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   Chapter 376 More About Abner And Shirley Being Taken Advantage Of

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10095

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"Let's go? Let's go inside. " After Shirley left, Malcolm turned to look at Poppi and asked, "aren't we going to make cakes? Have all the materials been prepared?"

"Of course." Poppi nodded with a smile, "the materials are ready, but I don't know what IT will be like. It's the first time. If they break, it will be miserable."

"It doesn't matter." With a bitter smile on his face, Malcolm held the kids with two hands and couldn't hold Poppi's hand. He just said, "you are so talented. You can succeed at one time."

Poppi pointed at Malcolm's face and said, "you're getting more and more talkative! Let's go! "

"Let's go!" Holding the two kids in his arms, Malcolm shouted excitedly, and the four ran into the living room together.

When they arrived at the living room, the two kids went to change clothes with Malcolm. Poppi was preparing the materials for making cakes in the kitchen. When Malcolm came down, Poppi said, "there is a big conflict between Shirley and Abner this time. Do you want us to 'mediate' between them?"

Rolling up his sleeves, Malcolm followed her to the kitchen. "We won't get involved in the matter between the two of them. I'm afraid that the more we mess it up, the more chaotic they will be."

"But this has never happened between them in the past three years." Poppi thought for a while and said, "I heard from Shirley that Abner's eyes were as cold as ice and he hated her very much. Is it because of his first girlfriend? "

"Maybe." Malcolm nodded and thought for a while. Then he changed the topic, "But it's not likely. If Abner really hates Shirley, why did he still make friends with her for three years? Why are you still defending her? "

"Abner just doesn't like talking. He is so dull that no one can guess what he is thinking." Looking at Malcolm, Poppi continued, "you have been friends with him for so many years. I guess what kind of attitude does Abner have towards Shirley? If the two of us really get into a fight in the future, it will be difficult for us to get involved. "

"Don't worry." Malcolm patted Poppi's head and said, "maybe Abner is in a fit of anger. I'll ask him two days later."

Poppi nodded, "that's the only choice."

"Shall we start making cakes now?" Asked Malcolm.

"Okay! Let's begin! " Poppi nodded.

Holding the two kids in front of him, Malcolm looked at Poppi and the cream made by the noodles and ate a little secretly from time to time.

"Hey, your birthday is coming soon. What gift do you want?" Poppi suddenly asked when she was busy.

Malcolm let go of the two kids and stuck to Poppi like chewing gum. He touched Poppi's hands and kissed her face from time to time. After a while, Poppi said slowly, "Daughter."

Poppi rolled her eyes at Malcolm. But Malcolm turned to look at Duke and Albert and asked, "Do you two want a sister?"

"I want a sister!"

"I want a sister!"

As soon as Duke and Albert heard this, they immediately waved their arms to echo Malcolm's words. Excited voices could be hea

Shirley's waist again.

Abner's eyes were bloodshot as he kept looking at Shirley. Even Mr. Sun sensed that something was wrong with Abner, so he quickly asked, "Mr. Shen, is this Are you OK? Would you like to take a seat? "

"Okay." Abner answered coldly and sat down somehow.

Beside her was Dan, opposite Director Zhang and Shirley.

"Is this how you work as an agent?" Clenching her fists tightly, Abner said without looking at Dan.

Dan was also helpless, helpless and resentful. "It's the first time that such a situation has happened."

Shirley always felt that the gazes from Abner and Dan were too burning. She tried to avoid them, but Director Zhang clung to her and didn't let her go. She had no choice but to deal with them.

The dishes were served one by one, but Shirley didn't eat much. She was only drunk by Director Zhang.

To be exact, everyone was drinking except Abner.

Surrounded by two or three women, Dan kept drinking. He had been drunk for several times and fell on the table. He couldn't get rid of them, let alone to save Shirley.

There was only one person in the room, Abner, who was sitting there quietly, not drinking or eating. His eyes were fixed on Shirley, as if he was going to leave a hole in her body.

"One more drink!" Director Zhang poured another glass of wine for Shirley. No matter how good Shirley's drinking capacity was, she couldn't stand it anymore. She pushed the glass away in a hurry and said, "Director Zhang, I can't drink anymore."

"No way!" Director Zhang also drank. His face turned red and his neck was thick. He stared at Shirley fiercely and touched her thigh while saying wildly, "If you don't drink, you won't save my face! I want you to drink with me and stay with me tonight! Shirley, don't pretend to be pure and lofty! "

The sound of people toasting each other froze for a moment.

Anger rose in Shirley's heart, and at the same time, she felt endless grievance. She gritted her teeth and said, "I..."

"Let her go."

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