel disgusted when I see the appearance of Winni and Shelly."

"Well, Shelly is the most popular girl in front of the teacher." Holly took a small mirror to look at her hair. Then she glanced at Shelly and said, "What an icy beauty? She was so eager to get close to Duke and Albert when she saw them."

"Exactly! I think she did it on purpose in the canteen. " Sylvia echoed, "What a scheming woman. I've heard that her father has done a lot of things including eating, drinking, gambling and smoking. I guess she's not much better. Her family is so poor, but she still wants to marry Duke and Albert. Shame on her! "

"It's impossible for such a person to be with Duke." Holly snorted, "My father once had dinner with the father of Duke. How could such a rich family have such a woman?"

"Wow! Holly, your father is awesome. What does he do? Are Duke's parents also powerful? " Sylvia asked with admiration.

"My father He just met Duke's parents. He didn't talk much with them. "

Holly's father was the lobby manager of a hotel. When he was on duty, he met Malcolm and Poppi. Holly continued, "In Ye city, the ordinary people can not compare with them. They are very excellent."

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