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   Chapter 385 More About Abner And Shirley Having A Daughter

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10375

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It was autumn, and the weather was getting colder. The full moon hanging in the night sky made her feel cooler.

When Malcolm drove back to the Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi, he heard the laughter in the living room. When he pushed the door open and came in, he felt the warm atmosphere. Before he could see clearly, the two kids had already run towards Malcolm, shouting "father".

KIKI also shouted and ran around beside Malcolm, with its tongue hanging down and excitement.

"Don't forget the pain after the wound is healed. Take care!" After saying that to the two kids, Poppi sighed and shook her head. Then she turned to Malcolm and smiled, "Why do you come back so early? Didn't you say there was an important party tonight? "

Malcolm had already picked up the two kids and walked towards Poppi with one in his arms. He smiled and said, "Can't I come back early to accompany you?" After saying that, he leaned over and kissed on Poppi's face. Then he looked at the food on the table and asked, "It's so late for dinner?"

"I have already had a meal." Poppi pouted and said, "I don't eat when it's time to eat, but your son insists on eating shrimp dumplings now. Poor me. I can't wait to cook."

"Shrimp dumplings." Malcolm nodded and smiled, "Anything else? I haven't eaten either. " He went to the party tonight and left. Since they got married, he got off work every day and rushed home. He really didn't get used to someday he come back lately and sneaked back.

"I haven't had dinner yet!" Poppi felt sorry for him and said, "Then wait for me. And, I'll cook for you later. Anything else? "

"Shrimp dumplings are enough." With a smile on his face, Malcolm didn't withdraw his gaze until he saw that Poppi went to the kitchen.

After having enough of fun with Malcolm, Duke and Albert climbed onto their chairs and began to eat.

Malcolm touched Albert's head and asked softly, "Albert, did you fall down from upstairs today almost? Are you hurt? "

"No." While chewing the shrimp dumplings, Albert shook his head and turned to look at Malcolm. Seeing that Malcolm didn't smile as "friendly" as usual, he felt guilty all of a sudden. He grabbed Malcolm's arm and shook it. Then he asked tentatively, "Dad, are you angry?"

"What do you think?" Malcolm asked in reply, raising his hand to wipe off the stain on his face.

"Dad, it's all my fault. It's all my fault." Duke quickly ran down the chair, stood beside Albert and said firmly.

"It's not brother's fault. It's Albert' fault." Albert apologized immediately and took the initiative to admit his mistake.

Malcolm nodded slightly. He was no longer angry, but in order to teach the two kids a lesson, he had to be serious, but he didn't dare to pull a long face for fear of frightening them. He said, "I think you are all wrong today. It's okay to play around, but you can't play in such a dangerous place. Besides, Albert, how could you climb to such a high place? If Uncle Wei wasn't here today, you would have fallen down. You hurt yourself and you have to make Mommy worry about you. "

With a guilty look on

that it was her."

"What I'm curious about is that Abner didn't help Michelle when she was in such a difficult family?" Poppi asked.

"Abner's parents are all abroad, and Michelle only thinks that Abner is a poor student. Abner doesn't want they two to fall in love with each other because of money, so he said nothing." Malcolm sighed, "Abner only helped her in secret."

"So, Michelle won't regret it, will she?" Poppi rubbed her chin, frowned and muttered, "No, Shirley is a brainless woman. If Michelle really regretted, she might not be able to win over Abner. Alas, why did Michelle appear at this time No, I have to find a way... "

Seeing that Poppi frowned and tried her best, Malcolm pinched her face with a smile and said, "With Abner around, what are you worried about? Abner will handle it by himself. If he can make Shirley suffer, he won't be so responsible for Shirley. "

Hearing this, Poppi nodded at first. But after she heard it, she glared at Malcolm angrily and said, "You have the nerve to blame others. What about the grievances you made me suffer? It's a great loss for me to be with you. Alas... "

"Why did you mention me again?" Malcolm turned over and pressed Poppi under his body. He held her arm and asked with burning eyes, "Then how can you not be aggrieved?"

"You can come down first."

Being stared at by Malcolm, Poppi blushed. She turned her head and stopped looking at Malcolm.

"No." Shaking his head, Malcolm bent over and kissed Poppi's face. Poppi giggled and dodged, while Malcolm kissed her again. His eyes became more and more burning, and the kiss became more and more passionate.

"When will we have a daughter?" Malcolm asked while kissing.


"How about now?" Before Poppi could say anything, Malcolm had already finished his words and turned off the light with his long arm.

The moonlight sprinkled into the room, making it difficult to see the two people in bed.

"Good girl, I have prepared a surprise for you," said Malcolm

"What surprise?"

"Let's have a daughter first ..."

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