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   Chapter 417 More About Abner And Shirley Quitting The Entertainment Circle

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10060

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The two people in the room didn't know that Shirley would suddenly push the door in. They stopped talking all of a sudden. Both Abner and Bethan looked at Shirley in surprise.

"I I don't know you are still here. " Shirley dodged, looked at Bethan awkwardly and apologetically, and finally fixed her eyes on Abner's face. Pointing at somewhere, she said, "The people downstairs said that it was time to get off work, so I came up I want to give you a surprise. "

After Shirley saying that, they seemed to fall into silence again.

Bethan frowned slightly and didn't relax at all, or she didn't react. Surprise? What's the surprise?

Shirley was even more embarrassed.

Abner suddenly smiled and stood up leisurely. He walked to Shirley, held her hand and took her back to the office. "It doesn't matter. We have just finished our discussion. And I like your surprise just now. "

Bethan's pupils contracted all of a sudden. Bethan couldn't believe that Abner would be so gentle but when he in the court without giving the other party any chance to refute. Abner was so gentle to Tolerate a person.

Outside the window, the setting sun shone on the two people coming hand in hand. Bethan didn't know where the light was, but the reflected light just stabbed into her eyes.

Reflexively, Bethan closed her eyes and slowly opened them. Her eyes fell on the hands of the two, on On Shirley's ring! The ring on her ring finger represented Succeed in one's proposal, or was she married?!

"Really?" With bright eyes, Shirley was still happy for what Abner had just said. She gently punched on Abner's shoulder with her pink fist, and her eyes were shy.

"Okay." Abner took her here and said to Bethan, "I'm sorry, Prosecutor Zhang My girlfriend wanted to make a joke with me. Did she scare you? "

Bethan came to her senses, stood up and gave an impeccable professional smile. "No, Mr. Shen's girlfriend is very cute."

"Thank you." Abner thanked her with a smile.

"Thank you!" Shirley also expressed her thanks and praised, "You are also beautiful."

Bethan couldn't help laughing and her smile was a little dim. After chatting for a while, she packed up her things and said goodbye.

Of course, Abner wanted to send her out, and so did Shirley.

The people on the second and first floors had already gone off work.

However, from the third floor to the first floor, Abner and Shirley had been holding hands. Bethan heard Shirley whispering, "I give you the lucky cat. If it's out of power, I'll change the battery."

Oh It turned out that she gave the cat to him.

Bethan also heard Shirley whispering, "I'm hungry. I have to eat fried eggs with tomatoes tonight."

Oh They might be living together.

For a few seconds, Bethan didn't hear the sound of Shirley. Bethan pretended to take a casual glance at the two of them, and happened to see Shirley kiss Abner on the cheek smartly. Abner frowned, stared at Shirley and told her with his eyes that he was "dissatisfied", but Bet

mmage through the dishes." With a spoon in his hand and an apron on, Abner looked different but approachable.

"Come back quickly!" Said Shirley as she watched TV.

After the opening remarks, Michelle said to the interview microphones, "Recently, there have been a lot of news about me. Now, the truth is known to everyone, but I still owe the public and owe an apology to Shirley Qiao and Abner Shen."

"The first news was released by me. It was me who exposed my daughter. And Mr. Shen is indeed not my daughter's father."

"Although I was falling with Mr. Shen, it was a pure love many years ago. It's said on the news that Mr. Shen abandoned me. It's wrong. Back then, I wanted to be an entertainer, so I did a lot of wrong things. As a result, we broke up as we were students at that time. I'm sorry for him. "

After a while, Michelle said a lot to the camera, repenting and apologizing.

"I have been working hard in the entertainment circle for many years, but I have been concealing the fact that I have a daughter. I owe her too much, so I think Although I haven't become famous yet, it's time for me to quit. I'm here to announce that I will quit the entertainment circle after I finish shooting this TV play "love affair"

Quit entertainment circle!

Everyone was in an uproar, and even Shirley was shocked with her mouth wide open.

Abner came over and said, "She thinks that very clear."

"Don't you think it's a pity?" Shirley turned around and said, "I didn't expect her to do that. She is expected to get the best actress and has been nominated."

"Maybe she finally knows that between Nana and the movie queen, Nana is more important to her." After saying that, Abner smiled slowly, "Well, let's stop talking about her. The dishes are ready. Let's have dinner right away."

Looking at the tall and warm back of Abner, Shirley didn't move, but kept thinking about what he had just said.

For her, between the entertainment circle and Abner Should she make a choice?

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