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   Chapter 388 More About Abner And Shirley An Accident

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After shooting several more scenes in the afternoon, Shirley was exhausted. It was not a big deal. What made her feel most awkward was that it seemed that there was something happy for Michelle that had been showing off in front of Shirley. Michelle's eyes were full of pride and pride, but she didn't say anything.

It was so strange! Wasn't it her illusion?

Ring, ring, ring

Around five o'clock in the afternoon, Shirley finished her work and took a rest. She walked towards the tent with a bottle of water. When she raised her head to drink water, her phone rang. Shirley picked up her phone. Oh my God! It's Abner!

Shirley's face suddenly turned red. When she saw the name of Abner, her heart beat wildly. At the thought of what Poppi had told her to have a try with Abner, she felt ashamed and annoyed. What annoyed her was that she didn't object to have a try with Abner.

Ring, ring, ring

The phone was still ringing. Shirley looked around, but didn't see Michelle in the tent. She answered the phone with relief, "Hello? Abner? "

"Are you busy now?" Without greeting, Abner asked directly, "Did I disturb you?"

"I'm fine. I just finished shooting. I'm not very busy. What's wrong?" Trying not to blush, Shirley asked. She gulped again and casually put the water on the chair full of chores.

After taking two steps, she only heard a muffled sound. Shirley found the source of the sound, but failed.

The bottle of water that Shirley had just drunk fell on the rag on the ground, flowing out. Under the rag, the whole tent's circuit was connected.

Outside the tent, Michelle went to shoot a scene where she had to go out on her own. Her shin was full of mosquito bites. She finally finished the shooting and wanted to pack up and leave as soon as possible.

"Miss Michelle! It's from Nana! " The assistant ran over with Michelle's phone in her hand.

"Keep your voice down!" Michelle rolled her eyes and took the phone. She put on a smile and asked excitedly, "Hello? Nana? What about? Did you come back? Did you see your father? "

"Yes, I did. Dad is so handsome! He just don't remember me. "

The little girl snorted, "He said he was not my father and let me stay in the hotel. I'm so bored alone!"

"Are you alone? !" Stunned, Michelle asked, " Then What about your father? "

"I don't know. He seems to be out of town for something." Nana asked, "Mommy, when will you come back? When can we three get together? I miss you, when can you come back? "

"I'll be back soon. Nana, stay in the hotel. Dad won't leave you alone." Michelle said, "You know that?"

"Yes! Nana knows! "

After chatting for a while, Michelle quickly hung up the phone and came to the tent door, wondering where Abner would go.

"What? Have you arrived at the botanical garden? "

Just then, Shirley shouted in the tent, and Michelle stopped vigilantly.

"Abner, Oh my god! Are you crazy? What are you doing here again? " Shirley had just shouted, and she felt it was too exaggerated. She quickly lowered her v

ed. When she saw Abner, she pulled a long face and walked forward silently.

"This way!" Abner came to the side of Shirley, accurately grabbed her hand and led her forward. "How are you? Are you okay? "

"It's none of your business!" Shirley shook off Abner at once and ran out with her mouth covered. But she didn't notice that she was tripped by a stool and was about to fall.

"Watch out!"

Abner quickly reached out his hand and pulled Shirley into his arms.

Outside the tent, Michelle had already shouted for help. Everyone was running towards them, and the noise could be heard continuously.

But in the tent, Shirley lowered her head on Abner's chest, feeling very relieved.

Abner didn't think too much. He just patted Shirley's head to comfort her. There were sparkles at the door of the tent, and the left side of the tent was burning. He tried his best to find a way out.

"Why did you save Michelle first?" Asked Shirley sulkily.

"What?" Abner was stunned. He looked down at Shirley and saw her eager eyes. He blurted out, "Because she is standing at the door! Convenient. "

The corner of Shirley's mouth twitched. "What if I'm the one standing at the door?"

"Save you first." Abner said without hesitation.

"What if both Michelle and I are standing at the door?" Asked Shirley.

An idea flashed through Abner's mind and he finally understood what Shirley meant by asking these questions. He was stunned and opened his mouth. When he saw the eager look in Shirley's eyes, he didn't know what to say for a moment. With a Adam's apple rolling, he held up Shirley's face and kissed her violently, exactly kissing Shirley's lips.

Suddenly, Shirley opened her eyes and stared at Abner like a bell. She felt that Abner's lips were burning. She stretched out her hand and nervously put her arm beside his waist, grabbing it tightly.

Hiss Hiss

Outside the tent, the rescuers took out a dry powder fire extinguisher and sprayed it to the fire, quickly stopping the fire from burning.

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