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   Chapter 373 More About Abner And Shirley Being Slapped

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The atmosphere in the car was a little frozen. Holding the phone, Shirley thought at first whether Abner would be angry.

Dan frowned and felt both public and private. Seeing that Shirley was in a daze, he didn't want to lose his temper, but he said seriously, "when we accepted the program 'similar to love', we saw the agreement clearly. One of them forbade you to have an intimate relationship with other men during the shooting of the program, or spread rumors. Even if you really have a boyfriend, you have to wait until the end of the program before releasing it. Do you remember? "

"Okay." Shirley no longer looked at her phone and nodded at Dan with a serious expression. In order to create the image of a couple on the screen and create a CP atmosphere for the public, the male and female stars participating in the program had signed such an agreement.

"If you break the contract, you have to pay three times of the penalty." Dan continued, "We can pay the liquidated damages. If it's not a big deal, the most important thing is the words' breaking the contract '. Breaking the contract is definitely a big discount to your image. Besides, the first show of "love affair" was also recommended to us by the director of "similar to love". It was unreasonable. 'Similar to love 'had just been broadcast for the second to last episode a few days ago, and the last episode was to be recorded tomorrow. Now there are a lot of news around you and Scott on the Internet. It's time to make a hit Why did you have such an accident with Mr. Shen at this time? "

Shirley's face darkened. She thought for a while and asked, "What should we do?"

"I'm working with your public relations team. It's better to hold it down before the topic is about to spread. Since it can't be suppressed, I can only let you clarify it." As soon as Dan finished speaking, the window was knocked a few times. He rolled down the window. It was Rachel, the assistant of Shirley. Dan asked, "What's wrong?"

"The play of Shirley is here. Director Cui asked us to get ready to shoot it."

Dan nodded and turned to look at Shirley. He sighed and patted her on the shoulder to comfort her, "Don't think about anything. Go to the set first."

"Okay." Shirley nodded, "I'm fine. I'm just afraid that such news will cause trouble to Mr. Shen. Alas, I'll explain to him later. I don't know if he has slept at this time." After saying that, Shirley sorted out her thoughts and got out of the car. "I'm going to work."

"…… Okay. "

It was a rain scene. The female leading role played by Michelle was flirting with the male leading role. The second male actor got drunk and had a fever. The third actress played by Shirley was defending the person she liked. The two sisters were at odds.

"I saw the news." When Shirley was changing her clothes and putting on makeup in the dressing room, Michelle suddenly spoke, standing beside Shirley.

The make-up artist was doing makeup for Shirley].

Hearing this, Shirley quickly opened her eyes and slightly raised her head to lo

you meet Yves today! " Shirley held her wrist and didn't dare to use any more strength this time.

Michelle struggled, "Angela, Angela, let go of me! I won't go! "

"Are you so cruel?"

"Let me go!" Suddenly, Michelle shook off Shirley's hand, which made the unprepared Shirley stumble. Before Shirley came to her senses, she heard a "snap" sound and turned her face. Then, her ears were buzzing, and her face was burning with pain.

All the staff were stunned and the director forgot to stop.

Michelle raised her arm. Because she had just slapped Shirley, her hand was still trembling slightly. She read the lines, "I said I wouldn't go!" Then she strode away.

Shirley was stunned for a while, and then her heart was filled with angry.

"Stop! Stop! Stop! " It was not until Michelle walked a few steps away that Director Cui realized what had happened and immediately stopped.

"Shirley!" Michelle hurriedly turned around and ran to Shirley. She held Shirley's hand and asked with concern, "How are you? Are you okay? "

Shirley touched her face and took a deep breath, "hiss Don't move. It hurts! "

At this time, several staff ran to Shirley and asked nervously. The assistant, Rachel, squeezed in with ice and said, "Shirley! Ice! Ice! Ice! Apply it on your face! "

Enjoying the ice cream service, Shirley was still confused.

"Shirley, I'm really sorry! The director just said I could resist. I was so excited... " Michelle was at a loss to explain, and she couldn't speak clearly. "How about you return it to me?"

Director Cui walked over and said, "Although it's surprising that Michelle took the shot by surprise, the result is good."

Hearing this, Shirley sneered in her heart. She glanced at Michelle and said, "You see, the director has said that, and I think I have sacrificed myself for the art. Besides, I just made you fall two times, and we are even now. There is no need to return it. But next time you want to hit me, you should inform me in advance so that I can be mentally prepared. "

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