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"But Albert is the younger brother! Duke is the elder brother. You should be a little man. " Shirley leaned in front of Duke and said seriously, "Because Mommy thinks Duke can do a lot of things by himself, so she doesn't worry about Duke and aunt Shirley!"

Duke also listened carefully.

"Besides, daddy and Mommy are good to Duke, aren't they?" Shirley asked.

"Of course !" Duke stretched out his neck and explained proudly, "Dad and mom are very good to Duke."

"That's it!" Shirley praised the little boy generously, "every child is the same to daddy and Mommy. Mommy loves the child the same! Today, Mommy asked Duke to sit here because us couldn't take the seat. "

Duke nodded, not fully understanding what she meant. His mood was much better than before.

Abner didn't say anything, but felt a little sad.

It was also difficult for Poppi and Malcolm. Although they treated Albert as their own son, when they thought of Benson, they couldn't help but feel more pity for him. Besides, Albert was a few months younger, so Malcolm was more good to Albert. On the other hand, considering that Duke was his son, Malcolm felt that he owed this little guy, so he would naturally try his best to treat Duke well.

They were just going to separate by car today, and it might take them a long time to think about it. If it were him, he didn't know how he would be balanced.

But what Shirley said just now was reasonable.

"Ha ha, but when your mommy has a little sister in the future, it's time for you to be jealous."

When Abner was admiring Shirley in his heart, Shirley suddenly said again, laughing regardless of her image. Abner's face darkened. He shook his head and said nothing.

"Uncle Su, I want to eat ice cream." On the way, when they were waiting for the red light at the intersection, Duke suddenly leaned over the window and muttered. Looking at the people outside the car eating, he almost drooled.

"Ice cream?" Abner frowned. "Duke, it's cold now. We don't want to eat ice cream anymore. It's uncomfortable. Would you like to eat something else? "

The little guy snorted and didn't say anything. He just pouted and was a little unhappy.

Looking at the poor little guy, Shirley couldn't help saying, "Ouch, it doesn't matter if I eat it once. Duke, Auntie Shirley will take you to it. " Then she leaned over the car window and said, "I know here. There is a fast food restaurant nearby. The ice cream is very delicious."

"Ye Ye...!" Duke jumped with joy.

With a smug smile on her face, Shirley said to Abner, "Mr. Shen, could you please drive over this intersection and park the car outside the shop? Let's go to buy ice cream to eat. What do you think?"

Seeing that the green light was on, Abner started the car and said, "We couldn't catch Malcolm's car ."

"There is a phone and navigation. What are you afraid of?" Said Shirley, pat

ere? " Abner was shocked and blushed.

"Ha ha." Shirley couldn't help laughing. She didn't see the cream on the corner of Abner's mouth just now. Stretching out her arm, she rubbed her thumb and quickly and accurately wiped off the milk oil stains for Abner when she was slightly stunned. "All right."

Shirley's movements were smooth and smooth. However, Abner felt his body burning. The touch just now seemed to have been engraved in his heart.

The three of them enjoyed themselves in the car. After they finished eating, they got back on the road.

The paparazzi hiding in the dark were also photographed incisively and happily. They returned.

When they arrived at the kindergarten, they happened to be following the teachers. Poppi asked Duke and Albert to go with them to see if they could adapt to the environment. They went to several other kindergartens and found that they were almost the same, so they booked the nearest kindergarten to have a try.

On their way back, the sun had already set. They had planned to have dinner together, but Shirley still had a night scene to shoot, so they had to go separate ways.

At ten o'clock in the evening, on the film set of "love affair", Shirley was lying in the nanny van to rest, but the door was opened.

After opening her eyes and taking a look, Shirley closed her eyes again and said casually, "Dan, you're here!"

"Okay." Dan's face darkened, "Are you with Abner again today?"

Hearing this, Shirley quickly opened her eyes and asked, "What's wrong? I'm going to have lunch with Poppi and Abner. "

"It's on the news." Dan's face darkened. He got on the car, sat next to Shirley, and showed his phone to Shirley. "The news just came out, even the video."

Startled, Shirley snatched the phone. It was the picture of her, Abner and Duke having ice cream together! What kind of lover, concubine, illegitimate child, the title were going too far!

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