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   Chapter 382 More About Abner And Shirley Regret

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Upon hearing this, Rachel handed the lunch box to her and said, "Yes, Shirley. You haven't eaten much tonight. You've been filming for so long. Have some porridge first! Don't let Mr. Shen down. It's hard to come here from Ye city. "


Her stomach growled. Shirley felt embarrassed. She glanced at Abner and then looked at the food box. "Even if you want me to drink, do you still want me to hold the bucket to drink?"

"I have prepared all the bowls and chopsticks." Abner took the hamper from Rachel.

Although he didn't know how to be romantic, he was still so considerate!

Looking at the food box in Abner's hand, the bitterness in Michelle's heart surged up layer by layer, almost drowning her heart. Having been in the entertainment circle for so many years, she had already forgotten the feeling of being cared and considerate. In her deep memory, there was a boy who cared about her and took care of her, but she pushed him away for the reason of her so-called dream.

If she said she regretted, wouldn't it be too late?

"Shirley! Is this your friend? " After Director Cui finished his speech with the second male actor, he saw a few people gathering around Shirley. When he walked over and saw a strange face, he couldn't help but ask.

"Director Cui!" Shirley turned around with a smile and said awkwardly, "He is my friend. he happened to pass by and came to visit us. Director Cui. She entered the film set without your permission. I'm really sorry."

Hearing this, Michelle, who had been silent all the time, chipped in, "Director Cui, it's all my fault. I insisted on letting Mr. Shen in."

"You are a lawyer!" Director Cui didn't care about the fact that Abner entered the film set. Instead, he looked at Abner up and down and said with a smile, "I thought he was a model friend of Shirley! You are handsome and in good shape. I didn't expect you to be a lawyer. Nice to meet you! "

"Hello, Director Cui." Abner shook hands with Director Cui and said calmly, "I also heard from Shirley that you took good care of her on the film set. She is very grateful to you. This is Shirley's first movie. It's her honor to meet a director like you. But sometimes, Director Cui. Shirley is careless. If she can't shoot well or what else, please don't blame her! "

Shirley didn't expect that Abner would speak for her. She was moved.

After listening to Abner's words, Director Cui was very happy. Thinking of the gossip a few days ago, he thought about it for a while, but said nothing. He nodded with a smile and chatted with Abner for a while.

Michelle wanted to get closer to Abner, but what she said was completely ignored. Seeing the corner of Shirley's mouth, she clenched her fists again.

"Well, since it's the first time for Mr. Shen to come here, let's have a rest for more than ten minutes." Director Cui said, "Let's do it later."

"Thank you, Director Cui." Several people thanked Director Cui and sent him away.

Abner glanced at Shirley and said, "How about

king for a while, her phone suddenly rang. Seeing the words "Nana" on the screen, a sincere smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Michelle quickly picked up the phone. "Hello? Nana, you're up. "

"Yes, mom." "Hasn't mom gone to bed yet? I miss you so much! "

"I miss you too!" A lump came into Michelle's throat.

"Nana, can I go to see you, mom? It's just a vacation. It's so boring to stay abroad alone. "

When Michelle was about to say no, something occurred to her. "Nana, do you really want to come back?"

"Yes! I want to be with mom. "

"Then come back!" As if Michelle had made up her mind, she squinted her eyes and said, "Maybe we can reunite soon."

"Really?! Mom, are you finally willing to tell me who my dad is? " The person on the other end of the line screamed excitedly, "Then I'll ask Grace to book the air ticket right away. The earliest one! I'll be back soon! Oh! That is great! I've never been to Ye city! Mom, you are the greatest mom in the world! "

With a smile on her face, Michelle talked on the phone all the way.

Besides, on the film set, Abner was still hesitating whether he should explain to Shirley about the matter of Michelle or not. However, Director Cui called for play the show, preparing for the next shooting, so Shirley had to leave first.

Abner followed Rachel and was about to see how Shirley would act.

After fixing her make-up, Shirley sat beside the window with the actor.

"Angela confessed her love. Second time for second scene. Action!" The director gave the order, and all the staff were in a state of trance.

Shirley was good at reciting the lines. Her recitation was so fluent that she almost blurted it out. Only by reciting the lines could one not be distracted when she was acting.

"Yves, what if I say I like you?" Angela sat at the table and said, "You have done so much for Petty. Does she take it seriously? You know the pain of unrequited love. Please understand me. I like you. How about we be together? "

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