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   Chapter 407 More About Abner And Nana Wakes Up

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"I don't know how I fell asleep." After the meal, Shirley leaned against the back of the chair to rest. "I don't know how much blood I have donated. It's just that my arm hurts."

"Five hundred milliliters. Quite a lot. You fainted, of course you don't know. " Abner replied, "Not long after you went in, several staff with type O blood entered the operating room and donated blood together, which saved the girl's life."

Shirley nodded, "It's good that she can keep her life. I was almost scared to death last night. Seeing that Nana was hit by a car and flew away, Michelle was scared to faint. What? How is Michelle now? "

All of them shook their heads. Abner said, "I have been here with you since you came out of the operating room yesterday. The nurse came this morning to ask about Nana's safety. I don't know about others."

Hearing this, Shirley suddenly felt happy and asked shyly, "You stayed with me for the whole night? Then how did you sleep last night? "

"He was sleeping on the edge of the bed!" Poppi cut in, "When we came here this morning, Abner was bent over your bed and having a rest! How nice he is to you! "

"Yes, he stayed with you the whole night." Malcolm added.

"Thank you." Shirley reached out and grabbed Abner's hand. Her eyes were full of affection. It turned out that being taken care of and loved by someone was such a happy thing!

"It's what I should do." Abner held Shirley's hand.

The two of them didn't say anything, but looked at each other with a smile.

Poppi whispered in Malcolm's ear, "I've never seen Shirley so obedient."

Turning his head, Malcolm said with a gentle smile, "This is probably called, one person conquers another."

Knock, knock, knock

When the ward was full of love, someone knocked on the door.

Shirley looked out and saw the little assistant of Michelle .then Shirley looked at Abner with discussion.

Abner held Shirley's hand and shouted at the door, "Come in!"

"Mr. Shen, Miss Shirley." The assistant came in with a bunch of flowers and a box of fruit basket in her arms. She nodded to Poppi and Malcolm to greet them. Then she came to the bedside and said, "Miss Michelle asked me to visit Miss Shirley. Thank you for transferring blood to Nana last night."

Abner took it over and asked, "Is Nana awake?"

"Not yet." The assistant shook her head. "The doctor said that it might take three or four days to observe the situation."

"She will be fine." Abner comforted.

"Thank you, Mr. Shen." The assistant thanked Shirley and said, "Miss Michelle cried last night and stayed with Nana all night. She was in a bad condition, so she didn't come in person. Michelle said she would visit Miss Shirley a few days later. "

"She don't need to visit me." Shirley waved her hand and said, "I'm not sick. I'll leave the hospital tomorrow. She doesn't need to visit me. Just let her take good care of her daughter. "

"Well..." The assistant looked a little embarrassed.

Poppi tried to mediate the


Because of Nana's car accident, they hit the headlines again. On the one hand, they praised Shirley for her behavior of transfusing blood to the little girl at the critical moment. On the other hand, they were confused why it was not Nana's father, Abner, who transfused blood to save the girl.

The answer was obvious, because Abner was not Nana's father at all.

Abner asked someone to post the photo of the paternity test report on the Internet. Now, everything was over. No matter what the outside world thought of him, Shirley or Michelle, it was the outside world's business. They just needed to have a clear conscience.

Shirley lived in Abner's house again, and Abner refused to sleep with Shirley on the excuse that Shirley had just donated her blood and was not feeling well, which made Shirley depressed for a long time. In the next few days, because the paparazzi had been chasing after Shirley very much recently, Shirley went back to her apartment to sleep if she had time to go home. Her dream of 'getting' Abner didn't come true either.

Three days later, Nana woke up. With a heavy sigh of relief, she hugged her daughter and burst into tears.

A week later, Nana's mind and emotions returned to normal except for the physical injury. The little girl seemed to have changed a lot after the car accident.

One day, Shirley and Abner came to the hospital together to visit Nana. When they arrived at the hospital, Michelle happened to be away, while Nana was singing with the nurse. Her fluent English made the nurse clap her hands and applaud.

"Nana." Abner took Shirley into the room and called her.

The little girl immediately turned around. Although her face and head were still wrapped in gauze, her eyes lit up. She smiled sweetly and called out, "Uncle Shen, aunt Shirley."

Shirley was shocked a lot. She looked at Abner and also saw the surprise and relief in Abner's eyes.

The little girl called him uncle, not dad. Such a change was really surprising.

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