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   Chapter 383 More About Abner And Shirley What Happened That Year

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"Mr. Shen, would you like some water?" During the shooting, her assistant Rachel brought a glass of water to Abner.

"Thank you!" Abner took it over with a smile.

"Mr. Shen, why don't you sit down?" Her assistant, Kirk, brought a chair here.

"Don't bother. I'll just take a look! Leave me alone. " Abner felt a little embarrassed for fear of causing trouble to others.

"It doesn't matter. We are all friends."

The three of them watched Shirley filming while chatting. They didn't know how to shift the topic to Michelle. Rachel asked, "Mr. Shen, do you know Michelle?"

"…… Yes, I've seen her before. She hasn't become famous yet. " Abner answered expressionlessly.

"I don't think Mr. Shen has a very good relationship with Miss Michelle. Mr. Shen is so upright. How can you be like a person like Miss Michelle! Unlike our Shirley... "

When Kirk was speaking angrily, Abner interrupted him in surprise, "What's wrong with Michelle?"

"It's all because of the slap on Shirley's face that day. I don't like her for a long time." Kirk was angry, "I don't know why she made trouble for Shirley in the name of shooting. Is because sh felt Shirley is too popular? "

"She hit Shirley?" Abner frowned and tightened his grip on the glass. "Has Shirley returned yet?"

"Then how! She is in the name of shooting. " Rachel pouted and told Abner everything that happened that day. She added, "When Dan came back, he checked the filming straps with us. Shirley didn't push her at all. She fell down herself and pretended to be pitiful."

"She not only pretended to be pitiful, but also slapped Shirley! These actresses are much more difficult to deal with than those models. " Added Kirk.

Abner's face darkened. He frowned and thought about something, but said nothing.

They were chatting outside. The shooting of Shirley was also smooth, basically one action and one pass, and the shooting was over soon.

"OK! Cut! Excellent! It's over! " The director shouted and cheered on the set.

It didn't take Shirley long to pack up her things and come out. They were about to go home.

Since they were on the same way, Abner insisted on sending Shirley home. It happened that he could let Kirk and Rachel go back early. When Shirley couldn't refuse, she happened to meet Director Cui who was leaving. With a fake smile, she got in Abner's car.

"Will Dan leave the hospital a few days later?" Abner asked while driving.

"Yes, one or two days!" Shirley said casually as she removed her makeup on the passenger seat, "He's discharged from the hospital. We can go to another place to shoot."

"Is it the TV series you are shooting now?" Abner asked.

"Yes." Shirley nodded, "What do you think? Did I do a good job? "

Abner said to the point, "Well, you shooted very well. The shooting is natural."

"Then you didn't see the series taken by Michelle. She is a good actress!" Shirley said without thinking. Before she finished speaking, she felt embarrassed and hurriedly said, "Look at me You knew Michelle. Of course you've seen her acting. I said wrong. I said

h air. Looking at Wendy's slightly protruding belly, Barry put aside all the important and trivial things and insisted on following Wendy.

The two of them thought they had arrived early enough. As soon as they entered the living room, they found that Shirley had already collapsed on the sofa of Poppi's house.

"Poppi, Shirley! Why are you so early? " With a bright smile, Wendy shook off Barry and hopped to the sofa. "Shirley, you don't look well. Why are there dark circles under your eyes? Didn't you have a good rest after the shooting? "

Shirley sighed, "It's hard to say!"

Wendy turned to Poppi with confusion.

Poppi shook her head and shrugged, "I don't know. This guy came here at four o'clock this morning. I thought something earth shattering had happened, but I didn't expect that she would come. She just sighed and said nothing. I'm still sleepy! "

"Yes, yes! I'm sorry to interrupt your sweet dream with Malcolm! Humph... " Shirley rolled her eyes and continued to sigh.

Being ignored, Barry looked around idly.

"Aunt Wendy! Uncle Wei! " While they were talking, the two kids ran to the corridor on the second floor. They greeted the people downstairs excitedly and played with their toy guns.

Duke stretched out his gun, and Albert dodged, leaning against the handrail of the corridor.

"You two, be careful!" Poppi stood up and told the two kids, "Don't play upstairs. How many times have you told me?"


The two kids were having fun and didn't want to listen to her. The more she talked, the more furious they became. Albert was even more audacious. He didn't know where he had mastered the skill. He turned over and rode on the railing. Before he could be complacent, he fell out and fell straight from the two floor.


"Oh my God!"

"Ah! Be careful! "

There were several screams in the living room all of a sudden. Poppi's heart stopped for a moment. When she saw that Albert called "mommy" while falling down, her eyes went black and her body became weak. She fell on the sofa.

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