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   Chapter 432 Extra Story Of Campus Waiting For You

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When Duke and others returned to the Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi, almost everyone was there. In addition to Poppi's family, the Hilary family and Shirley's family also gathered together.

Duke's brothers and sisters were playing happily in the living room. The elders chatted in the living room without disturbing each other.

"Duke, Albert, Hilary, you're back! Dinner will be ready soon. " Poppi greeted in the kitchen.

"Okay." Duke nodded and said hello to the people in the living room. Then he went upstairs with Albert and was about to change his clothes before coming downstairs.

Seeing that Hilary came back, Barry and Wendy kept asking her about school. After a while, several children gathered around Hilary. Then, Barry and Wendy went to see Poppi and Shirley.

"Hilary, here's a glass of juice for you." After a while, Somber brought a glass of orange juice to Hilary and squeezed to Hilary with a smile. "Hilary, how about you go to school today? Did my brother bully you? If he bullied you, I'll help you beat him! "

After saying "thank you", Hilary took the juice. When she was about to answer, she saw Duke coming downstairs. Hilary smiled and shook her head. "No, I'm fine. Thank you, Somber."

Somber giggled.

"You want to beat my brother? You're overestimating yourself." Seymour, the little princess of the Malcolm's family, snorted and made a face at Somber. When she saw Duke and Albert coming down, she quickly stood up and ran towards Albert. "Brother Albert!"

Rae also wanted to run to them, but when she saw that Seymour moved first, she shrugged and chatted with the two twin brothers and sisters of Hilary.

"Good girl." Albert patted Seymour's head and looked at Rae.

"Somber, why don't you pour everyone a glass of juice?" Duke changed into casual clothes and walked over, rubbing Somber's hair rudely.

"Don't fix my hair." Somber glared at Duke, turned around and smiled obsequiously at Hilary.

"How's your new term today?" Albert sat on the sofa and asked Rae.

"I'm fine." Rae glanced at Albert, smiled and chatted with her Brother Albert.

The dinner was very pleasant, and Poppi's cooking was still so good. After dinner, the parents and the babies played and chatted for a long time before they went back to their own home.

"Let Hilary live in our house. It's convenient for her to go to school tomorrow." Poppi suggested.

"Yes, there are ready-made rooms." Malcolm echoed.

"Okay." Wendy nodded.

"…… A private room? " Barry asked suspiciously.

"Of course." Poppi rolled her eyes at Barry and it was settled then.

Hilary once lived in Duke's house, but it seemed to be the first time she lived alone.

At ten o'clock in the evening, when Hilary finished his shower and was about to go to

in her mind. No, she couldn't. She would confess her love to him after Brother Duke passed the joint exam next year!

"Brother Albert, do you also think so?" Asked Seymour.

"I haven't thought about it yet." Albert smiled slowly, "It depends on fate."

"Then how many girls will you hurt?" Somber said with a regretful look.

Duke rolled his eyes at his brother, stood up and pushed him out of the room. "You know what a girl is thinking! Go back to your own room! Be careful that you won't be able to get up tomorrow and roll on the bed. "

"I, I didn't!" Somber blushed instantly, "Brother Well, brother! Duke, don't push me Alas! "

After Somber was pushed out of the room, Seymour left with a smile.

Hilary stood up in a hurry and was about to follow her out, but she happened to meet the footsteps of Duke.

Duke looked at Hilary standing in front of him and raised his hand to rub her hair. "Hilary, get up tomorrow. I'll take you to school."

"Okay!" Hilary nodded vigorously.

"Hilary, you should also study hard. When you go to university in the future, you should continue to study in the same school with us no matter you are studying abroad or at home!" Albert closed his book and encouraged her.

Hilary nodded vigorously, "I will try my best!" She would try her best to be get Brother Duke's feet and create opportunities for staying with him!

"Okay, I'll wait for you." Duke smiled. Wait for you to grow up and wait for me to come to you.

Duke continued, "Then you should go to bed now."

"Okay. Good night, Brother Duke, good night, Brother Albert. " Hilary waved her hand and said goodbye.

"Let me send you there." Duke sent Hilary back to her bedroom gracefully. Although it was only a few steps away, Hilary was still very excited. If it was her who sent the love letter, would Brother Duke agree?

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