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   Chapter 405 More About Abner And Shirley I Hate Mother

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Shirley was very happy to be with her friends. As a person who couldn't hide anything in her heart, Shirley quickly forgot the unhappiness just now. She eat and drink with others.

The cakes made by Poppi had become unique. They not only tasted delicious, but also looked like works of art. The cake she brought today was also in accordance with the view. The pattern on the cake was the view of sea water and beach, and there were two little people basking in the sun on it. The expressions on the little people's faces could be seen clearly and lifelike.

Shirley didn't hesitate. She forked a person and put it into her mouth. She bit off the upper half of the person's body in one bite, and the second mouthful she directly filled the whole into her mouth. She kept muttering, "Yummy, delicious!"

"It's too cruel." Poppi couldn't help but shake her head, "You have eaten my little person for no reason."

"Ha ha..." Shirley giggled.

"Mommy!" At this time, Albert whispered in Poppi's ear, "Does aunt Shirley eat people? Will she eat Albert? "

The little guy's voice was enough to be heard by the people around him. The adults couldn't help laughing. Hearing this, Shirley patted on Albert's bottom and said angrily, "Hey, hey, do you think Auntie Shirley looks so terrible?"

Albert was so scared that he hid himself in Poppi's arms. He looked at Shirley and didn't dare to get close to her.

"Aunt Shirley only eats fake person, not Albert." Duke came to Albert and patted him on the head like an adult.

"Who said that?" Barry said in a deliberately horrible voice, "Your Uncle Shen will be eaten up by aunt Shirley in a few days. I'm sure he will be eaten to the bone."

Abner kicked Barry, blushing, "What are you talking about?"

"That's right. What are you talking about?" Poppi glanced at Shirley complacently and said, "I think it's Abner who ate our Shirley to the bone."

Duke and Albert didn't understand what the joke meant. They only talked about teating his, that, that. Even Duke was frightened to stop talking.

Shirley raised her head and roared in anger.

Sitting in the corner, Nana didn't say anything. She just looked at Abner from time to time with a little sadness. Seeing the group of people talking and laughing, she felt even more uncomfortable.

The group of people didn't go back until it was very late. On the way back, Nana sat in the back seat of the car and didn't say anything. She was depressed.

When they got home, it was already sunset and it was getting dark.

Nana went into the room without saying a word and locked the door. Abner and Shirley didn't want to meddle in this matter. They just called Michelle, and Michelle couldn't wait to see Nana.

Abner and Shirley went to the kitchen to make dinner together. Although it was' together ', it was Abner who cooked, and Shirley was only responsible for tasting.

"Nana, it's time come out for dinner!" After the dinner was ready, Abner went to the door and called Nana, but there was no sound in the

s not Abner at all! Right? "

"Nana, I can explain! I can explain! " Michelle panicked. She was so timid that she didn't dare to get close to her daughter. The missing, guilt and uneasiness she hadn't seen Nana for days all turned into resentment. She turned around angrily from embarrassment and said to Shirley and Abner, "You set a trap for me! You made me embarrassed on purpose! You are stirring up trouble between me and my daughter! "

Shirley's lungs were about to explode, "Your ability to distort the truth is even better than your acting skill! It's you who cheated your daughter. Now you were found and she knew the truth. Now you bite back. Where is your conscience! Shame on you! "

"I hate you!" Nana shouted loudly, Nana looked at Michelle felt complained and angry. "I hate you!"

"Nana, how can you hate me, how can you hate mom?" With red eyes, Michelle staggered to Nana and reached out to hug Nana.

Nana kept wailing. She pushed Michelle away and ran out of the apartment.

Being pushed a few steps, Michelle couldn't help but burst into tears when she saw Nana run out. Her eyes were still sharp. "Shirley! It's all your fault! We are at daggers drawn! " After shouting, Michelle ran out with Nana while calling her name.

The room seemed to be quiet all of a sudden.

Shirley squinted her eyes and said, "Michelle was just a crazy person."

Abner took a deep breath and said, "I'll go out to have a look! Wait for me here! "

"No! I'll go with you! " Shirley walked out with Abner. "Although I hate Michelle, I don't want anything bad to happen to them! Let's see how they are doing. "

"Okay." Abner nodded and left the apartment with Shirley.

Outside, when Nana heard Michelle's cry from behind, Nana cried louder and ran faster. It turned out that neither Abner nor Shirley lied to her. It was her mother who lied to her! It turned out that she was still a child without a father. No wonder Abner didn't like her too! She hated this liar mother! She hated her mother!

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