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   Chapter 428 Extra Story Of Campus The Entry Season

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At the end of August and the beginning of September, the new semester began again.

One day, the entrance of Ye city No. 1 middle school was crowded with people. All kinds of private cars blocked the road in front of the school. There were students in school uniforms entering the school, and there were also many new faces who had just arrived.

"Duke, have you made an appointment with Hilary? Where can we meet? "

"At the school gate. So many people! I can't see. "

In the gap between the car and the car, two boys in school uniform rode a bike with backpacks on their backs. They chatted one after another, rode through the crowd and rushed to the school gate.

"Wow! Oh my God! They are so handsome! Who are they? "

"Don't you know? They are Duke Quan and Albert Ji, two brothers in grade three! They are all so handsome! "

"They are rally handsome! They look so beautiful in school uniform. "

There were whispers around them. By the time they heard it, Duke and Albert had already rode a long distance. It seemed that they didn't know each other at all.

At the entrance of the campus, a beautiful girl with a pink dress and a ponytail was looking up and muttering, "Why haven't Brother Duke and Brother Albert come yet?"

This girl was no other than Hilary. With her bag on her back, she was about to enter the best high school in the city and become schoolmates with Duke and Albert! Ha ha, I'm so excited just thinking about it!

"We can go with you. Why do we have to wait for them?" Barry snorted discontentedly.

"It will be more convenient since Duke and Albert are here!" Wendy replied with a smile.

"Convenient?" Raising his eyebrows, Barry whispered to Hilary, "Study hard. Don't do anything else! My daughter is so cute. I can't let that bastard of the son of Quan family get you so early. "

Hearing that, Hilary blushed and pouted. Her face swelled up in an instant. She said with dissatisfaction, "Dad! What are you talking about? "

When Barry was about to say something, Wendy suddenly clapped Barry's hand excitedly. "They are coming! I saw Duke and Albert! "

Hilary's eyes lit up. He stood on tiptoe and looked for the figure through the crowd. His eyes couldn't wait. She had been waiting for two years. Finally, she left the junior high school and came to high school. Finally, she could study with Brother Duke again!

"Uncle Wei, Auntie Wendy."

Duke arrived first and got off his bike. He glanced at Hilary and smiled, "When did you come, Hilary? It was too late when I came here. "

With her hands twisted uneasily, Hilary stole a glance at Duke. Hilary didn't dare to make it public.

Albert followed him and said, "I'm sorry, Uncle Wei and Aunt Wendy. We're late."

"It doesn't matter." Wendy waved her hand and looked at the two children with satisfaction. "We just arrived."

Duke and Albert were almost as tall as Barry. Wearing ordinary blue school uniform, they became the focus of attention because of their handsome appearance.

Duke was a domineering man, similar to Malcolm in appearance and personality. But at the same time, he inherited Poppi's character, which m

walk around the campus according to the time of class end.

When Hilary arrived at the dormitory, the other three roommates were already in place.

The three roommates had their own characteristics. One was Mamie Zheng, who practiced sports and had muscles all over her body, but she loved gossip very much; the other was a short haired girl with glasses, who claimed to be a top student, Vivien Wu; and the other was an elegant beauty who was about to take the route of broadcast and hosting, Marcia Cao, who was very headache about study.

After setting up the stuff for Hilary and taking the school uniform and the dormitory key, Barry and the others followed Hilary to walk around the classroom and left reluctantly.

When Hilary entered the classroom, several boys had noticed her and some girls were whispering to her. After all, with the combination of all the advantages of Barry and Wendy, Hilary was outstanding in the crowd.

After sending away Barry and Wendy, it was getting late. Duke said, "Hilary, go to the classroom and wait for the teacher's arrangement. Call me when the class is over." After a pause, he continued, "You call me secretly. The school doesn't allow you to use your cell phone."

Hilary nodded and made an "OK" gesture.

"Then we will go, Hilary!" Albert also waved his hand and said, "If there is nothing else, let's have lunch together."

"Okay!" Hilary nodded vigorously, "Okay! Brother Duke, Brother Albert! Bye! "

In the classroom, the three roommates of Hilary came up.

Mamie asked curiously, "Are the two seniors in grade three? So handsome! How did you know them, Hilary? "

"I heard you called Brother Duke, Brother Albert Are they the legendary school hunk? " Marcia asked excitedly.

Vivien Wu held her glasses and asked, "Sid they study well?"

Hilary nodded, "I don't know if they are the school hunk or not, but they are all very good at school. Our parents are good friends, and they two are my brothers."

Is that supposed to be right? Yes, they were her brothers! She couldn't let others find out her secret in her heart!

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