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   Chapter 416 More About Abner And Shirley Michelle Apologizes

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9817

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The second morning, at the film and television base at New District of Ye city, "love affair".

"OK! Cut! Well, this one has passed. Clean it up and let's change the scene. " As soon as Director Cui gave the order, the staff began to be busy again.

Regaining her composure, Michelle smiled at the leading actor and said, "I'm going to have a rest over there."

The assistant came over with water and a towel. "Michelle."

"Okay." After taking a sip of water, Michelle looked up and saw Shirley walking towards them after changing her clothes. Michelle raised her hand and greeted, "Shirley."

"Michelle." Shirley walked up to Michelle and replied coldly.

What happened to Abner was in the past. Moreover, the two of them were in the same team, and there would be shooting in the same scene later. It was impossible for them not to contact each other all the time.

"May I have a talk with you?" Michelle asked, "Only when Nana feels better did I dare to come to the set. Today is the first day I come back. I always want to make things clear to you. It's good for both of us."

"…… Okay. " Shirley rubbed the ring on her finger and nodded.

In the nanny van of Michelle, Shirley followed them in. There were only the two of them.

Michelle said first, "I'm sorry."

"I accept your apology, because I think you did something wrong indeed." Shirley said fair and selflessly, "But I have to thank you. If you hadn't intervened, Abner and I wouldn't have known each other's feelings so soon and had such a deep friendship with you."

"Ha ha..." Michelle laughed, "Now that you said so, I think I was just a joke before."

"No, No. I didn't mean that. I just think It's hard for you to understand! You are not going to waste your time. " Shirley explained in a hurry, afraid that she would have a conflict with Michelle again.

Michelle smiled, "I'm preparing for the press conference to explain what happened a few days ago. I hope to minimize the impact on you and Abner. At the same time Announce something. "

"What is it?" Shirley asked.

"The press conference will be held at seven o'clock in the evening. Why don't you watch the live broadcast then?" Michelle raised her eyebrows, her eyes full of arrogance.

Shirley shrugged her shoulders and said nothing.

After tidying up her clothes, Michelle continued, "Nana has been missing you all the time. She insists on thanking you and asks me to apologize to you solemnly."

"Nana is a good girl." Shirley nodded.

"Yes, you're right. She's obedient and polite. It's you who taught her." Michelle smiled, opened the door and got out of the car. Before Shirley could react, she bowed deeply and said, "So, I'm sorry."

At the same time, in Justice Law Firm.

Abner was reading documents in his office. Payne knocked on the door and opened it. "Mr. Shen, Prosecutor Zhang is here."

Prosecutor Zhang was the beautiful woman in uniform he met in the

ut these have nothing to do with the case we are discussing. Let's put the topic on the case, shall we? After all, the court session will be held in less than a week. The time is tight. "

Noticing that Abner was unhappy, Bethan didn't stop. Instead, she became more anxious and said, "Mr. Shen, I just give you a piece of advice. I..."

"My girlfriend was chosen by myself. It's good that I like her. For others, There is no need to interfere. " Abner interrupted Bethan again, unable to squeeze out a smile. "Even my parents don't force me."

Bethan's face turned pale. Did Abner mean that she was officious? That was because she also had feelings for Abner

"Prosecutor Zhang, you must be hungry? It's time for lunch. Why don't you go to have meal first? Let's talk about the rest in the afternoon. What do you think? " Abner continued, "I'm very busy here and don't have time to have a meal with Prosecutor Zhang. If you don't mind, how about letting my assistant accompany you?"

He was asking her to leave!

Bethan stood up and smiled awkwardly, "Mr. Shen, I was talking too much just now. Please don't mind. I'll go to have lunch by myself. I'll come back in the afternoon."

Abner nodded slightly, "then I won't keep Prosecutor Zhang here."

Bethan almost ran away.

In the afternoon, Bethan came as she had promised, without mentioning what happened this morning.

Abner didn't care about it, but wondered why Bethan suddenly said that.

The cooperation between the two was smooth. They kept discussing until five o'clock in the afternoon and almost finished.

But Abner didn't expect that Shirley would come here before Bethan left the law firm.

"Abner!" With a handbag on her arm and sunglasses on her face, Shirley opened the door without saying anything like last night, intending to give Abner a surprise. However, she didn't expect that there was someone else in the office. Shirley's face turned red and embarrassed.

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