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   Chapter 429 Extra Story Of Campus Send A Love Letter

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When all the students of class twenty-eight in grade one of the high school arrived, the head teacher, teacher Zhang, came soon. She was a person like the Witch of extinction, wearing glasses and wearing a solemn smile. She was still the math teacher of Wendy. After the introduction, a naughty boy had nicknamed the teacher Witch Zhang.

"You are in the same class. It's our fate to be your head teacher." Witch Zhang stood on the platform, propping up her glasses, and looked around the classroom with her sharp eyes like the X light. "I hope that in the future, everyone can study hard and work together to make our class the best class in the whole grade!"

Hilary and Mamie sat at the back of a table.

As soon as Witch Zhang finished speaking, the crowd began to whisper.

"Okay, okay!" Witch Zhang patted the blackboard with a straight face. "Come to our school. The most important discipline! Everyone, be quiet! Don't talk! Now, let's adjust our seats. "

After saying this, the audience burst into an uproar again, and most of them were reluctant. It was not easy to choose a seat, but why did they have to separate?

"Our seats are based on the school entrance examination results. If you study well, you can choose first." Witch Zhang with her idea, she took out the score list and let the students stand in a row in the corridor. She shouted to the classroom one by one, cleared her throat and called out the first name, "Vivien Wu!"

"Yes!" Standing next to Hilary, Vivien raised her hand, lifted her glasses and ran to the door of the classroom.

"Okay." Aneisha looked at [吴燕] up and down and nodded with satisfaction. "Go to choose a seat!"

"Okay, teacher." Holding her bag, Vivien glanced at the empty classroom, took a look at the first row seat opposite the platform and sat straight.

Hilary took a deep breath. From now on, Vivien could see the teacher just look up. Vivien is so fearless! She chose a seat that the whole class didn't want to sit, did she?

"Hilary Yu!"

As soon as she came to her senses, Hilary heard the voice of Witch Zhang calling her. Hilary quickly responded and ran to the side of Witch Zhang.

"Hilary Yu? What a funny name! "

"What do you mean funny? That was cute! And she is looks so cute! "

"What's more, she ranks second. Is she the legendary goddess?"

There were whispers and laughter coming from behind. Hilary bit her lips and felt a little embarrassed. What was more embarrassing was that when Witch Zhang opened her eyes, there was a strong sense of disbelief.

"Teacher Zhang Can I go in now? " Asked Hilary timidly.

"Ah, come in! Go inside! " With a smile on her face, Witch Zhang looked at Hilary's performance and nodded, "Yes, Hilary is very good."

"Thank you, teacher Zhang." Hilary bowed slightly and hurried into the classroom.

Taking a look at Vivien, Hilary waved at Vivien and went to the third row. She found a seat by the window and sat down.

This seat was better. When the class was boring, she

ent to the beach with her mother to get coconut water. When she met their parents, their mother, that gentle woman said that everyone was a little princess

Duke and Albert turned around soon and continued to listen to teacher Sun.

"Oh my God!" Sibyl cried out for the third time and stamped her feet excitedly. She grabbed Shelly's arm and said, "They talked to you just now! Shelly, I'm going to faint Shelly! They were so handsome and polite! What should I do? My heart beats so fast... "

Shelly didn't answer, because her heart was beating fast too.

"Brother Duke, we're done. We're going to have lunch."

Nearly noon, a message from Hilary was sent to Duke. Duke reply to Hilary secretly. "Okay, it's almost over. We'll have lunch with Albert and take you to get familiar with the school environment. Let's gather by the spray fountain in the middle of the square. "

"Okay." Hilary texted back again, with a word and a cute Emoji.

Ring, ring, ring

A long bell rang, and both of Duke and Albert stood up almost at the same time.

Stretching himself, Duke said, "Let's go and have lunch with Hilary."

"Okay." Albert nodded and joked, "Thank to Hilary that we will have lunch together. How about you treat us to lunch, Brother Duke?"

"Try calling me that again?" Duke pretended to be angry.

Albert shook his head and laughed. He put his arm around Duke's shoulder and said, "Let's go. Let's go to have lunch."

The two walked out of the classroom, arm in arm.

When Sibyl and Shelly were about to follow up, two girls suddenly rushed over and sat in the seats of Duke and Albert.

"I've written it all morning! I hope Duke will agree. "

"I just hope that Albert can take one more look at me."

The two girls each held a letter in their hands and secretly stuffed it into the desks of Duke and Albert.

Sibyl was surprised to see that.

What the hell! The girls in the best class were really good at sending love letters on the first day of the new semester!

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