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   Chapter 425 Barry Loves Wendy

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9910

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The days after the new year were incomparably comfortable. The entire Ye city was shrouded in the festive atmosphere, and people were lazy. Although they had already taken a holiday, their hearts were still wandering during it.

It was not until then that Malcolm realized the benefits of setting up Poppi's coffee shop opposite SG Group. He could see his wife almost twenty-four hours a day, have lunch cooked by his wife at noon, and have a rest in the coffee shop. There was nothing happier than this. Besides, he had prepared a children's room for his daughter, waiting for her to be born every day.

Abner also started to work early, known as making milk powder money, but he cancelled all the social engagements and focused on taking care of his wife.

Poppi and Shirley to research what to eat all day long.

Hugh and Lola also began to fall in love with each other.

As for the two people who had already their daughter but hadn't got marry yet

At the headquarters of the Hongmen Sect.

"Damn it! Where is Wendy?" Barry came back from his first business trip after the new year. His excitement turned into anger after he entered the Hongmen Sect and couldn't see Wendy.

"Miss Yu went to work."

Holding the gift he bought for Wendy, Barry glared at the person who replied and shouted, "Miss! What Miss?! She has given birth to the baby. Call her Mrs. Barry! "

"Yes, Mr. Barry!" The man jumped and took a few steps back. He was too scared to speak.

"Just leave!" Barry waved his hand irritably.

When the man was about to leave, Barry added, "Take my daughter down!"

"Okay, Mr. Barry!"

After a short while, Hilary was carried down by the nanny. The little girl just woke up from her nap and was full of spirit. When she saw her father, she babbled.

Barry was in a good mood and began to play with the baby in his arms. He was very skilled at playing with Hilary. He saw the baby blinking and smiling from time to time.

"Alas..." Barry smiled for a while and suddenly sighed, "My poor daughter, your mother abandoned us. What should we do? "

It was already dark when Wendy returned to the Hongmen Sect after work.

With the child in his arms, Barry stood at the door, waiting for Wendy to come back.

Wendy walked to the door and said angrily, "Barry, you are not cold. My daughter is still cold! It's so cold outside. Do you want my daughter to get sick with her in your arms? "

"What do you mean by 'your daughter'? She is also my daughter, okay?" Barry snorted discontentedly.

Wendy took her daughter from Barry's hand and coaxed her into the living room. As soon as they entered, they felt as warm as spring.

Barry followed her closely. It was not until he entered the living room that he saw Wendy's clothes in the light.

She was wearing a pair of leather pants, boots, a short down jacket and a scarf.

She was dressed normally and professionally, but her long legs were crossed and buttocks were a l

ome a unregistered resident. "

Well, this was the most convincing reason he thought of today.

Wendy's heart was touched and her face showed a touch of sadness. "You marry me For this? "

Seeing that Wendy's face darkened, Barry felt uncertain. 'Oh my God! Wendy must be angry!' What should I do? I said something wrong!' If he had known it earlier, he would have asked Malcolm how to propose, or he would have asked Abner!

Wendy took a deep breath, left her daughter, stood up and walked out. She approached Barry step by step, but when she passed him, she didn't even look at him.


Barry grabbed her wrist quickly, embarrassed and at a loss. "Well, I didn't mean that just now."

"I don't know what you mean." Wendy opened her mouth, "We have nothing to do with each other since our daughter has been born. With your ability, it's easy to get your daughter's household registration. I don't need to take a marriage certificate to tie you up."

"No! How can you say you tie me up? " Barry was anxious, "I want to tie you up!"

"Why do you tie me up?" Wendy struggled discontentedly, "Anyway, you don't love me. Marriage should be based on love..." As she spoke, she struggled to get rid of him and was about to leave.

Barry was anxious. He narrowed his eyes and suddenly grabbed Wendy's wrist, held her waist and pushed her to the side. He trapped her between himself and the wall and trembled with excitement. "Who says there is no foundation? Who said I didn't love you? "

"……" Wendy seemed to have lost the ability to speak. She stared at the face of Barry in front of her, with doubts and disbelief in her eyes.

Barry was so angry that he grabbed Wendy's arm and said with unprecedented seriousness, "Wendy, I love you. I fell in love with you long ago when I didn't know it. Otherwise, why would I have a baby with you? I just I was talking nonsense just now! I want to marry you just because I love you. Wendy, marry me, OK? Okay? "

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