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   Chapter 420 More About Malcolm and Poppi The Coffee Shop And The New Baby (Part Two)

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6438

Updated: 2020-05-16 00:22

"Ahem..." Sean said awkwardly, "Mr. Mo said that Mrs. Mo will know when you go there."

As expected, the car stopped in front of the SG Group's headquarters. Malcolm stood at the door and waited. His tall figure was always so eye-catching.

Poppi opened the door and got out of the car. She pouted and said, "What? You can just tell me where you want to go. What do you mean by coming to your company?"

"One meaning." Malcolm walked up leisurely and held Poppi's hand, "How about having a cup of coffee?"

"What?" Confused, Poppi was forced to follow Malcolm, but he was facing the opposite side of the road.

Looking up, Poppi was surprised to find that across the road to the headquarter building of SG, there was a coffee shop with lights on. The transparent glass window and romantic and beautiful light made it a clean place without pollution in the bustling commercial area.

The green light was on.

Poppi followed Malcolm forward and said in surprise, "When is there a coffee shop here? I didn't see this shop last time I came here. "

"It was just opened," said Malcolm with a smile on his face

"That's great. I also want to open a coffee shop. It doesn't need to be too big or too many customers. I just enjoy the process of making coffee and making dessert..."

Poppi said with yearning, while Malcolm held her hand tightly and came to the opposite of the road. Standing in front of the coffee shop, he said slowly, "You want a coffee shop, a small shop, with a few customers, the atmosphere of coffee aroma, and the melodious music. And I enjoy watching you make coffee and dessert... "

"Poppi, this is your coffee shop."

After saying that, Poppi was shocked by the last sentence of Malcolm. She couldn't come back to her senses for a long time. Then she looked at the coffee shop that was decorated warmly. With red eyes, Poppi turned to look at Malcolm, "What, what did you say?"


widened. The disbelief in his eyes turned into extreme ecstasy.

She said, "Husband, I'm pregnant."

"You..." Holding Poppi's shoulder, Malcolm was more and more surprised. His Adam's apple rolled. "Are you pregnant? Really? Pregnant? "

"Yes, it's true." Poppi nodded shyly and happily, "Mr. Mo has made a great contribution."

"I... I'm going to be a father again!" Malcolm was so happy that he couldn't help waving his arms in the air a few times. Suddenly, he held Poppi in his arms and circled around in the same place with a smile. "Ha ha, Poppi, I'm going to be a father again! I'm going to have a daughter! "

"Dizzy. I am dizzy..." Poppi pressed her temples, feeling both funny and speechless.

Hearing this, Malcolm immediately stopped and gently put Poppi on the ground. His eyes were full of happiness, and his breath was short, but he sincerely said, "Poppi, I love you."

"I love you, too." With a smile, Poppi stood on tiptoe and kissed on Malcolm's lips.

Malcolm replied enthusiastically and affectionately.

The scene of the two embracing each other was reflected on the glass window of the coffee shop. They loved each other so much.

The night in Ye city was very dark, and the lights of thousands of families in Ye city were particularly warm.

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