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   Chapter 400 More About Abner And Shirley Fight Back

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Justice Law Firm in Ye city.

After hanging up the phone, Abner asked Payne to post the printed lawyer's letter as big as a poster at the door of the law firm.

The entrance of the law firm had been surrounded by reporters these two days. Those paparazzi were guarding the door blatantly, making people coming and going restless.

While thinking resentfully, Payne went downstairs with the big poster, took the tools and stuck the lawyer's letter in the most conspicuous place.

"What? What did they post on it? "

"It's a lawyer's letter!"

When a group of reporters saw someone coming out of the law firm, they all came over curiously and looked at the lawyer's letter. Crossing his arms, Payne stood aside with a disdainful look, raising his chin high.

"Dear journalists, Justice Law Firm knew that you violated the public order and affected other people's normal lives. I've written to you solemnly that citizens shall enjoy the right of personal freedom and privacy not to be violated by others. I hope you can leave the law firm within half an hour after reading this letter and actively cooperate with the work of the law firm. If you refuse to leave without any justifiable reason, I will request to hold you accountable. "

A reporter finished reading out the lawyer's letter, and the group of people immediately exploded.

"We didn't go into the law firm!"

"Exactly! Is this road your home? Don't think you can frighten us with a lawyer's letter! "

"We will never leave!"

"Yes! Let's just wait at the door and see if Abner can get out! "

Payne snorted and raised his mobile phone, "I have recorded what the reporters said just now. This is the most powerful evidence in the court."

These group of reporters looked at each other and kept silent.

"And..." Payne pointed at his back and said, "There are all lawyers in the room. If you want to stay here and get some benefits from the words, I think it's impossible."

While Payne was talking, Payne saw a group of police coming over there. He smiled and said, "Dear journalists, please!" Fortunately, Mr. Shen called Mr. Zheng of the police station. The police came in time.

"What happened? What's going on? What? " The leading policeman rushed over with his men. "Why are you group of reporters surrounding here? Do you have nothing to do? "

"We just want to have an interview."

"Yes, we are here for an interview."

The policeman waved his hand impatiently and said, "Enough! Enough! Interview, if you want to interview, just interview those big stars, don't disturb the work of the lawyers here! All of you just can leave! " As he spoke, he pointed at the lawyer's letter on the glass, "See? If you don't leave in half an hour, I'll catch you and take you to the police station as a guest! Don't think I'm scaring you! "

After threatening, the reporters had nothing to say and left sulkily.

Payne thanked the police and went back to the law firm.

It was almost noon.

In a ho

ng. "Great! I can finally see my mother. I haven't seen her for a long time! "

"Yes." Abner replied casually and asked, "Nana, would you like to sleep at my place tonight?"

"Is that okay?" Nana looked at Abner with her bright eyes and asked expectantly, "Really? Dad? "

Shirley frowned and her eyes turned cold at once. "It's not proper for a child to call someone else dad."

Abner held Shirley's hand awkwardly, "We have agreed."

"I just can't stand it." Shirley suppressed her anger. Why did he have to be called Dad for no reason when he was dealing with Michelle? Although the result might be a fatal blow to Michelle, the process was too depressing.

"Who are you?" Staring at Shirley, Nana held Abner's arm provocatively. "He is my Dad indeed!"

"Ha ha..." Shirley rolled her eyes and held the other arm of Abner from the other side. "I'm sorry. He is my boyfriend!"

The corners of Abner's mouth twitched. His two arms were held very awkward, but he couldn't break free.

Fortunately, the dishes were served soon. Shirley and Nana stared at each other and released Abner almost at the same time.

"Come on, honey. You must be tired. Have a drumstick!" At the dinner table, Shirley thoughtfully picked up a chicken drumstick for Abner and smiled provocatively at Nana.

"Dad! It's better to eat more vegetables! " Not to be outdone, Nana picked up food for Abner.

"Come on, their shrimps are good!"

"Dad, drink some water!"

"Porridge is nutritious."

"Dad, do you like noodles? Give you a bowl of noodles, dad! "

As time went by, Abner saw a mountain of food in front of him, but the two 'girls' didn't seem to stop and picked up food for Abner in a duel.

Abner took a deep breath and shouted, "Enough!"

Both Shirley and Nana were stunned and stopped.

Abner sighed helplessly, "Let's eat! Stop picking up food for me. I'm going to be stuffed to death! "



Shirley and Nana stared at each other and began to eat.

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