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   Chapter 410 More About Abner And Shirley Fishing Island

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The interview officially began. Shirley was always careless and said whatever she wanted to say. Abner thought for a while and then said seriously. The two of them were totally different from each other, but both of them were complementary to each other. However, they were so unexpected that people couldn't take their eyes off them.

"Can you tell me the details of your two contacts?" When the reporter asked the question he wanted to ask the most, he was excited. "For example, who confessed first, the dating time?"

"I confessed." Abner blurted out the question without thinking. He held Shirley's hand with a faint smile on his face and said, "We have been together for 23 days."

Shirley looked at Abner affectionately. She didn't expect that he could remember the days so clearly. Abner turned to look at Shirley without saying anything.

The photographer captured the two people's clasped hands and the subtle eye contact between the two.

The reporter asked, "Do you have any plans for the two of you in the future?"

Shirley blinked and looked at Abner in confusion.

Poppi sighed silently in the distance. She had thought that Abner would be restrained by the interview, but she didn't expect that Shirley would become the person who asked for help in everything.

"Can we tell this?" Abner blushed.


"Of course you can!" The reporter spoke in succession. Seeing the confusion in Shirley's eyes, her professional cultivation told her that Abner might expose some big news.

Abner smiled, "It's not a big deal. I just said that I like Shirley not for temporary liking, but for the purpose of marriage, although she has refused me... "

The reporter's eyes widened. "Wait a minute! Mr. Shen, did you propose to Shirley? "

Shirley's face turned red unconsciously. She looked at Abner with shyness and anger, "Then what kind of proposal is it! You want to marry me before you become my boyfriend? Who will agree? "

"It's my fault." Abner pursed his lips and continued, "But after being in a relationship of Boyfriend and girlfriend, we still have to get married. It's just a matter of time."

"Really? Miss Shirley? " The reporter asked excitedly.

Shirley blinked her eyes and thought for a while. "It seems that That's right. "

It suddenly occurred to Poppi that at her wedding, Abner received a bouquet and gave it to Shirley. Maybe it was destined that the two of them would get married. Both of them get the bouquet

So after the magazine was released, Shirley was forced to ask when she would get married.

Three days later, it was Malcolm's birthday on weekend. They had discussed where to go, but the final answer from Malcolm was - Fishing Island.

The construction of the Fishing Island had become a big project of SG Group, Wind International Group and Pei group. Although the three companies were mainly based on electronic technology, they were rich! The rich group's result was that they hired elites to set up a construction team. From the research and development of the Fishing Island's practicability, to the design and planning, to the implementation of the plan

orcycle was still very handsome.

"See you in the restaurant!" Shirley cheered behind the motorcycle, waved her hand and left with Abner first.

Wendy was pregnant and Poppi family had two babies, so they all chose to land sightseeing car.

Only after Hugh and Lola hesitated for a long time, Hugh put on airs as the boss and let Lola ride a bike. The two of them rode to the dining room leisurely, and the people inside had already had breakfast.

After breakfast, there were some temporary sightseeing projects, such as fishing on the sea, bathing in the sand and swimming on the sea. They were just some mild projects. On the one hand, considering the existence of children and pregnant women, on the other hand, some facilities had not been completed.

Therefore, the ultimate purpose of Malcolm calling everyone here was to find a place with a quiet environment, blue sea and blue sky, to ease everyone's mood and feel the beauty of life.

This was also his comprehension after he got married. With his family and friends by his side, his life was full of sunshine.

Although it was autumn, the sun was still very strong at noon. Shirley and Abner were still basking on the beach.

Abner only wore a pair of flower underpants that Shirley gave him. His upper body was bare, and his strong muscles made Shirley drool for a long time.

After a long time, Shirley turned over lazily, poked the motionless Abner and asked, "Are you awake? Will you feel bored? "

"Ha ha..." Abner chuckled, opened his eyes and grabbed Shirley's finger. "No, I won't. When I'm with you, I won't feel bored even if I don't do anything. "

A warm sea breeze blew. In the blue sea and the boundless beach, Abner's words had a trace of firmness to come through.

Shirley felt as if her heart was stuffed with a ball of cotton. She looked at Abner and for the first time she had the idea that she would marry Abner.

Although this man was sometimes very serious, he would say some sweet words inadvertently, which moved her inexplicably.

Look, Shirley, what a good man you have chosen.

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