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   Chapter 368 More About Abner And Shirley Fans Group

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Shirley's fans group?

"She has a group of fans?"

Abner felt that Shirley was kind and easy-going, not like a surrounded super star.

"Many! Of course there were many of fans! Let's say in the Ye city. There are thousands of veterans in this fans group, and I've been loving Shirley for five years, which means that there were tens of thousands of men like me. " When it came to Shirley, the little girl opened her box and said, "There are still some new members in the troupe, or those who have been in it for two or three years. There are a lot of people! Our local snowball probably have more than one hundred thousand people gathered! Fans of true love! No stranger. "

Although Abner didn't know what other star's fans were like, he was frightened by the news. "There are the same people who like her in every city?"

"Of course!" The girl nodded her head and replied, "Every city is like this."

Abner didn't expect so many people liked Shirley. Was it because he looked down up

e walked out of the crowd with the flowers in his arms. Suddenly, he got down on one knee and stood in front of Shirley. "Forgive me!"

Shirley was shocked and stepped back unconsciously. She asked, "you What are you doing? Get up! "

"I will get up if you forgive me." When saying this, there was a trace of coquetry in Scott's tone.

"Forgive him! Please forgive him! " The surrounding staff also began to kick up a fuss.

Then, Shirley stood still and bit her lips, "Do you really want me to forgive you in this way? What if it happens again? "

"No, it won't happen again." Scott stood up anxiously and hurried to Shirley. "I know the feeling of being ignored. I was panicked when you didn't answer my phone this morning. I will never do that again!"

"I..." Looking at the flowers, Shirley was in a daze. At this moment, Scott suddenly got close to her and kissed Shirley on the face.

In front of the screen, Abner suddenly grabbed the remote control and turned off the TV.

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