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   Chapter 423 More About Abner And Shirley Having A Daughter

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10204

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"Exclusive information of the Script Website: Shirley Qiao acquiesces in the marriage with her lawyer boyfriend and will get married soon..."

The news of Shirley and Abner's marriage was spread like this. The people around couldn't believe that it was Shirley who took the initiative to make it public. It seemed that she loved Abner so much that she took the initiative to declare her ownership over him. Poppi had always said that it was a flash marriage for Shirley to keep their marriage a secret.

Half a month later, the wrap party of "love affair" was held. Shirley went to the wrap party as a farewell party to the withdrawal of Michelle from the entertainment circle. The group drank glasses of wine. Michelle said a lot of sorry to Shirley and also said a lot of happy words to her.

That night, Michelle went abroad with Nana. Michelle didn't give herself a little way back Shirley believed that Michelle and Nana would have a new life.

When the first snow came to Ye city, it was the day that Shirley and Abner moved. The villa was just behind the Poppi's house, and it was very convenient to get in and out.

Several cars were parked at the gate of the villa, and the workers were moving things in and out.

"You are really good at choosing the day to move in such a beautiful snow." Barry joked as soon as he and Wendy got off the car.

"Poppi, Shirley." Wendy greeted them with a big belly.

"The expected date of childbirth is approaching. Why are you here again?" Poppi looked at Wendy discontentedly and felt relieved when Poppi saw her ruddy face.

"It doesn't matter. The doctor said it's a good idea to do some exercise. Otherwise, I'm too bored staying at home all day long." Wendy replied with a smile.

Holding Poppi's arm, Malcolm carefully protected her and wiped the snow on Poppi's shoulder and hair from time to time.

Duke and Albert had been running around excitedly like they had never seen snow before.

As a busy commander, Shirley was very busy and rolled her eyes at Barry and answered, "Who knows it's snowing all of a sudden! The car is here. We have to move. It's so cold! "

"Come here." Abner came over from nowhere, handed a warm handbag to Shirley, and said to several people, "Although it snows very beautiful, the weather is very cold. You can go inside and have a seat. I'll watch it outside. It's very fast to move it."

"You don't have to pack up. Let's move the things in first." Said Malcolm.

"Well, that's it. Clean it up by yourself." Shirley nodded and smiled, "Let's go, let's go!"

Under the urging of Shirley, they entered the villa. The boxes were in a mess, one after another, and there was almost no place to put their feet. Shirley quickly cleaned up a sofa and invited them to sit down.

Wendy also gave a pot of potted plants to Shirley, a gift for her to move.

"Have a seat here. I'll go out to see Abner." After confirming that everything was fine with Poppi, Malcolm stood up and was about to go out.

"Wait for me. I'll go out too." Barry also stood up

cute, like porcelain, that even Barry didn't dare to touch her.

"Wendy..." Thinking of this, Barry looked away from the little girl and asked, "where is Wendy? How is Wendy? "

"She is coming!" Said Shirley excitedly.

Barry followed her gaze and saw that Wendy was pushed out of the operating room. Regardless of his daughter, he ran to the operating table and held Wendy's hand, trembling.

Wendy was still sleepy with her eyes closed. Her hair was wet with sweat.

"Wendy, Wendy..." Barry cried, "What's wrong with her?"

"She is just too tired and exhausted. She'll be fine after resting for a while. Mr. Barry, mother and baby are safe. "

Barry breathed a sigh of relief and almost fell to the ground. He had seen Malcolm come back from the hospital after Poppi gave birth to baby. Malcolm was still in a state of shock and thanked God. He even sneered. It turned out that he was no better than Malcolm.

The doctor pushed Wendy into the ward, followed by Barry.

Wendy, thank you. Besides, thank you for your hard working

Wendy woke up in the morning of the second day. When she woke up, everyone had already arrived. She greeted everyone and quickly picked up the sleeping baby.

"Mommy, the little sister is so small!" Albert said in a low voice for fear of disturbing the sleeping sister.

"It's so small for Albert to be born." Poppi answered. Poppi was curious why Duke didn't say anything, but she saw that Duke frowned slightly and looked very serious, as if he was thinking about a big problem.

However, Malcolm stood aside. Malcolm looked at the little girl enviously and then looked at Poppi's belly with satisfaction.

After a long time, Duke asked, "Uncle Wei, what's her name?"

"Well..." "Because it happened to snow for the first time in Ye city when my daughter was born yesterday," said Barry

"Firsnow? Snow? " Shirley answered quickly.

Shaking his head, Barry looked around and said, "How about Hilary Yu?"

The corners of their mouths twitched? What's the relationship!

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