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   Chapter 422 More About Abner And Shirley Announce The Wedding News

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10103

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It was getting colder and colder. The late autumn had passed and the early winter was coming.

The shooting of "love affair" was about to be completed, and it was only a few days before the completion of the shooting. Shirley's scenes had completely ended, except for two advertising, and she had entered the empty window period of her career.

One day, Shirley came to the Entertainment Group and was about to talk to Dan about how to make progress in her work in the future.

There were several trainees in the company who worked in the practicing room day and night. After all, the quota of their debut was limited, and the chance of becoming famous was limited.

"Come on, massage your legs! 1234, 2234... "

When Shirley arrived at the physique room, she saw Dan standing in the classroom, leaning against the door. In the classroom, the teacher of the physique class was guiding five or six small models to class.

At that time, Shirley also had this classes. It was not easy for Dan to accompany her all the way here.


A deep call brought Shirley back to her senses. Seeing that Dan pushed the door open and came out, Shirley was surprised and said, "Dan, why are you out? Did you see me? "

Dan smiled and nodded, "Yes." He pointed at the big mirror in the shape room and said, "I saw you standing outside the door behind me. Why do you come to the company today? "

"I'm here for you!" Shirley smiled, "it looks good."

The class in the physique room had temporarily come to an end, and only a few minutes of rest. Five or six little models wiped their sweat while looking at Shirley outside and whispering.

Shirley looked inside.

Dan said, "How about going in and have a look? You are their elder, and they adore you very much. "

"…… Is that okay? " Asked Shirley, raising her eyebrows.

"Of course." Dan smiled and opened the door for Shirley, "Please come in."

"Thank you." Replied Shirley with a smile. She walked into the physique room first and said, "Hello, everyone."

"Wow! It's Shirley! "

"You look more beautiful in person!"

"Last time when I went to be a group actress, I was lucky enough to see Shirley!"

Two or three little models admired Shirley, and two or three of them were unfriendly to Shirley, which could be seen from their eyes. Perhaps she thought that Shirley was competing with them, or perhaps they thought that since Shirley had transformed to the film and TV industry, it must be because of her age that in the model industry Shirley was no longer popular.

Dan glanced at the models and said, "Shirley is your senior. She also took the class in this physique room. She worked very hard at that time, so she made today's achievements. You should learn from her. Don't think that you can be unscrupulous just because you have gone through a few shows and won a few newcomers' awards. In this circle, there are always people who are praised and beautiful, but lack people who work hard. If you are not careful, you will be surpassed.

slyness flashed through Shirley's eyes. She deliberately came to Abner's side, squeezed closer to Abner and sat on his laps.

Abner smiled helplessly, "Good girl, go play by yourself. I'm working."

"No. what's funny about play by myself?" Shirley pouted and sat on his legs more fiercely. Facing Abner, she wrapped her legs around his waist and said, "Play with me."

"Please wait a little longer. It will take about half an hour." Abner pushed Shirley's leg.

How could Shirley be willing to listen to him? She suddenly took off Abner's glasses, wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned over and suddenly kissed Abner.

Abner cleared his throat and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Humph!" Shirley hummed haltingly and continued to kiss Abner's lips, face and earlobe. The kiss was like an electric current, sliding down all the way to Abner's Adam's apple.

Abner's breathing became heavier and faster, and the speed at which his Adam's apple rolled was also faster and faster. He grabbed Shirley's hands and pushed her away. The look in his eyes had changed. As soon as he opened his mouth, his voice was unprecedentedly hoarse and sexy. "Do you know what you are doing? Huh? "

"Of course I know!" Shirley winked at Abner. She wanted to see how charming he was when she flirted with Abner.

"You don't have a job tomorrow?" Abner asked, raising his eyebrows.

"No." Shirley shook her head, "Why do you ask this?"

"Because I think you don't want to get out of bed tomorrow." Abner said meaningfully. At the same time, he held Shirley's buttocks, stood up and strode towards the bedroom.

When Shirley was in a daze, she wrapped herself around Abner. She pursed her lips and looked serious again. She whispered in Abner's ear, "Husband, let's make our marriage public? Shall we hold a wedding ceremony? "

After a pause, Abner smiled dotingly and said, "Okay."

"MUA! You are so kind! " Shirley kissed Abner again generously.

"What did you just call me?"

"…… Husband? "

"Yes. Wife. "

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