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   Chapter 401 More About Abner And Shirley Contend For Abner

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The meal was finished in a flash, as if there was only a corpse left in the battlefield.

"Ah..." Shirley patted her belly and smiled at Abner "Wow, I'm so full."

"It's good that you are full." Abner smiled and asked, "Will you go to the set tomorrow?"

"I won't go tomorrow. If there's no play for me, I'll take it as a vacation." Shirley smiled, "How about we go out to play tomorrow?"

When Abner was about to nod, Nana cut in, "I'll go with you tomorrow!"

Shirley glared at the little girl, "What the hell are you talking about? I'm going to date with my boyfriend! It's none of your business? You've learned to be the third wheel at such a young age! "

"You can't date my dad!" Nana glared at Shirley, "I still have my mother!"

"Ouch! You scared me to death!" Shirley deliberately patted her heart and crossed her fingers, "Do you think I will afraid of you because you have a mother? Your mother has nothing to do with my boyfriend. Do you think I will be afraid with you as a burden? Call your mother if you can! Even if she comes, Abner is still my boyfriend! Humph! "

"You..." Nana was so angry that her eyes turned red. She looked at Abner aggrievedly and said meaningfully, "Dad! Look at her! "

"All right." Abner stopped Nana timely and said, "Nana, you may not like these words, but I really have nothing to do with your mother! Think about it. Your mother just told you that I am your father. I didn't know it before. Your mother and I are not married, so we have nothing to do with each other. Now... " Abner pointed at Shirley and said, "She is my girlfriend. I will marry her in the future. Do you understand?"

Shirley had already stretched her neck complacently. When Shirley heard the last few words of Abner, a trace of tenderness and shyness flashed through her eyes, and her heart was getting warmer and warmer.

With a downcast look in her eyes, Nana grabbed Abner's arm and asked, "Don't you like my mother? Can't you be with her? "

"There is no way to force people to love." This was the only sentence that Abner said. It was difficult for Nana to understand, but she could tell that he meant to refuse.

"Okay, let's go!" Shirley picked up her bag and stood up.

Abner nodded, stood up and said to Nana, "Let's go!"

Pouting her lips, Nana didn't refuse. She left the chair and followed Abner and Shirley.

In the car, both Shirley and Nana tried to sit on the passenger seat. Finally, Shirley was annoyed. She threw her bag on the passenger seat, pulled Nana and entered the back seat with her.

"Little girl, let's see who is more powerful!" Shirley stared at Nana with a fake smile.

"Humph!" Like Shirley, Nana also pretended to smile, "Old woman, I won't compete with you!"

Old woman?!

"You little bastard..." Shirley picked up the little girl's clothes and was about to lose her temper, but she held it back and spread her hands. "Ha ha, y

h a roar, Shirley left the dancing carpet barefoot, jumped to Abner's side, and hugged Abner, "I win, I win!"

"Awesome!" Abner opened his arms to welcome Shirley. Being held by Shirley, he felt flattered. When he smelled the sweat on Shirley's body, but it was not like the smell of a man's sweat, which reminded him of a word - Perfumed sweating profusely.

With an unhappy look on her face, Nana left the dancing carpet and said, "Humph, I'll win you next time!"

With her arms around Abner's neck, Shirley turned around and said to Nana, "Anyway, I win this time. We'll go to play tomorrow, and you'll stay by and watch!"

"Humph!" Staring at Shirley for a long time, Nana asked, "Dad, where am I taking a shower?"

"Over there." Abner pointed to the bathroom.

"Then I'm going to take a shower." Nana went back to her room and took her clothes from her bag. Then she turned around and went to the bathroom.

Shirley let go of Abner and sat down on the sofa. "I'm so tired."

"Then have a good rest and go to take a shower later. You are sweating all over." As Abner spoke, he began to clean the dancing carpet in silence.

"I'll take a shower in your room later. Is there a bathroom in your room?" Shirley asked while drinking water, "I don't want to use the bathroom used by others."

"Yes, but I used it." Taking a look at Shirley, Abner's heart sank again. Abner kept thinking nonsense and his heart beat wildly.

"You are different." Shirley stuck out her tongue, which was in exchange for a doting smile from Abner.

Twenty minutes later, Nana came out of the bathroom in pajamas.

Shirley seemed to be a little worried. She came to the bathroom door and asked Nana to go back. She pointed at the underwear in the basin and said, "You have washed your clothes yourself."

"I have never washed myself." The little girl raised her head and looked a little arrogant.

"That's great. You can practice today!"

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