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   Chapter 374 More About Abner And Shirley Stay Away From Her

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Director Cui's face turned pale. He didn't dare to say anything else, but pretended to shout, "What are you waiting for?! Where is the doctor! Why haven't the doctor come yet? "

"No, thanks." Shirley waved her hand and said indifferently, "Don't call the doctor. People who don't know me will think I'm so delicate! I guess the one we took just now is not bad. " After a pause, she glanced at Michelle and said to Director Cui, "Director Cui, today's play should be finished in this way, right? I have to go out of town tomorrow. I have an announcement. I don't know if I can leave now. "

"Of course!" Director Cui said, "Thank you, Shirley. You did a good job today! Have a good rest after you go back! "

"Thank you, director." Shirley thanked them and took the ice cubes from her assistant Rachel. Then she looked away from the Michelle, nodded to the crowd, turned around and left.

The male assistant, Kirk, followed her with a dry towel. "Shirley! Wipe your body quickly. Be careful not to catch a cold! "

After the three of them walked away, Director Cui heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at Michelle and shook his head. "Miss Michelle, why are you so impulsive?"

"Director, I was just in a bad mood and made a mistake..." Michelle's eyes drooped in a pathetic way, "I'm sorry! I have caused you trouble! "

"Not to mention the trouble. It's a good shot. But don't be so impulsive in the future."

"Okay, director. I'll keep that in mind."

"Okay." Director Cui nodded, "We are going to finish my work. Go back and have a good rest." After saying that, he left and ordered all the departments, "All work is over!"

Michelle raised her head and looked at the direction in which Shirley left. She took the towel from her assistant and squinted slightly.

"Miss Michelle, you slapped her so hard just now." The assistant was submissive and flattered, "She just made you fall down two times, and this slap is also light, You are the female leading role."

"Humph!" Hearing that, Michelle raised her lips but didn't say anything. But a few seconds later, the smile at the corners of her mouth became a little ferocious, and her eyes became deeper and deeper, with a hint of coldness.

Abner, do you like this woman? I don't think so! The entertainment circle is a circle. She can't jump out. She is just the same person as me.

Back in the car, Shirley was wet all over and half of her face was still a little swollen.

Dan was on the phone, busy with dealing with the gossip. Seeing Shirley's expression, he quickly asked, "what's going on? What's wrong with her face? Why don't you change your clothes before coming here? "

"Nothing." Shirley took a deep breath and said, "Dan, you go out first. I'll change my clothes here!"

"Okay." Dan nodded and asked Rachel to come in. Then he got out of the car and asked the assistant Kirk what had happened just now.

After changing her clothes, Shirley wiped her hair and opened the door. Seeing

ing about a big case? Why are you frowning? "

It was no other than Miranda, who had come to see Abner once more than half a month ago. Miranda said with a smile and finally came back to Abner's senses.

"Miss. Miranda, please have a seat!" Abner hurriedly asked the litigant to sit down.

After sitting down, Miranda took off her glasses. She wanted to have a chat, but Abner brought the topic to business with a few words.

"Since Miss Miranda has decided to let our law firm take charge of your divorce case, we have to tell the truth." Abner said, "Miss. Miranda, it's almost impossible for you to get half of Mr. Zhao's property. Mr. Zhao once married someone before. Then he married you, Miss Miranda three years ago. So, Mr. Zhao's property belongs to the property before marriage. "

"Property before marriage?" Frowning, Miranda said, "I don't care what kind of money he has. He is so rich. What's wrong with giving me half as the divorce fee?"

"If Mr. Zhao is willing to give it to you, then there is no dispute." Abner continued, "If he is not voluntarily, Mr. Zhao's property before marriage belongs to him. Only when you two get married for the past three years, Mr. Zhao's money belongs to the property after marriage, and you can get half of it on behalf of Miss Miranda. "

Hearing this, Miranda immediately quit and clamored for more money from Abner.

Abner had no choice but to persuade her kindly.

While saying that, Miranda burst into tears again. She was heartbroken. She blamed herself for being so difficult and so hard that she didn't even have a person to talk to. Then she didn't let go of Abner's hand.

Abner was startled and felt uncomfortable all over. He hurriedly dodged and tried to persuade her. Seeing that it was not early, he drove Miranda away.

After Miranda left, Abner closed the door of the law firm and sat in the office with his eyes closed. When he heard the sound of the car downstairs, he suddenly opened his eyes.

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