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   Chapter 392 More About Abner And Shirley The Child Is Not Mine

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As soon as Shirley took out the room card, Abner followed her and heard the voice of Dan from afar.

She turned around and saw Dan striding towards her. His face was a little dark, but he seemed to ask inadvertently, "Why are you two together?"

"Dan." Shirley turned her head and looked over there. She called out with a guilty conscience, and then turned to Abner. She looked back and forth at them for a few times before she said hesitantly, "I went to have a meal with Mr. Shen."

Abner nodded slightly without saying anything.

"I see." Dan came over and nodded, "it seems that you are all right. But it's not a big deal to have dinner. I just feel that it's not early. Are you going to the room? "


"Okay." "I have something to deal with, so I want to go to Shirley's room and have a talk alone," said Abner, stopping Shirley

"I'm afraid it's not appropriate to have a talk alone? Although there are no paparazzi here, there are too many people here. It's not good for you two if the news spreads. After all, such a thing happened once before. It's better to be more cautious. " Although Dan looked a little unfriendly, he tried his best to speak in a graceful manner.

"What happened last time was an accident. It won't happen again." After saying that, Abner thought that after all, Dan had been Shirley's agent for many years, so he couldn't say much about it. So he gave up the idea of entering Shirley's room and said, "But since there are so many people here, I'd better not enter Shirley's room. Wait for me to call Shirley later!"

Then he took a look at Shirley and said, "Shirley, I'm going back."

"Alas!" Shirley grabbed Abner's arm and said, "Why are you in such a hurry? Wait a minute. Dan, come in too. I have something to tell you. "

Dan and Abner looked at each other. Before they could say anything, Shirley had already swiped the card and opened the door. She waved her hand to the back and said, "Come in, all of you."

"Shirley, what do you want to say?" Dan asked and followed her into the room.

Abner followed them closely.

Shirley led the two to sit at a small round table in the living room. Outside the window was the dazzling night view of BH city, full of lights and wine.

"Dan, you have been with me for so many years. You are the person I trust most. So I have a piece of news to share with you today." When Shirley sat down next to Abner and said this, she smiled at Abner and said, "I'm with Abner now."

Abner had already guessed what Shirley was going to say. He reached out his hand, held Shirley's hand and added, "The relationship was just confirmed not long ago."

They looked at each other and smiled. They didn't need to say anything, but they were connected.

Dan looked like an abandoned man. His face was as pale as ashes, and his expression was completely different from the other two people. His limbs were cold, and his eyes were empty.

It was

to you? What did that child look like? Does she look like you? " Asked Shirley.

"Maybe she has only had me the only one boyfriend. Except me, she can't find anyone else." Abner guessed, "That girl looks like Michelle, but I don't think she looks like me."

"Then who is her father?" Shirley asked curiously, "Nine and a half years old! It's exactly the time when you and Michelle were together! Michelle was still play the role young girls in the play. She didn't expect her daughter to be so old. Why did she give birth to the baby? "

"We don't have to think about these things." Abner said expressionlessly, "As long as I can prove that the girl is not my child, as long as you don't misunderstand me."

"There is one more thing that needs to be verified." Shirley stared at Abner with scrutiny.

"What's the matter?"

"You really didn't touch Michelle? You are still A male virgin? " Shirley asked in disbelief.

A male virgin? Abner's face darkened, "Is there such a word to describe a man?"

"Just tell me!" Shirley asked calmly.

"…… Yes. " Abner nodded with difficulty, looking worse than swallowing a fly.


Shirley couldn't help but cover her mouth with her hand and burst into laughter. She deliberately made an obeisance to Abner with her shoulder. Her voice squeezed out from the gap between her fingers and held back her laughter. "I can't see it! Mr. Shen is still so innocent. "

"Ahem..." Abner's face turned red with anger. He covered his mouth and coughed, and said seriously, "As a man, he has to resist all kinds of temptation. A man should also keep his chastity. I can't indulge myself in pursuing excitement and temporary enjoyment. There are good men in the world. "

Hearing this, Shirley looked at Abner with new eyes. She stopped smiling and turned to worship, "Abner, I didn't see you wrong. Although you just said a few words, I believe you. I will prove with you that the child is not yours! "

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