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   Chapter 433 Extra Story Of Campus Cut In Line

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On the early morning of the second day, Hilary changed into the blue and white school uniform she had just got yesterday, which was a little loose. She was wearing canvas shoes, which should be 'ordinary people'. But with her delicate face and lively and cute ponytail, her school uniform seemed to be much more beautiful, making her look especially fresh.

Duke was tall and handsome in his school uniform. Sure enough, the school uniform was ugly for ordinary people, for good-looking people, they looked beautiful no matter what they wore.

After breakfast, they said goodbye to Poppi and Malcolm, and then they set off for their own school.

"Hi, Hilary." At the gate of the villa, Duke rode a bicycle and waited for Hilary.

"Okay." Hilary sat on the back seat of Duke's bike and grabbed the school uniform around his waist as she did yesterday. Ah, they were wearing the same school uniform. It seemed that They looked like a couple!

Thinking of this, Hilary blushed.

Albert rode in the front, while Duke and Hilary were a little behind him.

With the rising sun and fresh air, Hilary felt the whole world was beautiful.

When they approached the entrance of the campus, they met a lot of students on the road. Some were walking, some were taking bus, some were riding, and some were picked up by private cars.

"Brother Duke." Hilary asked, "Why do you and Brother Albert go to school by bike? Isn't it more convenient for the driver to send you there? "

"I don't think so!" Duke slightly tilted his head and said, "I think it's convenient to ride a bike. The school is so close to home, so it's troublesome to ride a bike! What's more, it's too eye-catching to ask the driver to send us home. We'd better keep a low profile. " Obviously, he and Albert were too eye-catching in the school. If they were sent back and forth by private cars every day, what was the difference between them and the students from noble schools? That would be too sorry for their parents' original intention.

"I see." Hilary looked at Duke with admiration.

In the junior high school of Hilary, she studied in a noble school. The noble masters from rich family in the school were really different from that of Brother Duke, even less than 1/100000 of that of Brother Duke. Therefore, she insisted on studying in the No.1 Middle School of a non-noble school far away from home, although there was a part of the reason why she wanted to be with Duke

There were still teachers on duty at the school gate checking the students' appearance.

Duke took Hilary to the school gate smoothly, which instantly aroused the gossip enthusiasm of the students around.

The high school courses seemed to be much more difficult than the junior school courses. After listening to the class for the whole morning, Hilary was about to have lunch with her roommates when she received a secret message from Duke.

"There are many people in the canteen at noon. Come to the second canteen. Albert and I are waiting in line at window twenty-three. Your roommate can come with you. "

Holding the phone in her hand, Hi

a strong aura and was also upright.

The two boys who cut in line were immediately infuriated. The strong boy pushed Shelly and said, "Are you crazy? Do you think you are beautiful and want to attract our attention by standing out on purpose?"

"Ha ha, shame on you!" Another boy echoed.

Shelly was so angry that her face turned red. She clenched her fists and said angrily, "Who do you think you are? Developed limbs and brainless! Why are you so stupid that you think I will like you? "

"You You want a fight? "

The swarthy boy raised his fist and was about to slap Shelly in the face. Shelly was so scared that she closed her eyes and Winni screamed.

"What are you doing? !" At this moment, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

Shelly opened her eyes and saw Duke holding the boy's arm. Shelly swallowed and said, "Duke, Duke Quan..."

With a cold face, Duke shook off the boy's arm. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the teacher on duty coming over and snorted.

"What are you doing! What are you doing? !" The teacher on duty came over and asked, "Don't you want to eat lunch? Why do you gather together? "

"Humph!" The boy who was about to hit Shelly rolled his eyes at the teacher and looked quite arrogant.

"Teacher." Shelly came back to her senses from the shock. She pointed at the two people in front of her and said, "They cut the line and scolded me. They want to hit me just now."


"Really?" The teacher looked around in confusion.

Winni nodded at once, and so did Duke.

Seeing the teacher, some students around who dared not to say anything also echoed them, leaving the two PE students alone and helpless.

"You two Come! Come with me! " The teacher on duty directly grabbed the clothes of the two people and took them away. "Tell me which class you are in and what's your head teacher's name! You dared to make a scene in the canteen, don't eat anything today! "

The two boys' eyes were burning. The dark skinned boy pointed at Duke with his index finger and said, "It's you again. I remember you!"

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