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   Chapter 427 Afterword

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Later, on the photo of Barry and Wendy's marriage certificate, they could really see the little red on Wendy's neck. Every time, Barry pointed at that place complacently and said, "Look, it's my masterpiece."

Barry and Wendy's wedding was held on a warm spring day.

The wedding ceremony was basically spent with money. The carriages of luxury cars circled around the main road of Ye city and distributed gifts along the way. When they saw someone and threw gifts, they almost threw the money directly. Not to mention Wendy's dress and shoes, which were designed by the world's first-class designers. They gathered the world's' skilled craftsmen 'to finish them day and night. The flowers at the wedding were picked up from the rose garden overnight and sent by air. There were also a lot of wine, dishes and cakes at the wedding. Everything you expected that Barry had ready.

It was said that on that day, Barry, in a suit and leather shoes, was unprecedentedly serious and handsome. He stood together with Wendy, talented and beautiful. But the bride was so moved that she cried for an hour before she calmed down.

The rules of the Hongmen Sect hadn't hostess been completely changed. What Barry had done shocked many people. Word of mouth, it was almost deify Wendy.

Then, Hilary asked about the wedding, "Dad, did you chase Mommy? I heard from Aunt Poppi that you are so shameless to marry Mommy. "

"…… Don't listen to her nonsense. " Barry was speechless. "Your mother and I love each other."

Hilary curled his lips and didn't expose what Barry said.

Life was happy and peaceful. Poppi's coffee shop had been opened, named Warm.

As the coffee shop was opposite to SG Group, Malcolm went to have lunch at noon. People in the company gradually knew that the coffee shop was owned by their boss's wife. In order to show their loyalty, SG's people crowded into the coffee shop. Sometimes, when there were too many people, Poppi didn't care about Malcolm.

Malcolm was very depressed. With the excuse that Poppi was pregnant and shouldn't be too tired, Malcolm called in ten or eight pastries and barista to calm Poppi down and only entertain him.

A few months after the wedding of Barry and Wendy.

A cry came from the delivery room of Ye city hospital. Malcolm and the little baby's brothers were waiting anxiously outside the delivery room. When they heard the cry, they were so excited that they almost cried out.

With a bang, the door of the operating room was pushed open. A nurse came out with the baby in her arms and said to Malcolm, "Congratulations, Mr. Mo. You have a young master."

Young master? All the people present were stunned. For so long, the idea that Malcolm had infused into them was a little princess!

"Dad, where is my little sister?" Duke blinked and asked.

"Is young master our sister?" Albert asked too.

With a colorful face, Malcolm stepped forward and held the little boy in his arms. When he opened the swaddle, he found that it was really a son! It turned out Isn't a daughter?

"Don't you say it's a daught

s cake making skill was superb. She once competed for silver in a world-class cake competition. In the competition of professional bakers, Poppi became the center of attention.

Later, Poppi gave birth to a daughter and finally fulfilled Malcolm's obsession. As expected, Malcolm treated his daughter as a princess.

Barry had another two babies. It turned out that they were boy and girl twins. Among the three families, Barry had the most daughters. Wendy said that it must be because Barry had many mistresses in his previous life.

Abner also had a new boy in his family. He was as old as Abner at a young age, but he liked to play tricks on his elder sister. Originally, Abner had trained his daughter to be a lady. Since his son was born, the lady's character was getting more and more out of control, and she had become a hot tempered little lady.

The children were born one by one. What Poppi liked most was to pair them.

"Duke has made a deal with Hilary. How about my Albert, or with the one from the Shen family? It's good to be one quiet and one active them."

"What about Somber I think we can find him an elder sister, or he will be too childish! Well, there is only one sister named Hilary who is qualified to Somber. Is this going to be a love triangle? "

"Malcolm, what if your two sons like the same person?"

"Did you cry when your daughter got married?"

Hearing Poppi's endless imagination, Malcolm pinched his eyebrows and smiled speechlessly, "You plan it very well. What if your child doesn't like it? We can't make a decision on their business, and we won't get involved, okay? "

With a smile, Poppi put her arms around Malcolm's neck and said in a spoiled tone, "Humph, you are afraid that I will plan your daughter to marry someone. You will be sad."

"You are jealous." Said Malcolm firmly.

"No, I am not." Poppi raised her head and said, "She is also my daughter. Why should I be jealous?"

"Good girl." Malcolm smiled, "I love you."

"What did you say?"

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

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