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   Chapter 404 More About Abner And Shirley She Is Lying To You

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"How could this be? !" Michelle clenched her phone, her knuckles turning white. Even the delicate makeup couldn't cover up her pale face.

"I don't know, either." The assistant said in a trembling voice, "Shirley is so annoying! Does she want to be with Mr. Shen and deceive your Nana? In this way, Mr. Shen thinks she is a generous woman, and then... "

"Enough!" Michelle pounded on the table. Her face turned livid with rage as if she had used up all her strength to throw the phone away. The phone fell to the ground with a crackling sound. Several parts of the phone were broken, and the screen was instantly torn into pieces.

"What happened?"

"It's so scary! Is she angry? "

"Has she seen the news?"

The staff around them all looked at them in whispers, and Michelle was no longer in the mood to care about them. The assistant picked up the phone and stood beside Michelle, holding her breath.

Michelle was absent-minded.

Abner said that he had done a paternity test, which meant that he had known that Nana was not his child! But now, he and Shirley went out with Nana and seemed to care about Nana very much. What did he want to do? Did he really want to force her to pick up Nana and prove that he was not the one who abandoned his wife and child? To prove that he was not Nana's father?

no Michelle cried out in her heart. She had tried her best, and it was impossible for her to fall short of success. As the saying went, You can't get what you want without giving up another what you want! She had to wait, and wait!

"Hi, Miss Michelle." The stuff come to call Michelle, "Can we start shooting now?"

"…… Okay. " Hearing that, Michelle came to her senses at once. She smiled at the staff and stood up. "Okay, I am ready."

In the south of Ye city, there was a bathtub.

Although it was golden autumn and the sea was a little cold, there were still many tourists coming here with their families for vacation in the sunny day.

It was a good choice for the family to spend a nice weekend by the sea.

"Hi! Poppi! Wendy! I'm coming! " Fifty minutes later, Shirley and Abner finally arrived at the beach. Seeing Poppi from a distance, Shirley greeted her.

"Aunt Shirley!"

"Uncle Shen!"

Hearing the noise, the two kids, Duke and Albert, ran towards them excitedly as if they were competing to see who could run faster.

"Slow down!" Shouted Abner. He bent down, took over the two kids, picked them up from the left and right, and kissed them on their faces.

"Do you two Miss Auntie Shirley?" Shirley also came over.

It seemed that Nana had been forgotten. Seeing that Abner was so friendly to the two children, not only holding them, but also talking and laughing with them, she felt more and more sad.

"That little girl is called Nana! She is pretty. " Barry, who was standing far away, began to comment, "No wonder that Michelle can say that. If she is ugly, Mich

sprayed water all over Barry's body.

"Humph, I don't want to be with you."

In the joyful laughter, Shirley and Nana seemed to be a little unhappy. The two of them came to a corner. Nana stretched out her water gun and directly sprayed it at Shirley. "You always let me do things I don't like! I hate you! "

"Puff..." Shirley wiped the water on her face and sprayed it at Nana rudely. "Do you think I like you? I'm teaching you how to behave yourself. Your mother is very kind to you, but do you know what she has done? She has been lying to you. You are not Abner's child at all! Otherwise, why don't you think Abner is a so nice man and doesn't want to care about you? "

Thinking of what Abner had said the same words when they first met, Nana shook her head with growing guilt. "No! I don't believe it! "

"Then I'll let Michelle tell you in person that you're not Abner's child at all! I'll prove it to you tonight! " Shirley threw the water gun away and was wet all over. She snorted and said, "I won't play with you anymore! If you are still so stubborn, no one can save you! "

Seeing Shirley leave, Nana fiercely raised the water gun and sprayed it at Shirley.

A chill came from her back. Shirley staggered, but she didn't turn around and continued to stride away.

After a fierce gunfight, they went to change their wet clothes.

Shirley and Nana were in the same dressing room, without saying a word.

Knock, knock, knock

After changing his clothes, Abner knocked on the door and asked, "Have you changed your clothes?"

"Yes." Shirley happened to be standing at the door. She opened the door and smiled at Abner "Have a good talk with Michelle tonight and tell her the truth. I can't stand this little girl anymore."

Noticing that there was something wrong with Shirley's eyes, Abner touched her wet hair and said gently, "Do whatever you say." After saying that, he looked askance at Nana through Shirley.

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