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   Chapter 426 Barry Married Wendy

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9096

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Speaking of the last sentence, Barry's tone in all with some entreaties

Wendy was lost in various fancies and conjectures, as if she was on a roller coaster. From being proposed, to being disappointed, to being confessed

Barry had been observing every expression on Wendy's face, and his heart beat faster and faster.

"Wendy Wendy? " Barry called out twice, but Wendy was still in a daze. In a hurry, he held Wendy's face and kissed her regardless of anything.

Wendy was stunned, and the smell of Barry instantly rushed into her nose. It was strange and familiar.

Barry was angry and anxious. He wanted to wake Wendy up, but he didn't expect that things would go out of control. He expressed all his feelings that he hadn't expressed in words with actions.

"Barry..." Wendy squeezed the name of Barry out of her teeth, "Let go of me!"

"Wendy, I won't let you go." Barry exhaled, "I won't let you go for a long time. I just don't know how to express it I want to live with you for the rest of my life. I want to have many children with you. I want to marry you... "

His straightforward words made Wendy's face blush. Her eyes became red and she stopped struggling.

"Wendy, I love you! You are not someone's substitute. You are the only one I just want to be with you. " Barry said in a hurry, staring straight into Wendy's eyes.

"Wendy, are you available tonight?" He said in a low voice. Shit! How long had he been devoid of desire? Since Wendy got pregnant, he had a hard time!

Wendy blushed and stammered, "You Please don't. I... "

"Forget it!" Before Wendy could react, Barry suddenly carried her on his shoulder and went to his bedroom. He said in a low and hoarse voice, "From now on, listen to me on this matter! As for the rest, I'll listen to you... "

Wendy felt dizzy with her head down. She wanted to struggle but was afraid of falling. She didn't want to struggle but felt guilty Because in fact, she was happy in her heart, wasn't she? What Barry said just now, saying that he loved her and wanted to marry her, made her feel that all her hardships had come to an end.

Carrying Wendy on his shoulder, Barry went to the bedroom. He closed the door with his feet turning back. Without turning on the light, he put Wendy on the bed.

"Wendy, do you love me? Do you want to marry me? " Barry grabbed Wendy's arm and asked with burning eyes.

"I..." Wendy swallowed and a silhouette flashed through her mind. If she didn't love Barry, how could she be sad because of what happened to Celine? If she didn't love Barry, how could she give birth to a child for him? If she didn't love Barry, why did she want to cry so much after hearing Barry's confession of love?

"…… Yes. "

get the marriage license today. Then everything will be fine. The wedding will be held in half a month." Barry said casually.

"I'm still thinking about it." Wendy continued to eat.

"Don't think about it. What else do you want to think about? What a long delay! " Barry tried his best to persuade her, "You see, our daughter has grown up. If she knows that her parents are not married, she will lose face, won't she?"

The corners of Wendy's mouth twitched. Looking at their daughter who was still babbling in the arms of the nanny, she wondered, 'Why does her daughter have such a father?'?

After breakfast, when Wendy was reading a book, Barry came out from nowhere, with two identification cards in his hands. "Wendy, Wendy The weather is so good today. It's really suitable for us to get a marriage license. What do you think? "

When they were making lunch, Barry came up again. "I've told others. Malcolm, Abner, they all know that we are going to get the marriage license today. When I told Hugh, he said that he would get married earlier than me if I didn't hurry up How about we go to get the marriage license today? Otherwise, if I said it out, we wouldn't go How embarrassed am I? "

After lunch, Barry finally couldn't stand it anymore. He carried Wendy on his shoulder and said, "Forget it. It's still comfortable to be violent. Let's get the marriage license now!"

"Ah!" Wendy kept struggling on the shoulder of Barry, "Let go of me It's not appropriate today! I haven't changed my clothes. My neck... " There are traces! It's not inappropriate to take photos!

"There is nothing inappropriate. I can't wait any longer." Barry didn't care. He carried Wendy on his shoulder, put her into the car and drove away.


In the living room, Hilary giggled in the nanny's arms.

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