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   Chapter 415 More About Abner And Shirley I'll Cook From Now On

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When Abner returned to his apartment, it was getting dark. He smelled the food as soon as he entered, but the smell It was not fragrant, but a little choked.

"Shirley, are you cooking?" Abner asked as he changed his shoes.

"Yes!" Shirley replied with a smile, "You're back? Wash your hands. Dinner will be ready soon. "

Abner put the ring into his pocket and walked into the kitchen with a smile.

As soon as he entered the kitchen, he found that the kitchen was almost full of smoke!

Shirley was wearing an apron. In the smoke, she took the lid of the pot to cover the oil splashing out.

Abner was speechless, but more importantly, he was worried. He quickly said, "Well, don't do it."

"It's okay. That's good." Shirley picked up the Turner and turned over the vegetables in the pot. Her face was a little distorted. She quickly covered the lid of the pot and quickly turned off the fire. She breathed a sigh of relief and turned to look at Abner. She smiled and said, "Oh my God, I'm so tired of cooking."

Abner laughed and raised his hand to wipe the sweat off Shirley's forehead. "I didn't ask you to cook. Why do you suddenly think of cooking? I thought you were going to tear down my kitchen. "

"Humph, I'm thinking of we We just got married. I want to make a dinner to celebrate it myself? " With a shy look on her face, Shirley still couldn't believe that Abner had become her husband.

"Celebrate?" With a teasing smile in his eyes, Abner stretched out his long arm and opened the lid of the pot. When he saw a pile of black, black, red and red food in it, he asked, "Are you sure you are celebrating?"

"Well Fried eggs with tomatoes. " Shirley first told him the name of the dishes, and then said: "At least it's my feeling."

Abner smiled more brightly, but his eyes became serious. "You don't have to cook to express your feelings. I'm not a picky eater. If you want to win my heart, you don't have to win my stomach. "

Biting her lips, Shirley smiled with shyness in her eyes.

"Your hands..." Abner raised Shirley's hand and saw a few red dots on the back of her hand. He frowned and asked, "Was it scalded just now?"

"Yes, it was scalded by accident." Shirley nodded.

"You see, cooking a meal is not worth it." Shaking his head, Abner said, "It's not only a waste of food and time, but also hurt yourself." After a pause, he continued, "Such a beautiful hand is used to wear a ring, not to take spoon."

Shirley was paralyzed by Abner's care. She was in a good mood, but she didn't understand the meaning of his words. When Abner took out the ring from his pocket, Shirley exclaimed, "You You really bought the ring! "

"Of course." Abner nodded and took out a diamond mounted ring. His ears were a little dark red. "But when I went to buy it, the shop assistant told me that there was no diamond ring as big as an egg, so I bought a smaller one."

Shirley grinned. She wanted to cry and laugh.

was refreshed with the smell of food.

Shirley fetched a stool and sat next to Abner. She was still fluttering with fear and followed him like a bug. Seeing that Abner was good at cooking too, she couldn't help admiring Abner more.

"Then I can't always ask you to cook for me in the future." Shirley chatted with Abner and said in a muffled voice, "I have to learn to cook."

"No." Abner took the delicious fried eggs with tomatoes out of the pot and said, "One of the two of us can cook will be fine. If I'm busy, I can ask a maid to do it. I married you because I want to be good to you, not because I want you to help me cook. "

Shirley grinned and almost cried out again. She had misunderstood Abner before. He was such a sweet talker. She was always touched and wanted to cry!

Abner didn't know what was on Shirley's mind at the moment, but spoke out his true thoughts.

Sometimes, the words in one's heart were more touching than those sweet words, because that was the most real and profound love.

"We still have a lot of work to do in the future. After that, we two can't live in this apartment. We have to buy an apartment seriously." Abner continued, "If you have any good idea, you can also come up with it. If not, I will choose a few sets that I think are good. You can make a decision."

"As for my parents, they don't care about my private affairs, but I think they will like you. If you are free, I'll take you abroad to meet them. After all, we've got our marriage certificate. We should tell them that we need them to host our wedding in the future. "

"I support your career. I just hope that you won't be too tired. It's up to you after marriage, but Don't shoot the play with a kissing scene or sex scene. Try to act alone when you are shooting a magazine. I feel uncomfortable with a male model shooting with you Not even Hugh. "

"Well, that's all."

Word by word, my love for you is probably several times more than this.

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